Swiss ‘amy Long Watch’ New Year’s New Arrival In Chongqing

On January 5th, the watch brand ‘Aimiron’ from Geneva, Switzerland, brought its 2013 new series of watches to the Chongqing Watch Culture Festival, and held a ‘time accumulation, classic heritage’ in Chongqing Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street. ‘Themed luxury watch exhibition.

 Born in Geneva, Switzerland, the ‘Emilion Watch’ is one of the few independent watchmaking brands in Switzerland and the world. Its exquisite craftsmanship and decorative arts once famous European nobles, but now it has a rich brand connotation The unique innovative design and elegant boutique timepieces also make it one of the rare luxury watch brands. The Chongqing watch exhibition lasted for 15 days. Amy Long presented all its new models in 2013 and presented a new year luxury feast for Chongqing watch lovers.

Leimen’s simple atmosphere, low-key luxury
 The Aimelon brand’s fine timepieces, the Laimon series, use fully automatic movements. Its design is simple and magnificent, highlighting the details in simplicity; the dial is elegant, which is the current trend of luxury and fashion; the unique design of the housing structure forms a slim shape, which makes the entire watch fit the wrist closely, giving people more Comfortable wearing experience. Its simplicity not only brings you low-key, but also the luxurious temperament exuded from its exquisite craftsmanship and unique and delicate dial.

ArtDeco blends modern and classic
 On the basis of inheriting the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and unique style, Emilion’s latest ArtDeco series watch is another recent classic. The dials of the ArtDeco series are decorated with rich lines and use geometric, purely decorative textures to explain the blend of modern art and mechanical design aesthetics; the dials are decorated with beautiful lines in golden patterns, which outline the delicate and simple linear decorative contours. The bright and elegant golden texture and the simple and elegant dial complement each other, so that the entire watch is full of artistic connotation, is the pinnacle of watch aesthetics and quality. Elegant and noble, full and beautiful, unique design, solid craftsmanship are perfectly integrated into this series of watches, which continues the traditional essence of the Emily brand.

 As time goes by, history only changes the name of the person who wrote the history. What remains unchanged is the spirit of eternal refinement and constant innovation; it is the pursuit of superb technology of watches. Today, we are here to witness this moment, the legend of a heir.