Vacheron Constantin Releases The New Overseas Watch Series

[June 2016, Tokyo] — Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest haute horlogerie manufacturer, has been producing continuously for more than 260 years since its establishment, in celebration of the launch of the new Overseas Watch Series , Held a global celebration especially in Terrada Souko, Tokyo.

VIPs admire the pictures of Vacheron Constantin and legendary photographer Steve McCurry

   To celebrate the release of the Overseas Series, Vacheron Constantin celebrated on June 16, 2016 with a bright night with more than 200 VIPs and media friends from Japan, Asia Pacific and Europe. The Overseas series was unveiled at the artsy Terrada Souko in Tokyo Bay on Tokyo Bay. Admire the photos of Vacheron Constantin and the legendary photographer Steve McCurry on the four-way journey, showing the works of the artist’s first six locations, including New York, Mexico, China, India, Japan and Vacheron Constantin Geneva.

VIPs experience interactively at Vacheron Constantin virtual reality experience station

VIPs take the lead in seeing the new Overseas World Time Watch

   That night, the VIPs took the first look at the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal World Time Watch and experienced the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series replaceable strap device. A series of virtual reality experience stations and timepiece exhibition areas inspired by suitcases provide guests with the ultimate interactive experience.

Vacheron Constantin Brand Representatives and Steve McCurry

Famous Japanese chef Yamada presents a feast for Vacheron Constantin event

   Yamada, a well-known Japanese cuisine master who has traveled in many countries, presented a feast for the event, showing the profound cultural heritage of Japanese cuisine. Master Yamada, who has studied cooking at El Bulli, a three-star Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain, currently manages a restaurant with the same name in a quiet alley in the southern Azabu district of Tokyo, specializing in original fusion cuisine.

From left to right: Julien Tornare, CEO of Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific, legendary photographer Steve McCurry, Yann Bouillonnec, commercial director of Vacheron Constantin, and Vincent Gouget, Vacheron Constantin Japanese brand manager

Special Invitation from METAFIVE

   It is composed of famous musicians such as Yukihiro Takahashi, Keigo Oyamada, Yoshinori Sunahara, Towa Tei, Tomohiko Gondo, and lead singer Leo Imai. A special invitation from METAFIVE, a Japanese electronic music orchestra of the Japanese temple level, will bring the celebration to a climax, accompanied by Vacheron Constantin’s latest Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series timepieces shining in this memorable night.
   The release of the Overseas Cross-Border Series also revealed the last 6 countries / locations of the Cross-Border Travel, including Morocco, Scotland, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, France and Russia. Through the lens of photographer Steve McCurry, walk through these little-known, even difficult to enter, mysterious areas, showing the basic values ​​and concepts common to Vacheron Constantin.
   The new Overseas series of time-worthy timepieces is released worldwide. Vacheron Constantin has launched its own website, where users can explore and experience the unique travel themes of this series. Through the website’s photo gallery, 360 ° panoramic videos and production specials, users will travel with legendary photographer Steve McCurry. All models of this series and their unique technical features will also be presented in related videos and columns.