The Hardest Is Always The First Step, Talk To Mr. Kolia Neveux, Managing Director Of Bulgari Greater China

Two weeks ago, Bvlgari announced that the newly launched LVCEA Tubogas series halo watch will be available for sale in China. Two weeks later, Bvlgari held a Basel new product sharing conference in Beijing, where we introduced and showed us the new watches launched by Bvlgari this year. The weather in Beijing in May began to get a little hot, and the sun seemed to be torturing everyone on the road to prepare for the summer. After the new product sharing meeting, Watch House had the opportunity to interview Mr. Kolia Neveux, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China. When sharing with us Bulgari‚Äôs journey in the field of watches, he thought For a long time, I finally laughed and said, ‘The hardest is always the first step.’

Mr. Kolia Neveux, Managing Director, Bvlgari Greater China

Watch House: At this year’s Basel watch fair, Bvlgari launched a new series LVCEA Tubogas combining Lvcea series and Tubogas series. This series was also officially launched in China a few days ago, do you think this series Where is the most attractive place? Or what do you think is the biggest feature that distinguishes it from other models?

Mr. Kolia Neveux: The most special thing about the LVCEA Tubogas series is the combination of the original two series. In the late 1940s, Bulgari captured the industrial fashion of the ‘gas pipe’ and introduced Tubogas technology to the watch bracelet with its superb skills. The first is the winding bezel of the Tubogas series, which is also the work presented to you today by the 70th anniversary of this technology. We also use the technology of Tubogas on rings and necklaces. In addition, this watch is designed for women. The round case and dial design also inherit the iconic features of the Lvcea series. I think it is very suitable for women to wear in daily life. The crown jewel is also one of the meticulously designed by Bulgari for women.

Bvlgari introduces the new LVCEA Tubogas halo watch

Watch House: In addition to this series of releases, an Octo Finissimo tourbillon watch released at the Basel watch exhibition, with a thickness of 3.95 mm, has set a world record for the fourth time. Bulgari’s pursuit of ‘thickness’ is actually a reflection of its own watchmaking process, right?

Mr. Kolia Neveux: Yes, ultra-thin watches are indeed a challenge for our watchmaking technology. In fact, the problems we encountered in the process of research and development are more complicated and much more than the development of general watches. An ordinary watch with a certain thickness is relatively easier to develop and design. Ultra-thin watches are actually how we break through ourselves in the technology we already have. It is a problem we have been conquering.

The new Octo watch from Bvlgari

Watch House: In addition to ‘thickness’, Bulgari’s emphasis on ‘weight’ is also reflected in the new products released at this year’s Basel watch exhibition. Bvlgari has brought a brand-new titanium watch. The watch is only 48 grams. Bulgari redefines the word ‘thin and light’. Do you think that ‘thin and light’ is a trend in the development of watches in the future?

Mr. Kolia Neveux: As mentioned earlier, our research and development of ultra-thin watches is beyond ourselves. It is not to cater to or predict market trends, or to break through ourselves.

Watch House: As far as we know, Bulgari has opened online stores in China. Consumers can buy Bulgari products online. Will this affect the number of Bulgari offline stores? Will the number of offline stores that Bulgari launch in China this year be reduced due to changes in people’s consumption habits and trends?

Mr. Kolia Neveux: One of the reasons why Bulgari opened an online store is to improve the user experience of customers. Both online and offline can understand and choose our products. The second reason is also the fancy of China’s consumer environment and the development trend of online shopping. This does not mean that we will rely on online stores for the sale of goods. After all, we still belong to the luxury goods industry. Consumers are more likely to choose offline, go to physical stores to try on the right size, and so on. So in the future, we will continue to improve online and offline, grasping with both hands.

Home of Watches: Although Bulgari watchmaking has been around for decades now, it is still ‘young’ in the field of watchmaking; the brand has continuously introduced new series of watches, and the biggest difficulty for the research and development team is what? How did you break it?

Mr. Kolia Neveux: The hardest? Each step is not easy for us. Regardless of the process of research and development, or the final presentation to consumers, the market and research and development are not simple. But when it comes to the ‘hardest’ words, I think it’s still the most difficult to write down an idea and put an idea into a concrete image.

Watch House: There is an old saying in China that ‘Everything is difficult at the beginning’. Can it be understood as meaning this?

Mr. Kolia Neveux: Yes, I think so.

Watch House: So, for the future development of Bulgari, the focus is more on women’s watches or men’s watches? Is it biased?

Mr. Kolia Neveux: No. Bvlgari started with jewelry, so we may have a support and consumption basis for female watches; but this does not mean that we will tend to ignore male watches. Just like we launched the new LVCEA Tubogas series halo watch, but we are also eager to develop new products for men’s watch series such as Octo, etc. We will make a balanced development.

Watch House: Do you have any vision or goals for the future of Bulgari?

Mr. Kolia Neveux: For the future, Bulgari will help in more fields besides jewelry, especially in the field of watches. You know, Bulgari is actually a brand with many dollars. It is not only jewelry, watches, we also deal with hotels and other fields. Or more self-breakthrough, in the field of watches. (Interview photo / text watch home Mo Yang)