The Pursuit Of Infinite Precision Timing Tasting Lange 1815 Series Chronograph

Lange has always adhered to the tradition left by its founder, Ferdi Adolf Lange, and insisted on producing only ‘the best watches in the world. At the Geneva Watch Fair this year, Lange added two more 18K rose gold chronographs to the 1815 CHRONOGRAPH series, with black and silver dials, equipped with a column wheel control system, flyback function, and pulsometer scale, again showing superb Watchmaking technology. These two new timepieces are designed for chronographers who are simply pursuing technology. The time display is accurate to a fifth of a second. Next we come to appreciate the Lange 1815 series black dial chronograph. (Watch model: 414.031)

The pursuit of infinite precision timing

   On the black dial, a small seconds dial is set at 4 o’clock, a precision jumping minute dial is set at 8 o’clock, and a fine sweep-type second hand is set at the center to stop the time. The minute scale is divided into 60 main grids according to the number of seconds, and four small grids are divided into each main grid, and the reading is displayed every 0.2 seconds.

   The central sweeping chronograph second hand can beat five times per second, so the accuracy of the time display can reach 1/5 seconds. The timing buttons are located on both sides of the crown. The buttons at the 2 o’clock position can start or stop the hands and the jumping minute indicator. The buttons at the 4 o’clock position can push the two displays to zero. In the process of timing, press the button at 4 o’clock to start the fly-back function, the pointer returns to the position, and release the button to restart the timing.

Watch real shot

   The classic polished design of the Lange case makes the watch delicate and recognizable. The case is made of 18K rose gold, the curved bezel is polished and retouched, and the middle case is polished with satin. From the side, you can see the case polished by two processes.

   The connecting part of the lugs and the case is naturally curved, ergonomically designed, and fits the wrist better when worn.

   The crown of the same material is engraved with the brand logo, and the surrounding is designed with non-slip texture, which feels first-class, and it is easy to adjust the model. There are timing buttons on both sides of the crown to start / stop timing.

   On the black solid silver dial, Arabic numerals and train track minute scales are the hallmark of the Lange 1815 series, which is exactly the year of birth of the founder of the Lange brand, so the models of this series are also full of the classic beauty of the brand’s high-end watchmaking .

   On the outer ring of the dial is a pulsometer scale with a scale of 40 to 200 times, which can be used to display the heart rate. When the heartbeat reaches 30 beats during the measurement, the sweep chronograph second hand indicates the heartbeat rate per minute. Both sub-dials are moved slightly below the horizontal central axis, arranged symmetrically, highlighting the watch’s balanced design. The rose gold hands, hour markers, and black solid silver dial contrast sharply and are easy to read.

Alligator strap with rose gold pin buckle

   The new chronograph launched by Lange this year is equipped with the L951.5 movement, which can provide a power reserve of 60 hours, and is equipped with a free-swing balance spring and cam fixed balance. Through the back of the sapphire crystal glass, the signature features of Lange’s exquisite chronograph movement are presented, such as the column wheel of the chronograph device, the lever of the flyback device, and the worm wheel of the precision jumping integral plate. The silver, gold, blue and red colors are interlaced and beautiful. The bridges and lever lobes are polished by hand, and Lange’s exquisite craftsmanship can be seen from the details.

Summary: Lange’s 1815 series chronographs have been famous for a long time. Last year, the pulsometer / tachymeter version of the chronographs was launched, which is highly sought after. The new watch introduced this year is attractive with its pulsometer and flyback capabilities. If you like this professional timepiece, you can pay more attention.