Unveiled A New Chapter In Liquid Timepieces-h5 Watch New Release

It may be hard to imagine that there is still such a watch brand in the highly competitive field of contemporary fine watchmaking: turning on its customer list, there are too many familiar figures. Gunners Rose lead singer AxlRose, China’s first swimming Olympic champion Zhuang Yong, French footballer Antoine Kriezmann, well-known Taiwanese entrepreneur CarolChen, Lin Dan, Yineng Jing, Na Ying, Liang Jing, Huang Xiaoming …

HYT Global Marketing Director Nicolas and China’s First Swimming Olympic Champion Zhuang Yong

HYTCEO GregoryDourde and well-known Taiwanese entrepreneur CarolChen

HYTCEO GregoryDourde and Yineng Jing

HYTH20 watch purchased by Huang Xiaoming

Customized HYT watch by Gunner Rose lead singer AxlRose

  The name of this watch brand is called HYT, a performance artist who uses liquid flow to reveal the secrets of time. HYT’s reputation is not only the only liquid timepiece system in the watch industry, but also its innovation idea. From the world’s first wristwatch to show the hour running with liquid flow, to the construction of three-dimensional stereoscopic visual effects, to the lighting of motor lighting technology … Every product under the brand is a pioneer in the field of clocks, It’s really black technology. On October 23, 2019, HYT ushered in a new chapter: H5 watches! This marks a new era in the art of liquid timepieces.

HYTH5 watch
Diameter 48.8 mm, thickness 20.08 mm, stainless steel case, 501 movement, 65 hours storage time, black liquid version and green liquid version each limited to 25 pieces

  The H5 watch uses a special decorative technique in the display area of ​​the dial. On the gray and humble background, the three functional areas of the small seconds, minutes, and power display work together with the winding plywood to create a river-like landscape. The form gives a strong sense of hierarchy. Correspondingly, it is HYT’s iconic arched sapphire crystal. The figures cut out from the hollow are like floating spirits around the watch, telling an exciting story: over time, the green or black in the catheter The liquid moved slowly, seemingly washing the rolling dial step by step. In nature, this is called erosion, which is the cause of alpine valleys. In the world of HYT, it is called the H5 watch, which is designed to lift the mystery of time and layer by layer.

  Turning to the back, through the sapphire glass case back, you can clearly feel the philosophical thinking about time behind the H5 watch. In the new model 501 patented manual winding movement contained in the watch, a large curved lever connects the circle composed of 13 splints with the core functional components, and the chain reaction is complicated and delicate with infinite possibilities. In this way, the concrete HYT’s deep understanding of time shows what the past is, what is the present, and what is the future during the passage of time. This is the result of HYT’s three-year research and development, and it is also an issue worthy of continuous thinking.

  HYT developed a new type 501 patented manual winding movement which took three years to develop. The transparent bottom of the H5 watch allows you to appreciate its mechanical aesthetics up close

The advent of the H5 watch represents the door to a new era.
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