Thank You All The Way, Thank You For Coming To The Establishment Of Casio China

In order to further expand the business in China, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. established Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Casio China’) in Casio (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. and Casio (Guangzhou) The business functions of the Trading Co., Ltd. are officially merged, covering the entire range of Casio products sold in China. On March 20, 2014, the establishment of Casio China was held in the Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao Yuanyi Hotel. Casio senior leaders, industry partners, media reporters, etc. gathered together to witness the development of Casio in China. The first Casio Cup Family Singing Grand Prix champion, well-known Japanese singer Wu Huimin, came to the scene to help, and sang to congratulate the establishment of Casio China.

 The opening ceremony of Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd.

 Message from Hiroshi Nakamura, Managing Director and Sales Manager of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

 Speech by Chairman of Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd.

怎样 What is Casio in your memory? In the street interview video broadcast at the celebration site, Casio users described Casio in their hearts with friendly and plain language. The 80-year-old Casio TV commercial with animated image of Astro is impressive. The Casio Cup Family Singing Grand Prix, which was broadcast in 1985, has created a viewing frenzy and represents the classic memory of an era. On the same day, Wu Huimin, a well-known singer from Japan who won the first championship of the competition and had an inextricable bond with Casio, also attended the celebration. Her gentle singing awakened everyone’s fond memories of the year.

 Wu Huimin, the champion of the Casio Cup Family Singing Grand Prix, came to the scene

Throughout Casio’s development in China, Casio electronic calculators entered China in 1980; Beijing Office was established in 1985; electronic musical instruments and watches entered China in the 1990s; and digital cameras and electronic dictionaries were established in 2003 , Electronic calculators, electronic musical instruments and other products ‘Casio (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.’ as its main business; in 2006, ‘Casio (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd.’ was established to sell watches as its main business. Since then, Casio has developed in China under the system of these two sales companies. The business has expanded year by year, and sales have increased year by year, and it has developed into a well-known brand in China.

 History of Casio in China

In order to further expand its business in China, Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd. was established, which covers the entire range of Casio products sold in China. At the inauguration ceremony of Casio China during the celebration, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.’s executive director and sales director Kusaka Nakamura, the chairman of Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd., the large court, the general manager Jin Tian Gongyi, and the general manager Lin Chengbin took the stage. , Jointly start Casio’s new journey in China. After the establishment of Casio China, it will horizontally and uniformly manage the circulation, sales and marketing of all products, further improving brand awareness and trust, and enhancing brand vitality. The steady development of Casio is closely linked to the love and support of Chinese consumers. In the future, we will continue to uphold the ‘contribution contribution’ business philosophy and ‘0 to 1’ R & D concept, further increase the promotion in China, and target the rapidly changing Chinese market, starting from the specific needs of Chinese consumers, and launching closer to the Chinese market The product.

 G-SHOCK MTG-S1000D Series Watch

 Privia Piano Digital Hello Kitty Elegant Commemorative Edition PX-150KT

 EX-TR350S interprets women’s maturity and cuteness

 The father of TR Yosuke Nagayama shows TR fans to show more than one side of beauty

At the celebration site, Casio showed the entire lineup of Casio products to the audience through dazzling 3D video, which made people deeply convinced by the innovative electronic technology of 0 to 1. This celebration highlights the G-SHOCK masterpiece MTG-S1000D series watches, perfect combination of toughness and beauty; Privia floating piano digital piano Hello Kitty elegant commemorative edition PX-150KT in cooperation with SANRIO Play the piano and become an intimate listener. At the same time, Casio released the new ‘selfie artifact’ EX-TR350S today, and the selfie mode is upgraded again. And the launch of two new high-speed digital cameras, the EX-10 and EX-100, aimed at independent female consumers. Casio will bring its various major products to bring Chinese users a value experience beyond imagination.

Casio’s past is with you, and Casio’s future looks forward to your participation. The official establishment of Casio China will open a new chapter for its business development in China.