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This cutting-edge masterpiece was named in honor of the famous Christopher Columbus. He was a brave and fearless explorer in the 15th century. He was the first to reach the coast without touching it. The warrior of the coastline, ZENITH, after 5 years of hard work, finally proudly launched this great modern fashion watch masterpiece.

As Christopher Columbus is closely related to the original essence of this extremely complicated boutique, the naming of this watch precisely emphasizes the key issues about this great navigator, which still plagues the entire watch industry: How to use the instrument for precise measurement depends on the constant speed of the object, which has disadvantages to the accuracy of the entire measurement.

Zenith’s book on ‘Echappement Colomb’ (Columbus Escapement)

However, the final naming of the watch was not just to commemorate the greatest nautical adventure ever; it also indicated a historical heritage. At the beginning of the 20th century, Zenith introduced a Lépine chronograph movement, whose balance ‘Columbus Escapement Ratchet’ is well known, the 20½ ” ‘NVI chronograph is re-elected as the three-time winner of the Neuchâtel Observatory Neuchatel Observatory, and the “Class A Excellent Certificate” from the Kew Observatory of Teddington ‘.

• Major milestones in the mechanical watch industry
• Inspired by the legendary precision marine timer
• The world’s best super complicated mechanical watch: the self-adjusting gyro module helps to ensure the flat position of the speed regulating mechanism.
• The regulator consists of 166 parts, 10 gears and 2 shafts.
• Limited edition of 25 pieces, available in white, rose and gold.
Original source: Zenith