The Blancpain Thinker Makes Time Eternal

Blancpain extended the olive branch to Wu Xiaobo. Following Liang Wendao and Feng Yuanzheng, Wu Xiaobo became the third cultural ambassador to cooperate with Blancpain. This financial writer who likes to open the door to observe the troubled world and closed the door thinking about it has written footnotes after time for this era. Even if his point of view cannot be an inscription of an era, it is enough to be the starting point for later studies. Blancpain loves this profound accumulation of Wu Xiaobo. An era is wonderful because of the thinker, because the thinker can make an era an eternal topic.

In 2001, Wu Xiaobo, a financial journalist, wrote ‘The Great Lost’ with interest. Since then, it has been released and cannot be collected. He talked about marketing very much. After 30 years of turbulence in China, he was not addicted, and another 100 years of downswing. To write for the next two thousand years, I was speculating about what a ‘dangling’ was this time. As a result, the title of the book was changed to the heroes of the past, and the title ‘Pros and Cons of Economic Reforms of Past Dynasties’ was taken, which was somewhat magnificent.

晓 Wu Xiaobo is a person who has equal righteousness and talent. If he gets better, he will pull his brothers. In the early years, he wrote a book that was unstoppable, but he wrote other people’s defeats and established his own victory. The book has its own gold (1201.80, -0.70, -0.06%) house. He saw the bright prospects of original financial books, but This market is not something that can be sipped by one’s own strength. I found a brother with the same goodness who was thinking about setting up a Chinese original financial publishing team to do something meaningful for the Chinese publishing industry, so Wu Xiaobo added another one as a writer. The identity of the publisher.

How big is Blue Lion Financial Publishing? Wu Xiaobo has no special ambitions, and interests first and makes money second. It’s just that the Blue Lion’s fame is ‘forced’ to grow. This fame is partly due to the fact that a good book has been made and partly due to morality. The author who often comes to write books with him earns more money than the publishing team. Whoever has financial difficulties among the authors has not written the book, Wu Xiaobo will call it in the name of prepayment, and pay attention to him in a silent manner. Make people ironed. The Blue Lion team tossed for a few years in this way, without losing money. In order to be able to retain a good author for a long time, Wu Xiaobo always gave up his shares again and again, and he will soon become an honorary publisher. But what he wants is the writing atmosphere of domestic original financial books. The depression of the book industry is an indisputable fact. He has to keep everyone warm and motivated. This kind of flame has been ignited to this day, and it has become a bonfire. Mu Ming came to add firewood, although it was not big, but it was still burning. Based on this, Wu Xiaobo was very satisfied.

Wu Xiaobo holds a pen conference each year in Hangzhou. Jianghu is also called ‘the sword of the West Lake’. Although it is not as large as Ma Yun’s [Weibo], it can also be regarded as a pass by financial writers. The Blue Lion gave scholars a way to become famous. If a fate would write a best-selling book, these scholars’ waist poles would also be stiffer because of the fate of ‘Xihulunjian’. But Wu Xiaobo saw everyone the same, and would not thin out others because of his fame. He would greet him enthusiastically when he saw someone hiding, and looked at him like a big brother. Of course, in addition to good writing, good thoughts, and good friends, Wu Xiaobo will do his own work every year to explore the beauty of Hangzhou’s cuisine. From noon to evening, the mountain cuisine and lake fresh game are fascinating.

Wu Xiaobo is a literati in his bones, meaning to be at ease. He often tells his friends that the most in his heart is the life of Huang Yaoshi. He sleeps on his island until he wakes up naturally, see where the sun is, and then judge. Which meal to eat. He always collects strawberries in baskets on his island every year and sends them into the stomachs of his friends.

顶级 Originally, the top watch manufacturers and financial writers had nothing to do with each other. However, ‘Wu Daozhu’ was still glanced by Liao Yu, president of Blancpain China. Liao Yu loves reading, and he wants to transform the second floor of Blancpain’s world’s largest Xintiandi flagship store into a book club. Fill it with books, and put some flowers to make the books and flowers overflow. When talking about books and talking about friends, Liao Yu is also a bit The complex of the island owner is only because of public office, not as chic as Wu Xiaobo. In fact, sometimes business cooperation is quite like-minded. In pursuit of ‘the master of Wu Island’, Liao Yu bought 500 copies of ‘Profits and Losses of Economic Changes’ in one breath, with the intention of ‘knocking down the mountain.’ In fact, without a shock, Wu Xiaobo’s scholar complex is very heavy, and his happiest thing is Fu Qin’s acquaintance. He will be friends with books. As long as someone loves and understands books, he will ‘come’.

At Blancpain’s press conference, Liao Yu talked about Wu Xiaobo, and his excitement was hard to hide. Speaking of the dinner the day before, his wife laughed and said that Wu’s fans were old women over 50 years old. But he was determined to change Wu Xiaobo’s fan structure with this cooperation, starting with himself.

Liao Yu said that Wu Xiaobo’s book can simplify complicated things, so that people in elementary school culture can see it at a glance. He believed that Wu Xiaobo had the ability to interpret complex things. He took Wu Xiaobo to appreciate the watch, specifically focused on the mechanical principles in the large complex function watch, and how human’s almost extinct handmade art was difficult to regenerate in Blancpain’s watches. In men’s nature, they have a passion for complex mechanical principles and history. Liao Yu believes that Wu Xiaobo will definitely find a path for the integration of culture and watches in Blancpain’s more than two hundred years of ups and downs, because Blancpain’s most precious wealth is It is the handicrafts that have accumulated since the Qianlong Dynasty in China. These have become important carriers of history and culture.

Wu Xiaobo is a professional person. He likes to do one thing and insists on doing his best. Similarly, when Blancpain persists in the same way, he feels that his fate has inspired his curiosity to study a top How watches or luxury goods give meaning to times and history.

The first watch in Wu Xiaobo’s life was a quartz watch bought with a full month’s salary. In that era he treasured it and gave him the motivation to work hard, because when the accumulation of wealth depends on personal struggle and When working hard, wealth brings glory to life.

Like researching history, Wu Xiaobo sees the development of luxury goods in China following a strange path. On the one hand, China is a big luxury consumer in the world, but on the other hand, it has not cultivated a healthy luxury consumption concept, and cannot really understand what it means to have a connotative product that can be worked out with time. Because the Chinese Confucian tradition does not advocate luxury. In the book ‘Profits and Losses of Economic Reforms of Past Dynasties’, Wu Xiaobo mentioned that there are very few rulers in Chinese history who believe that the mass consumption of ordinary people is good for them.

In the 6th century BC, Guan Zhong proposed the ‘luxury theory’ when governing Qi Kingdom. Frugality is an inevitable product of a shortage of economy. Guan Zhong put forward the view that ‘thrift is hurt’. If everyone does not consume, it will reduce the circulation of goods and hinder production. Guan Zhong even advocates ‘carving eggs and then sacrifice, carving and then sculpting’ (that is, the eggs are carved and then cooked and eaten, and the wood is used to cook rice after carving). This view is reflected in the New Deal of Roosevelt thousands of years later. That is, the government stimulates economic recovery and employment through large-scale investment in fixed assets.

Qi Guanzhong’s 50 years of governance gave Qi Guofu the world, but then this idea was rejected by Kong and Meng, only reappeared during the Fan Zhongyan period of the Northern Song Dynasty, when the industry and commerce were developed and the people were rich. Now, Wu Xiaobo finds out that this is an age when Guan Zhong’s ideas can be reproduced, but just how people should interpret it.

In Wu Xiaobo’s view, tolerance should be the proper meaning of this era. This is an era of constant innovation and ‘heresy’, and it is easy to feel uncomfortable. When the Eiffel Tower was completed, it was strongly opposed by Hugo, and the once-controversial Statue of Liberty eventually became the symbol of the world’s largest economy. Therefore, adapting to the various characteristics of a new era takes time, requires cultivation, and requires meditation.

When Wu Xiaobo first entered Blancpain’s world, based on his historical research skills, what he saw was not gold diamonds, but human handicraft and cultural heritage. Some of these heritages came from China, some from Persia, and some from Africa, just at the Blancpain factory in the Swiss Jura Valley, time, region, culture, and ethnicity are blended and written into every minute and every second of gear rotation.

What Bao Baopa wrote down was time, and Wu Xiaobo wrote down history. Time flies, and thinkers make the ephemeral time a historical enzyme, so Blancpain and Wu Xiaobo meet together.