Wedding Season To Keep The Memory Of Time

The so-called ‘Golden Nine Silver Ten’, of which ‘Golden Nine’ refers to the golden season in September. Why is September the best time of the year? If you have deeply felt September, then you will definitely understand the taste: September is not only the season of grain harvest, but also a good time to harvest feelings. No, just halfway through September, the entertainment industry is already boiling. Shu Qi and Feng Delun showed their love loudly and went hand in hand to the palace of marriage. Shen Teng and Wang Qi also held a wedding this month, ending the 12-year long love run.

Wedding photo of Shu Qi and Feng Delun

    Recently, a very popular sentence is called the Bible: love will be late, but it will not be absent. Shu Qi has been famous for a long time, both in the Mainland and internationally. Because of this, her relationship has also received considerable attention. Although she has experienced star boyfriends such as Zhang Zhen, Liming, Wu Yanzu, Liu Ye, but until this year, her love Only finally have a destination. Feng Delun and Shu Qi met each other in the movie ‘Love of a Beautiful Boy’. They also reported that Shu Qi and Feng Delun fell in love but were denied by rumors. The wedding just held was the best proof of their love.

Low-key married Shen Teng and Wang Qi

    Shen Teng is one of the comedians I like very much. From ‘Happy Twist’ to the movie ‘Charlotte Trouble’, Shen Teng gives us a lot of joy. Unlike other stars in the entertainment industry, Shen Teng’s scandal is so rare that even many people don’t know who Wang Qi is until they hold a wedding.
    In any case, for love, we always wish that a lover can become a dependent, and for this period a lot. In most people’s memory, the diamond ring is the most suitable witness of love. However, there was a moment that gave me a new understanding of the watch, and the watch is also the best witness of marriage. I remember earlier that I came across an old watch with a line engraved with ‘Marriage Anniversary xx Anniversary’ engraved on the back, and a customer bought this model because of this line. At that moment, I understood the time memory of the watch for human emotions.

Baume & Mercier Chrysler MOA08592

    If diamonds represent eternity, I prefer to cherish the moment. When entering the palace of marriage, we began a journey of life together. For everyone, this is the most important moment in life. This moment should be remembered, and the time that follows is also worth it. Be cherished. Men’s and women’s watches in the Chrysler series are portrayed as tacit couples. The men’s models are generous and handsome, and the women’s models are soft and delicate.

Baume & Mercier Chrysler MOA10148

    I remember Shu Ting’s ‘To Oak’ said ‘I must be a kapok near you, as an image of the tree and stand with you’, ‘Every gust of wind, we all pay tribute to each other’, I think this is exactly in line with my reputation Understanding of Chrysma men’s and women’s watches-no need to cater, just greet each other.
    In this September wedding season, use watches to keep each other’s good memories of time, treasure the hard-earned fate, and wish everyone a harvest of love.