Hidden Beauty General Bottom Cover Watch Collection

Among the various types of watches, the official bottom cover is a very special category. In recent years, such designs have been rare, especially in high-end watch brands. The official bottom cover is a type of watch bottom cover produced during the transition from a pocket watch to a wristwatch. It originally appeared as an additional protective structure for the watch, but today it is used as a traceable source of history. This kind of cultural symbol is sought after by those who love it. Therefore, today we have selected a few representative watches, but unfortunately, these watches are not very common, so if you want to experience, you can only follow.

Patek Philippe Classical Watch Series 5227G-001


Product model: 5227G-001
Domestic public price: 261400
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Case thickness: 9.58 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 324 SC
Case material: 18k white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:
Product model: 6664-3642-55B
Domestic public price: 223,000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Cal.6654
Case material: 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:
Product model: 161242-1001
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 7.70 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: L.U.C 96.01-L
Case material: 18k white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: chopard / 54727 /
Watch Reviews: Speaking of two old models, let’s talk about a new watch, Chopard’s L.U.C series platinum watch, this watch is the representative of Chopard’s classic watch, it is simple, elegant, meticulous, outstanding taste. The gold used in the watch is fair mining gold, which is certified by the fair mining gold system. It can query its material site through internal data, and even which team mined it. This watch is also an official case back, which is equipped with the Chopard 96.01-L automatic winding movement and has the Geneva Seal certification. You are welcome to say that this is one of the most beautiful three-hand watches I think of in 2017, very elegant.
In summary: the watch with the official bottom cover has a different kind of fun, the beauty hidden inside, only with the consent of the watch owner, others can appreciate, but in appearance, they are not like ordinary high-end watches Too many differences, this restrained and low-key, is in line with the values ​​of Chinese culture.

How Much Do You Know When Buying A Mechanical Watch?

Choosing an appropriate watch can reflect one’s taste and identity, and mechanical watches are more popular among many watch categories. But for a person who does not have much contact with a watch, how to determine the authenticity of the watch is indeed not difficult. Next, I will introduce some methods for authenticating the authenticity of mechanical watches.
Fake watches are generally sold through abnormal channels. The beautiful appearance is used as the bait, and the internal machine uses a poor-quality plastic movement, a ‘rough horse’ watch movement with a rough manufacturing process, a poor machining accuracy and a poor-quality movement. Big error and short service life. Therefore, you must go to a professional store or mall to buy a watch.
需要 The identification of fake and inferior watches requires some experience, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify the authenticity of watches. In order to avoid buying fake watches, consumers must carefully identify trademarks, especially some famous brand trademarks, when buying. According to the characteristics of some models (such as the winding handle sealing device, calendar date setting device, back cover rotation structure, etc.) to distinguish authenticity.

Pay attention to the following 6 points when purchasing mechanical watches:
1. Appearance. Visual inspection of the shell, surface, and needle, without ‘trachoma’, scratches, bright coating, no color difference, the back cover should be tight.
2. Starting performance. Slowly rotate the winding shaft and wind the clock while observing the second hand. Generally, the fewer the number of winding movements of the second hand, the better the starting performance of the watch.
3. Wind up. The hand feels relaxed and no noise when winding. Except for the slippage after the top of the automatic watch is wound, the mainspring of the watch should be able to lift the foot without slipping.
4. Set the needle. The hand feels comfortable when setting the needle. It is not too tight or too loose. The hour and minute hand indications should be coordinated (when the hour hand is aligned with 3, 6, 9, and 12 characters, the minute hand must not deviate from the 12 character ± 4 minute division), and the three hands of hour, minute, and second do not rub against each other.
5. Table tone. After the mainspring is wound on the watch, listen to the tone with your ears. It should be clear and even without noise, and it should not change with the change of direction.
6. Travel time accuracy. Need to use special instruments to measure, some large state-owned stores have customer testing services for customers, when buying, you can ask salesperson to check the travel time accuracy and position error.
Mechanical watches must be both practical and decorative as precision mechanical timing instruments and decorative items. Good-quality watches have accurate travel time, convenient use, fine craftsmanship, and beautiful appearance. The upperspring can run continuously for more than 36 hours, which is durable. Some watches also have waterproof, shockproof, and antimagnetic properties.
    After learning these simple methods of identifying mechanical watches, you can see through the tricks of high imitation and fake watches. Since then, your favorite watch is no longer a tragedy.

You Don’t Understand Romance Don’t Say ‘langue’ Don’t Understand Tasting Lange Saxony 205.086 Watch

This Lange Saxonia Thin watch continues the design style of the previous representative, and uses the ingenious micromechanical design to bring the Saxonia series of watches to the perfection in technology and aesthetics. This series Focusing on the design of the movement, based on the essence of the movement, on the basis of the research and development of a number of unique devices and more complex and diverse functional design, and the pursuit of watchmaking tradition, so Lange named this series of watches SAXONIA, it refers to the birthplace of Lange-Germany’s Saxony. Today I will share with you Lange Saxonia ultra-thin watch (watch model: 205.086)

 Ultra-thin case, lightweight between the wrists

  The exquisite design of the case is made of 18K white gold, and the thickness of the case is only 6.2 millimeters. Even if the watch is dark, the wearing effect will not look dull, but because of the lightness of the watch, it will add vividness and flexibility to men. beauty of. The white or rose gold dial with a diameter of 40 mm in this series is the thinnest wristwatch currently owned by Lange, with a case thickness of only 5.9 mm.
  Romantic starry mood

  The dial is 39 mm in diameter and has a simple and elegant appearance. Only two slender hour and minute hands and 18-karat gold rhodium-plated twelve-hour embedded scales are designed. The dial is made of solid silver with a unique copper-blue aventurine coating and color design. Deep and elegant, showing the mysterious and dreamy colors of the starry sky, adding romantic charm to men.

  The crown is also made of 18K white gold, and the crown is designed with a non-slip texture to ensure the accuracy of the adjustment time.

  The dark blue strap is made of shiny alligator leather and hand-stitched, which enhances the wear resistance of the strap and adds a noble and delicate feel to the watch. With a 18K white gold strap, it highlights a different kind of understated luxury.

  The bottom of the table is designed with a transparent back, so that you can clearly see the movement of the movement, and realize the masterpieces under the superb craftsmanship.

  Lange’s own movement

  The movement uses the L093.1 calibre, which is manufactured by the watch factory. The thickness is only 2.9 mm, but the power reserve can provide 72 hours. Each part is modified in a specific way. The 3/4 plywood decorated with Glashütte diamonds is a parallel straight pattern diagonally rolled along the surface by a rolling wheel, and the escapement adjacent to the 3/4 plywood contrasts with each other. The self-made gossamer screw balance and gooseneck lever fine-tuning system all show the exquisite manufacturing process of the Lange movement.

  Summary: This Lange-Saxony series 205.086 watch is exquisite in appearance and design. It is a watch that coexists with external and connotative. Existence. From this watch, Lange is not unfamiliar with romance. He is just waiting for the right time, the right place, and the right person to appear. Perhaps he is waiting for your arrival. he.

The Beauty Of Innovative High-tech Skeletonized Movements: Bell & Ross’s New Br-x1 Black Titanium Watch

Bell & Ross BR-X1 is the perfect combination of materials and watchmaking technology. The new BR-X1 Black Titanium watch, through the perfect combination of 44 parts of titanium, ceramic and rubber, makes it Lightweight, wear-resistant and ergonomic. The latest design of the representative shell uses a variety of materials with infinite possibilities, which is very revolutionary and masculine. BR-X1 is an innovative high-tech watch full of masculinity, ruggedness and powerful performance. In a nutshell: modernity. The BR-X1 is as important to the high-end watch industry as the fifth-generation fighter to the aviation industry, and it is the guarantee of the highest quality.

The dial of the BR-X1 BLACK TITANIUM watch is made of grey inorganic glass with fine metal hour markers with luminous inserts, like the same transparent window for admiring the unique movement. Treatment) is ‘X’ -shaped and becomes its unique mark.
   The new BR-X1 Black Titanium watch, which is as strong as an off-road vehicle but light as a remotely controlled aircraft, is unique in its innovative design of a 45mm grade 5 titanium case. The square case is covered with a high-tech ceramic and rubber ring. The bezel is like a piece of armor around the edges, which protects the watch from impact. Its innovative curved button is used to start the countdown function; the button is also made of high-tech ceramics and has a rubber insert designed using ergonomic principles to make it more sturdy and easier to operate. The rubber button grip insert is integrated into the case at 9 o’clock, making it easier to start the countdown function even when wearing gloves. The dial is made of gray inorganic glass with fine metal hour markers with luminous inserts. Like the transparent window used to admire the unique movement, the upper bridge (black DLC treatment) has an ‘X’ shape. Become its unique logo. The delicate Superluminova® luminous hands are clearly legible. The central hour and minute hands indicate time in the traditional way, while the small second hand is at 3 o’clock. The skeleton date display is located at 6 o’clock. The countdown timer in the countdown function is located at 9 o’clock. Instead of the hands, the chronograph uses an ultra-light aluminum plate like a turbine blade. The speedometer scale on the bezel is used to calculate speed.

BR-X1 BLACK TITANIUM watch with titanium and ceramic case, diameter 45 mm, grey sapphire crystal dial, hours, minutes, small seconds, skeleton date, chronograph function, BR-CAL.313. Automatic mechanical movement, Sapphire crystal glass, case back with colorful sapphire crystal glass, located in the center of the balance wheel, waterproof 100 meters, black rubber braid.
   The strap is woven from a black rubber band, reminiscent of the woven canvas strap used by modern astronauts. The buckle is made of stainless steel, with black molded rubber inserts, and is fixed to the strap by a pin and two hex screws, which are both strong and elegant. The new BR-X1 Black Titanium design uses a wide range of materials and precision watchmaking technology to ensure readability and precision in any environment. It is mainly black and space silver, which perfectly displays the avant-garde masculinity. . Limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

Contemporary Luxury Three Mechanical Watches Around 10,000 Yuan Recommended

Now many friends of Yokota buy watches in their luxury, because the watch now can be said to exist as an ornament, as for the real timepiece, it can be said that it is a complete accessory . Therefore, the watch must reflect its luxurious side. Today, the Watch House recommends several movement watches with a price of about 10,000 yuan to show luxury.
Emilion Contemporary Luxury Collection 06.1138.L.

Watch Series: Contemporary Luxury Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 28X27.2 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9700
Watch details: gte vml 1]>
Watch series: classic vintage series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 38.5 mm
Domestic public price: 12600
Watch details: This brand has accompanied countless pioneers in searching the sky, the ground and the water, and making bold innovations. Such expertise is the essence of Longines. With their exquisiteness and elegance, they show the brand’s classic endurance and endlessness, while expressing infinite respect for history.
Le Méridien elegant series LC6017-SS001-130 watch

Watch Series: Elegant Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Belt
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 11000 |
Watch details: 115 automatic winding movement. The watch is available in two-tone dials as well as leather straps or metal bracelets, with an 18K yellow gold bezel, exuding a dynamic feel.

Summary: These watches recommended for you today are all relatively simple watches, which also conforms to the trend of simplicity, such a watch design can better reflect the essence of the watch, although it is used as a decoration Products, but if we can embody the essence of watches, then your watch and you are better than others.

Hublot Will Participate In The Geneva ‘ice Legend’ Figure Skating Party

On December 18, 2014, former world champion Stéphane Lambiel will host his own figure skating party in Geneva to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan. Hublot, a fine watchmaking brand, will be involved.
  For party preparations, Stéphane Lambiel has invited unusually luxurious ice sports star groups to help out, including the famous skater Alexeï Iagoudine who won the gold medal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. His wonderful performance at that Winter Olympic Games makes people still remember it. Now Stefan Ranbir should dance on the Swiss ice again after 12 years. In addition, the guest list includes Carolina Kostner, Nathalie Péchalat, Fabian Bourzat, Miki Ando and Swiss skater Sa Sarah Meier.
  In order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan, Hublot officially launched the ‘Aero Bang All White Special Watch’. The bottom of the watch is decorated with the ‘Miracle Lone Pine Tree’ pattern. One of them was auctioned at a gala dinner held in September this year, and the proceeds were donated to the local elementary school.

The Tangled Of Lange’s ‘big Calendar’

Before Lange carried forward the ‘big calendar’, the date on the dial was usually displayed in a small window. For models with complex functions and unwilling to abandon the date display, the calendar window could only be minimized. , And then set a miniature magnifying glass on the dial to zoom in so that the wearer can see the numbers clearly. MillRichard Mille RM037: A self-winding movement made of hollow 5th grade titanium. The large calendar is located at 12 o’clock, and two hollow digital dials can be clearly seen side by side. Athens manager’s dual time zone female watch: The dual-window large calendar is a ‘two-disk coaxial’ structure, which minimizes the area of ​​the movement. Lange GRAND LANGE 1: A member of Lange’s 2012 new product. The big calendar is located at two o’clock and is the trademark of Lange. DeWitt GMT Triple Complication Watch: Creatively separate the ten-digit window from the single-digit window. Jaeger-LeCoultre large dual time zone flip watch: For the overall layout, the large calendar has been moved from its iconic 11 o’clock to 7 o’clock. Girard Perregaux Vintage1945 Large Calendar Moon Phase Watch: The 12 o’clock position instant jump calendar is Girard Perregaux’s patented technology and consists of two dials.
In 1994, the Lange watch factory that had been destroyed and silenced for 40 years after World War II launched the Lange 1, which has become the flagship series. The design of the eccentric small dial is amazing, and the most surprising thing is the 2 o’clock 4 times larger calendar window than contemporary watches. The design was inspired by the ‘five-minute jumping clock’ on the wall of the Semper Opera House in central Dresden. The clock was designed as two small windows, with the Roman numerals on the left window and the Arabic numerals on the right window. The minute is displayed, and the right window is refreshed every five minutes. The concise design allows everyone to read the time clearly. Lange reduced it and figured it out on the dial, setting off a ‘big calendar’ trend in the watch industry.
Before Lange carried forward the ‘big calendar’, the date on the dial was usually displayed in a small window. For models with complex functions and unwilling to give up the date display, the calendar window could only be minimized, and then a dial was set with a The magnifying glass magnifies so that the wearer can see the numbers clearly. The ‘big calendar’ generously creates a large space to display the date between square inches, and the date can be read clearly without using a magnifying glass. However, in order to achieve this ‘extensiveness’ on the dial, the watchmakers tried their best on the movement.
Generally speaking, if you look at the movement of an ordinary calendar display, you will find that it probably contains a ring disk with a number from 1 to 31. This disk works together with the gears such as the hour wheel, calendar dial, and the like every 24 hours. Rotate one space down to complete the date update, and in order to maximize the font of the ‘big calendar’, you first need to change the number from the natural progression on the same disc to the combination of the numbers on the two discs. In short, the ‘big calendar’ structure requires two number disks, and a ‘ten-digit disk’ is marked with four numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 (some are only 1, 2, 3) representing ten digits. Numbers, another ‘unit plate’ is marked with ten digits from 0 to 9 to indicate single digits, and the date we see is displayed by a clever rotation combination of these two plates.
之后 After the two digital disks are ready, how to run them to display continuous numbers is a very technical mechanical problem. Watch technical expert Cao Weifeng summarized three basic modes of the large calendar structure: one plate and one ring coaxial, two plates coaxial, two disks side by side. ‘The side-by-side structure is simpler and the coaxial is more complicated, so it is also more popular.’
代表 The representative brand of ‘one plate, one ring, coaxial’ is Lange. The ring-shaped ten-digit plate overlaps with the single-digit plate. Above the larger single-digit plate, the ten-digit plate with 3 digits looks like a cross (one foot of the cross is notched, and blanks are used instead of the digits. 0). During the movement of the movement, the time wheel rotating at 12 hours / week continuously transmits power to the day-changing wheel that rotates for one week every 24 hours, and then passes a series of gear linkage cooperation to finally transfer the power to the responsible person. The gears that drive the ten-digit plate and the one-digit plate have only completed a date update. The advantage of ‘one plate, one ring, coaxial’ is to minimize the area occupied by the movement, which can be used in a smaller movement. This model is also used in the large calendars of Le Méridien and Jaeger-LeCoultre.
In fact, if you take a closer look, inside the ‘one disk and one ring coaxial’, the two digital disks have their own axis, and the ‘two disks coaxial’ can be regarded as the true ‘two disks and one heart’. Glashütte’s classic large calendar at 3 o’clock is typical, and its orientation at 3 o’clock is also determined by the ‘two-plate coaxial’ pattern. In this structure, the single-digit disc is arranged in a ring position along the edge of the movement, and a ten-digit disc with a diameter smaller than it is stacked on it.
However, because the planes of the ten-digit plate and the one-digit plate overlap with each other, the date displayed from the large calendar window will be visually poor, and a clear arc can be seen between the two numbers. It’s the edge of the swashplate. In order to reduce the visual aberration and erase the background arc, a common method is to add a vertical line between the two numbers to make a ‘double window frame’. This not only blocks the flaws but also strengthens the concept of ‘window frame’ , Can also deceive people’s eyes. However, some brands have taken a different approach. ‘Girard Perregaux made the top ten plates with crystal flakes. You can see the numbers, you cannot see the plates, and there will be no visual drop in a single window,’ said Conway Kai, a watch expert.
If ‘coaxial’ is derived from the insistence of German big calendar watches, more Swiss and other countries’ watches are more inclined to the structure of ‘two discs side by side’. The ten-digit plate and the single-digit plate are separated from the left to the right, and each rotates according to the rules to ‘spell’ two digits. The ‘footprint’ of this structure is not small, so it is often adopted by larger movements and presented on the large dial. Because the two small disks are on the same horizontal plane, the problem of ‘visual aberration’ no longer exists, but a new problem also follows: at the junction of the two disks, two arcs in opposite directions will appear, and the two The annoying arc is right between the ten digits and the single digits. So the ‘double window frame’ design had to be launched again, and sometimes the middle mullion was even thicker than the large coaxial calendar to cover it. However, for hollow-out models, ‘two plates side by side’ is a good design platform.
Tangle of calendar conversion
We know that there are 31 days in the big month, so when the 31st is transitioned to 1st, the ten digits will smoothly jump from 1 to 0 or blank, but the single digits must remain 1. How to make a 24-hour jump on a single place to stay for 48 hours obediently is the biggest problem of the large calendar structure. Conway Kai said, ‘German watches are not afraid of complexity. We must insist on achieving these 48 hours. But Swiss watches are not necessarily the case. Jaeger-LeCoultre and Amy are cleverly writing two 1s on the single plate, and many watches have made such updates. ‘
The second gossip looks a bit ‘redundant’: how is the ten-digit window handled when it is on the 1st to 9th of each month? In this regard, different brands have different opinions, some marked 0, some brands simply decorated with a little star. For the former, Cao Weifeng thinks that it does not meet the habit of reading people, especially dates. ‘After all, it is rarely said that today is a few days.’ The latter has been rated by many netizens as an extra step, so if you look closely, you will find that Most brands choose to spend nine days a month.

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Opening Soon! Wangfujing Will Open Three New Brand Stores

What I have brought to you today is good news. With the increasing number of watch fans in China, it is enough to attract the attention of some well-known watch manufacturers in the world and increase the number of watches in mainland China. Investment, so three luxury watch manufacturers will soon open three new stores in Wangfujing business district, one of which is opened after renovation and two are newly opened.
Beijing Vacheron Constantin Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

Vacheron Constantin has two stores in Beijing, located in Xintiandi and Xinguang Plaza. Dongfang Xintiandi Store is currently under renovation and is expected to reopen before May 1st.
  Brand management: Vacheron Constantin
  Address: A101, First Floor, Oriental Plaza, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85189908
Click to see more about Vacheron Constantin
Click to view Vacheron Constantin watch quote ‘

Beijing Chopin Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

Chopard currently only has a specialty store on Beijing’s Financial Street. Shinkong Tiandi is a newly opened store. The editor of the Watch House asked when the construction staff would open. The construction staff said that it was not clear.
  Brand management: Chopard
  Address: The first floor of Oriental Xintiandi, 1 East Changan Street, Beijing
Click to see more about Chopard Introduction》
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Beijing Frank Muller Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

Frank Muller currently has only one international trade store in Beijing. This one is located in Xintiandi, a newly opened store. This shows that Frank Muller attaches great importance to the Chinese region, and the specific opening time is unknown.
  Brand management: Frank Mueller
Address: The first floor of Oriental Xintiandi, 1 East Changan Street, Beijing
Click to see more about Frank Mueller Introduction
Click to view the quote of Frank Muller

 Regardless of whether it is renovated or newly opened, it shows the importance that international watch manufacturers attach to the Chinese region. The editor expects that these three watch stores should open before the May Day holiday, which is just the golden week and we are earning us hard. Table fans for a pen.

Mb & F Launches Legacy Machine No1-news Mbf

Adjectives such as ‘wild, extreme, broken, unrestrained’ are very suitable for use on MB & F clock and watch machines; then ‘traditional, classical, round Shape ‘? Huge center-mounted balance wheel, exquisite hand-polished movement, completely independent dual time zone, unique vertical energy storage indicator and extremely elegant round case, Legacy Machine No.1 (LM1) is a traditional A watch honoured by the great innovators in the watchmaking industry, it is a three-dimensionally designed MB & F clock machine.

Maximilian Büsser conceived LM1 in a fantasy, he thought: ‘What if I was born a hundred years earlier, not in 1967, but in 1867? Watches only appeared in the early 1900s, if at that moment, I wanted to create a watch to be worn on my wrist. At that time, there was no inspiration from ‘Invincible Iron King Kong’, ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Fighter’. I only had pocket watches, Eiffel Tower and science fiction ‘20,000 miles under the sea ”For reference, what would a watch like this look like? It must be round and three-dimensional, and Legacy Machine No. 1 is my answer.”
Loyal to the high quality of the 19th century pocket watch, the LM1 uses a large-diameter double-spoke balance wheel and a traditional Breguet double-layer headspring; its mysterious adjustment mechanism is fully visible, but the balance wheel is suspended above the movement. Hour and minute, fully independent dual time zone indications are located on two dials-Dual time zone complication usually does not allow independent adjustment of minutes-its circular dial further enhances the golden age of watchmaking from visual effects (1780-1850) a feeling of. It looks like a miniature sextant. The unique vertical indication of energy storage time indicates the available energy. Its beautiful arc shape provides a visual effect of the three-dimensional structure while maintaining balance.

The contour of LM1 sapphire crystal hemispherical arc mirror.
Through the clear curved sapphire crystal of Legacy Machine No.1, you can see the fantastic masterpiece of micromechanics underneath, which is reminiscent of the master of the science fiction ‘Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea’ Captain Onimo watching the mysterious Atlan The scene of the continent.
The self-made movement on Legacy Machine No.1 transcends traditional watchmaking. It exudes the unparalleled power of creator Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode (Best Watchmaker Award at Geneva Watchmaking Awards 2010) Talent, they found nothing out of nothing, building this movement bit by bit; independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen is responsible for aesthetic design, and supervising this movement will never deviate from the most noble and distinguished watchmaking tradition and the surface treatment of the movement. The perfect Geneva ripple, the extremely polished gold sapphire bearing sleeve, the bridge plate with concave chamfering (must be done completely by hand, and no mechanical surface treatment method can be used), fully showing the perfection of this movement Polish the craft. The movement of Legacy Machine No.1 is engraved with the names of the two creators, and it is also the first time that Voutilainen has signed a movement other than its own brand.

From left to right: Maximilian Büsser, Kari Voutilainen, Jean-François Mojon

With Legacy Machine No.1, you can learn how MB & F has created a completely modern, three-dimensional spatial art with the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship of the 19th century.
Source: MB & F
To watch a video of LM1: click here


Chopard’s New Three Precision Timepieces Dedicated To Antique Car Racing

Chopard’s new Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2014 watch series consists of three outstanding timepieces. This high-performance comprehensive combination includes a chronograph, an automatic winding watch and a watch with a power reserve display, dedicated to the most prestigious antique car events.

Gentleman rider, mechanical passion
 The Monaco Antique Car Race is a collection of racing cars from the 1920s to 1985, making all kinds of very different antique cars roar in the same arena. It is a diverse race. Each car symbolizes the outstanding machinery of a particular era, escorting passionate riders to fight in real time. Chopard has been the sponsor and official timekeeper of the event since 2002, and has been involved in the event because of its unique emotional connection. Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is a dedicated antique car enthusiast. At each event (every two years), Chopard will launch a limited edition chronograph to highlight the style of the event. In 2014, Chopard launched for the first time a true watch collection associated with this event. The new Grand Prix de Monaco Historique series includes a full range of fully functional watches designed to meet the needs of customers and drivers. Chopard launched three different styles, each with two materials, one with micro-blasted titanium and stainless steel, showing pure sports style; the other with rose gold and stainless steel, more precious and gorgeous. The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watches have different functions, like three main engine groups: V6, V8 and V12.

Three watches, the same spirit
 The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Automatic is an excellent timing tool. Its self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), acts like a V6 engine, ensuring precision timing performance that meets driver requirements and Chopard standards. The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Power Control is no longer a V8 engine, with a power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock. Its appearance design directly draws on gasoline or fuel gauge.

 Finally, the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chrono is the V12 engine in the family. Powerful, orthodox, noble, well-deserved excellence racing equipment. The three watches of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique series belong to the same family, and their completely renewed and innovative design makes them outstanding. The chassis is a 44.5 mm diameter titanium case, which is light, sturdy and has good biocompatibility. The caseback is engraved with the Automobile Club de Monaco logo, so it is made of stainless steel that is more resistant to engraving. The lugs have been reworked to ensure better wearing comfort. But the most important change is the dial. Its surface is sanded and grooved. The constantly running surface is reminiscent of the car’s speeding and cornering signs.

Speed ​​and sportiness
 The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2014 collection introduces a new shade. Yellow is the basic color of the racing language. Jumping and bright yellow represents speed, warnings, and dangers that riders face all the time. Fluorescent hour markers, hands, case back, everything is carefully designed to ensure that Automatic, Power Control and Chrono Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watches are easy to wear, easy to use, and easy to read. This shade is exclusive to the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique collection of titanium and stainless steel watches. These timepieces are highly functional and symbolize the concept of mechanical movement. This concept is closely linked to adaptability. Whether a driver wins or not depends on his ability to adapt. For this reason, these models are available with stainless steel and titanium bracelets or black barénia calfskin straps. The yellow bright stitching on the leather strap further extends the dial and the entire watch’s explosive atmosphere.

Elegant Confucianism
 In addition to these instrumentation tools, Chopard has launched watches made of stainless steel with titanium and rose gold. The hands, bezel and crown of the Automatic, Power Control and Chrono Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watches are plated with rose gold. The buttons of the Chrono Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watch are also made of precious rose gold, while the beige pin stitching of the black barenia calfskin strap is also embellished with rose gold. These more ornate and complex materials contrast with silver-gray dials and black hour markers, demonstrating that the classic racing world belongs to a gentle gentleman, with a refined elegance. This is Chopard’s dedication to car racing: a combination of superior mechanical performance, impeccable ergonomics, while at the same time losing the inherent elegance of the racing world.

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