Tag Heuer Maintenance Knowledge How To Repair Tag Heuer How To Do It

TAG Heuer, with a history of 150 years, adheres to the original concept, manufactures precise, reliable, and beautiful watches. It has been called ‘the representative of Swiss avant-garde style since 1860’. TAG Heuer is a precision product with excellent quality, which needs to be carefully used and protected. Here are a few basic suggestions to ensure long-term accuracy and reliability with your purchased TAG Heuer watch.
 Waterproof performance
All TAG Heuer watches (quartz or automatic movements) should be sent to a TAG Heuer service center every year to check the waterproof function to prevent moisture and dust from flowing in)
 TAG Heuer Automatic
The mechanical self-winding movement of the TAG Heuer automatic watch is like a car engine that operates 24 hours a day. That’s why regular maintenance and pine cones are important to keep your watch accurate. Customers are advised to send the movement for repair every two years.
骤 When the temperature changes suddenly, slight condensation may occur on the inside of the mirror. These small amounts of moisture will disappear naturally and will not affect the normal operation of TAG Heuer watches. Condensation persists, please consult a TAG Heuer professional.
 Clean and waterproof
保持 In order to maintain the beauty of the watch, you can regularly clean the stainless steel and k gold case and strap with soapy water, rinse with water, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. Genuine leather is a sensitive and noble material. If it is constantly exposed to water, it will easily lose its softness and discoloration. If possible, please avoid wearing watch or bathing. After contact with seawater, rinse with clean water and dry it carefully.
  Genuine Leather
TAG Heuer uses a variety of genuine leather, including specially processed calfskin, crocodile skin (all from crocodile crocodiles) or python skin to make watch bands according to different series. Leather straps are spliced, stitched, cut, or hemmed by skilled craftsmen. TAG Heuer has a beautiful variety of leather straps, from classic natural colors to bright and vivid colors. Please note that the leather strap will be slightly discolored over time.
 Screw-down crown
确定 Make sure that the crown is tightened (position 0) at all times, especially before launching, because when the trash crown is released, its waterproof function cannot be guaranteed.
避免 Avoid rubbing gold-plated watches against hard walls or objects.
 Shock, impact
避免 Please avoid excessive shock, drop or repeated rubbing of TAG Heuer watches, otherwise the metal parts or the movement of the watch will be easily damaged. Please also prevent your watch from spoiling its anti-glare effect.
The above is a brief introduction of TAG Heuer maintenance knowledge and TAG Heuer maintenance knowledge, I hope to help everyone.