Sparkling Spring Light Richard Mille Women’s Diamond Watch

Richard Mille Women’s Diamond Watch is the brand’s unlimited creativity, the perfect combination of jewelry setting technology and traditional Swiss watchmaking skills.

Richard Mille RM 051 Phoenix-Michelle Yeoh
 Michelle Yeoh’s artistic talent, her knowledge, understanding of women’s tastes, and her natural luxury temperament impressed Richard Mille, so Richard Mille suggested that she create and design a women’s watch. Michelle Yeoh is very active on this project, and a year ago joined Richard Mille’s artistic director Mélanie Treton-Monceyron in this cross-border collaboration. The watch they are brewing in their hearts must be light, elegant, romantic and bring positive feelings. Twelve months after the initial sketch was completed, Richard Mille launched this RM 051 Phoenix — Michelle Yeoh watch, symbolizing courage, will, and kindness as a gift to women.
 Because Michelle Yeoh is a Malaysian, they took inspiration from Asian culture and chose Phoenix as a symbol. As the embodiment of elegance, flattery, and strength, the Phoenix’s body symbolizes the five virtues of human beings: the bird’s head represents virtue; the wings represent responsibility; the bird’s back represents justice; the bird’s breast represents friendship; In the world of haute horlogerie, Phoenix enters a timeless dimension. In the RM 051 watch, the phoenix is ​​adorned with diamonds and contains a movement, in harmony with the barrel, power reserve and tourbillon. This highly complex, elegant piece of art conveys poetry and charm. Another feature of RM 051 is its base plate made of black agate, a gem known for its ability to absorb negative energy, stabilize emotions, and inspire. Created by Michelle Michelle Yeoh and Mélanie Treton-Monceyron, RM 051 is designed for women seeking sophisticated timepieces with high-tech performance.
RM 051 Phoenix-Michelle Yeoh watch is limited to 18 pieces, and ’18’ is Michelle Yeoh’s favorite number.

Richard Mille RM 007 Top Jewellery Watch
 For a long time, the design of women’s watches is almost the same as that of men’s watches, and women’s expectations for watches have been ignored. However, this women’s mechanical watch is specially designed for modern women, easy to wear, highly sophisticated structure, and more fully perspective surface different from other Richard Mille men’s watches, using a ‘semi-perspective’ design to express that share Vaguely sexy and charming.
The RM007 top jewellery watch re-interprets the embodiment of ‘advanced customization’ in the field of watches. Rare gemstones, hand-inlaid by the most skilled Swiss craftsmen, show the distinctiveness of this watch with a grandeur. The crystal gems inlaid on the dial are like shining stars, shining in the night sky.

Richard Mille RM 016 skeleton slim square automatic watch
 This watch is the first in Richard Mille’s RM016 watch series to have a unique rectangular case (50 mm x 38 mm). This case breaks the conventional barrel shape of the existing series. In addition, Richard Mille The RM 016 cutout slim square automatic watch is also the thinnest model in the entire Richard Mille series, with a thickness of only 8.25 mm, but has the same curvature as the wrist, maintaining the original concept and characteristics of Richard Mille. The number is also deliberately enlarged to match the size of the case.
 RM016 uses the RM005-S skeleton automatic movement. The case is available in titanium, 18K rose gold and 18K white gold. The new RM016 diamond style is set with diamonds and different gems, such as sapphire, black crystal, orange sapphire, etc., customers can choose according to their preferences.