Meihua Elegant Design Logo Interprets Metropolis Fashion Charm

Some square models, which are rare in plum watches, have classic design and are suitable for both inside and outside.
TITONI Swiss Wallet’s new Wall Street watch is a perfect combination of classic and fashion. The square surface design is tough and noble. This series of watches have undergone the most stringent production tests. The three-segment design of the all-steel strap is specially designed for the curvature of the wrist to ensure comfortable wearing. It is definitely an option for both inside and outside.
In addition to the beautifully curved arched surface glass, the transparent sapphire caseback of the Wall Street watch shows the precise movement of the structure. The back cover is fitted with screws, which is strong and sturdy. The laser mark is engraved on the automatic tourbillon and ‘of Switzerland [made in Switzerland, hand-crafted. The case is specially brushed and polished around the side, and the bezel is polished to enhance the layering. The surface is black and silver, respectively. There are two types of gray. There are also styles in which zircon is used to replace the digital display time, adding an elegant style. The watch comes with a belt and a steel belt for purchase, and both are equipped with a folding buckle engraved with TITONI.
The Wall Street watch collection combines classic design and outstanding Swiss quality, revealing a distinctive fashion charm, which is definitely suitable for executives who pursue the taste of life and talk generously. This ingenious work is assembled and tested at the original factory in Grenchen, Switzerland, to ensure quality. Since its establishment in 1919, TITONI has been owned by the founder’s Shrop family and has been rooted in the town of Grinchen, Switzerland, where Plum Watch has passed on their traditional watchmaking techniques and experience from generation to generation, and has developed a strong base.
TITONI Master Series has been attracting the attention of users and collectors with its classic shape and precise observatory movement since its launch in 2006. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the brand, TITONI decided to launch the third generation of the Master Series chronometer watch, to continue the classic.
The third-generation Master Series watch with a diameter of 40mm has a classic and fashionable design, and the delicate texture around the surface is the symbol of Master Series’ elegant design. The transparent back cover uses sapphire glass, so that the “Côtes de Genève” nevada pattern, the Pantheon logo, the name of the Master Series and the word TITONI are engraved and polished on the automatic rotor of the movement. The emerald-green TITONI logo’s special handle and three-hand configuration are more handmade and precise. The third-generation Master Series watch is equipped with a leather or stainless steel strap; the surface options are black and white, respectively, to set off the wearer’s personal style.
Each Master Series chronometer watch is equipped with a movement certified by COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres), the official observatory of Switzerland, and a certificate issued by it. There is one on the movement, the case and the certificate Corresponding number. In order to obtain the Swiss Observatory certification, it must pass a total of 3 strict standards for 15 days, including temperature test (8, 23, 38 degrees), five different orientation tests (3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock up) , Surface up and down] and the daily error of the watch between the standard of +6 to -4 seconds, we can see that the Master Series process is absolutely meticulous.

TITONI Master Series has always been known for its outstanding functions and classic appearance. This year TITONI launched the women’s version for the first time, preventing men from enjoying superb Swiss watchmaking skills. In order to highlight the feminine charm, the series introduces new elements. The large mother-of-pearl dial is set with sparkling diamonds at 12 and 6 o’clock, and it is matched with a pink leather strap.

If You Can’t Meet It, Talk About Patek Philippe 5370p Dual Seconds Chronograph Watch

At Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show this year, Patek Philippe launched the Ref. 5370P-001 two-second chronograph watch for the first time. Now that a few months have passed, now the editor will take everyone to review this excellent creation and talk about their shallow opinions and insights.
   The 5370 is a brand new model, but it is intended to be a symbol of the future, as we understand it: it will not be produced at regular speeds. Except for 5950A pillow-shaped stainless steel and 5959P ultra-thin double-second chronograph watch (both equipped with CH27-525 self-made ultra-thin movement), the new 5370P-001 is the only one with dual-second chronograph function and equipped with Watch models with different homemade movements (CH29-535). Seeing it, some people may think of the ancient 5004 and the 5204 replacing 5004, but the latter also has a perpetual calendar function.
   Patek Philippe celebrated its 175th anniversary and many commemorative models are dazzling, but we can boldly assert that 5370P-001 is one of the most attractive models launched by Patek Philippe in the past October or even in ten years. Now, let’s take a closer look at the look of this watch with real pictures.
   The 5370P-001 case is made of platinum, with a diameter of 41 mm and a thickness of 13.5 mm. Compared with 5950, the atmosphere is more stable. The case is paired with a delicate and beautiful convex bezel. Of course, whether it is a little more personality of 5370P-001 or a little more elegant of other thinner models, everyone has their own taste preferences.

   5370P-001 is very classic and very attractive when viewed from the front. From the shape of the lugs to the convex bezel, we all have a familiar feeling, yes, Ref.130! Observing Ref.130 in the above figure for comparison, you can also find a similar strap bolt protruding from the lug, which is more classic ‘penetrating’ design.
   Observing from the side, it is easy to find the long grooved ring that connects the lugs on both sides. In my memory, this is the first time in Patek Philippe’s history to adopt such a design. The watch ring is brushed and polished, and the texture curve shows a subtle radian. It is not easy to achieve this retouch. Imagine that if the case side adopts an ordinary shape design, its final effect should not be compared with the present.
   It needs to be emphasized that when you really appreciate the 5370P-001 on the spot, this is the second element you notice after the plate. This kind of watch ring design gives 5370P-001 individuality and characteristics, making it unique. It is different from other Patek Philippe chronographs that are well-known before. It also brings Patek Philippe chronographs into a new aesthetic field.
   The ‘ear-piercing’ design is more classic, and the convex round platinum structure can hide the strap hole on the back of the strap, and it is also an excellent decoration. Careful observation of the real pictures, the end of the long groove on the side of the case is perfectly joined with the convex round platinum structure and integrated with the lugs.
Crown and buttons

   Usually, if the crown is too large, the case side with the crown will appear very unbalanced. The 5370P-001’s crown size specifications are just as desirable.

   Two timing function buttons can control the start, stop and reset functions of the timing device, and there is another button at the crown to control the start and stop of the two-second chase hand function. Not only is the structure symmetrical, but the functions are also very convenient and practical. The top of the button is polished and the sides are brushed, just in harmony with the case finishing process.

    The dial is made of white gold and is decorated with enamel. Firstly, apply the enamel powder evenly on the dial, then bake it in a 850 ° C kiln, and then use precise controlled cooling technology to gradually cool and solidify it for polishing.
   What is really difficult to control is the manufacture of the enamel dial without any trace of impurities. You know, compared to the white dial, the black dial is particularly conspicuous if there are residual impurities. From these pictures you can very clearly observe how stunning the 5370P-001 dial looks, the ordinary lacquered dial cannot be compared with it at all. In my opinion, no other Patek Philippe model can do this.
   As for the charm of the Platinum Breguet block, we have already experienced it on the 5170G.

   Personally, I usually pay more attention to the combination of the dark plate and the white transfer. The contrast between the two is too sharp and often lacks refined and elegant. Of course, I also understand that it may bring a modern or casual atmosphere to very classic watches.
   The 5370P-001 enamel dial has a deep gloss and a very polished finish. The reflective light on the black dial surface makes the contrast more consistent. The white transfer scale is subtle in thickness, pleasing to the eye, and looks very enjoyable. In contrast, the scale of the new 5905P sub-dial is slightly too thick, reducing the elegance, and it is easy to guide people to pay more attention to the side of the dial. 5370P-001? Just right.
   From 3970, 5070, 5970, 5170 to different versions of 5270, Patek Philippe chronographs have different scales. Both the tachymeter scale and the pulsometer scale are great, of course, the personal preference is the latter (as long as the dial is not particularly cumbersome). The 5370P-001 is equipped with a speedometer scale.

   The existence of the tachymeter scale perfectly balances the sub-dial scale, giving life to the dial. The black dial, if the scale is too small, the contrast of the details is not sharp enough, which will make the overall effect of the watch darker. However, a shiny dial should be different from a satin or matte dial.

   The Superluminova coating is usually sporty, but the classic leaf-shaped hands make this watch unique. Paired with a black dial, it adds a touch of romance to the watch. If you use a pin or a toffee needle, the effect will be completely different and more modern, but without the ‘authentic’ look and feel.
   At the same time, the superluminova fluorescent layer is applied to give the watch a casual spirit. From this perspective, 5370P-001 seems to really come from the early 20th century instead of the 1960s and 70s.

   The 5370P-001 and 5204 are equipped with a CHR29-535 PS manual winding movement, equipped with a stud wheel and a horizontal clutch, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), and can provide a power reserve of 55 to 65 hours. Compared with the simple timing movement equipped with the 5170, the 5370P-001 is equipped with many new patented innovations.
   Similar to the 5204 application, the 5370P-001 is equipped with an isolator. When the lap time is stopped, the isolator can separate the two-second chase gear and the chronograph wheel, reducing unnecessary friction.

   In addition, you can also notice a number of innovations in the application of the movement of the 5370P-001. They are not just improvements for marketing. These innovations are very interesting and some are simple. In my opinion, the evaluation of the technical performance of the movement depends not only on the number and complexity of the assembled parts, but also on the improvements made in a simple way.
   In terms of aesthetics, compared to the previous 5004 equipped movement, the 5370P-001-equipped movement takes another step forward in design. Top-grade retouching, gorgeous appearance, impressive, just like the CH27-525 movement used in 5950.

   Most of the stainless steel parts are chamfered, and the two-second chase pin clamp is polished. The finishing process is exemplary. By the way, compared with German silver (copper-zinc-nickel alloy), individuals prefer stainless steel because they do not appreciate the color of the former. Of course, I can’t say which of the stainless steel and the German silver is stronger. I wonder if anyone can confirm it?
   One more thing, I really don’t think it makes sense to do so-called rankings for these movements. They each correspond to the brand’s technical expectations for different models. Compared with ordinary movements, they can be regarded as another level of masterpieces. In fact, 324 movements and 240 movements are still very good.

Summary: I believe that for many watch fans, 5370P-001 is a dream, and the editor can only congratulate them on their choice and wish them success. 5370P-001 is an excellent example of the ingenious combination of Patek Philippe machinery, aesthetics and finishing. It is absolutely gorgeous and unique. The experience of wearing 5370P-001 will be exceptional.

Extremely Excessive Lange Watch Selection Guide Lange 1 Series

Many people once asked me whether I should buy A. Lange & Söhne or Patek Philippe. My answer is firm and I must buy both because these two There is no good or bad brand, only the style is different. PP represents Switzerland’s top watchmaking craftsmanship, while Lange has perfectly interpreted and interpreted the essence of German traditional watchmaking! So he asked me again, how is the German watch? I asked it back then, please tell me what is not good in Germany. He was speechless. We might as well think about it, as long as it is attached to machinery, from cars, trains, excavators, to cabinets. , Cameras, and suitcases, there is nothing in Germany that is not a leader in this field. The German philosophy is that if you do n’t do it, you must be the number one in the world!

 This is particularly evident in Lange’s body. Although the Lange brand was founded in 1845, each of us knows that the history of the Lange watch is actually only 24 years. In current words, Lange is an authentic post-90s. However, it is the miracle of the post-90s generation that has already ranked among the world’s top watches in such a short time and has won the respect of collectors all over the world. This is a miracle!

 The reason why Lange can achieve such remarkable achievements is, on the one hand, the Germans’ attitude of excellence in doing things, on the one hand, Lange has other top watch brands that cannot do it, and in Lange’s many unique watchmaking processes, Two of them are the ones that impress me the most and I admire them the most. One is that Lange is the only watch brand in the world with all the movements assembled for the second time; the other is that Lange is the only one in the world. A watch brand with a movement that ‘does not knock’.

 Let me say the first item. The so-called secondary assembly is Lange’s watchmaking. When the movement is first assembled, it will test the movements of the movement and hundreds of parts for smooth operation, although these parts are assembled before assembly. It is already flawless, but after the first assembly and testing, no matter how careful, each part will inevitably encounter slight scratches or infiltration of fine dust during the adjustment process. At this time, the watchmaker will completely disassemble and clean all the assembled movements. After cleaning, many components will be decorated, carved and polished with traditional techniques. During the second assembly process, each movement is averaged. The more than 50 oil tanks need to use 8 different lubricants. Finally, the watchmaker will also replace the ordinary screws used in the first assembly with blue steel screws specially burned by Lange. Some people may say that it is difficult to install it again, then let us experience it.

 This is like you seriously assembled a Gundam model, and some of these steps took a lot of effort to install, and just when you want to enjoy the joy of victory, suddenly someone tells you that this model is taken apart immediately , And then re-polished all the parts with polished sandpaper again, after polishing it is better to assemble than the first time, you tell me what was your mentality at that time? If you do n’t want to hit the wall, I’ll say it, and Lange does it. Lange knows that doing so will double or even more time in assembly. Knowing that it would not be possible to double the price, but Lange still did!

 Let me talk about the second item. The so-called movement ‘do not slam the door’ means that Lange will not superimpose different functional modules on the same movement and then put different cases on the same movement like other brands. Paragraph, to put it plainly is to change the soup without changing the medicine. At this point, even Patek Philippe is a little bit ashamed, there are 7 models of a 240 movement, more than 200,000 watches and more than 1 million watches, you will find that the same movement. Of course, this is understandable. Who can not consider the cost in the business community? But there are exceptions to everything, Lange is such a strange, it actually did a watch and a movement.

Let me give you the simplest example. The difference between Lange 1 and Grand Lange 1 is that the case diameter is only 2.4 mm different. If you change to another brand, you must increase the case diameter directly (Patida Philippe’s 5119, 5139, 5140 And Rolex’s Day-Data II is the best proof), but Lange is stunned because this 2.4 mm has a separate movement for the Grand Lange 1, and not only the Lange 1 series, the same is true of other series. This is really an admirable move, because in this way, it is equivalent to each movement being personally customized, and its components are not only not shared, but also increase the variety of single components. The decrease in output is completely contrary to the production law of modern manufacturing with fewer types and large output. In addition, due to the large number of parts, its quality control is another project!

 To be honest, my role as a watchmaker and potential consumer with high requirements for watches all feels that Lange is doing a little too much! Its sincerity and honesty make every consumer feel distressed. When I buy it, I feel sorry for Lange, even if I start to worry about its high cost, such small output, how can the profit guarantee this? It has nothing to do with it, so I suggest that Lange’s price should really be 10% to 15% higher than Patek Philippe to be reasonable.

 Having said so much, this is just a microcosm of Lange’s touching. Let us tell from the specific models. Since the title is a shopping guide, it is natural to recommend some relatively approachable and easy to buy. Watch, so we do n’t talk about limited and super complicated today. I guarantee that these ordinary watches are enough to make your heart beat faster at night. Let’s start with Lange 1.
Lange 1 series
 The Lange 1 series is one of the four timepieces first introduced by Lange after returning to the table in 1994. The biggest feature of this series is the eccentric design and large calendar display. You must know that it is the first mature technology in the world. The big calendar watch, when it appeared, immediately caused a stir in the watchmaking world. Lange 1 is the only series in all Lange series that adopts eccentric time display layout. The chronograph dial, small second dial, and large calendar are mutually necessary and indispensable. Its position is exactly a standard isosceles triangle. The overall looks comfortable and relaxed, because the series is extremely distinctive and highly recognizable, so many people think that only Lange 1 is Lange, so Lange 1 series has always been Lange’s most mainstream and most popular Watch series.
Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase
 There are currently 9 watches in the Lange1 series. Aside from those super complicated watches, I think there are two watches worth recommending. The first watch I mentioned was called Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase. This watch is a new version of SIHH this year. The reason why it is recommended is because it is very good in line with the trend. We noticed that all watches in the Lange 1 series They are not matched with blue steel hands, but all use the same material as the case. Although this is very noble, it will also cause another problem: the color is monotonous, and it always feels a bit less, so Lange added it. After the moon phase, we found out that it was the appearance of this smear that instantly gave a vitality to the dial.

 The previous Lange 1 moon phase watch had a diameter of 38.5 millimeters. The moon phase disc and the small second disc were placed together. This new model not only expands the case diameter to 40 millimeters, but also puts the moon phase at the most. On the eye-catching main dial, this oversized moon phase disk with a diameter of 14.3 millimeters is a perfect match with the large calendar. The L095.3 caliber on this watch is a moon phase version of the custom-made movement for the large Lange 1. Looking at all the Lange movements, only the Lange 1 movement has the most beautiful three-quarter plywood in the world. We take a closer look at the striped seams between the two cover plates and the main plywood. The fusion is so seamless that People can’t help crying after watching it!
Lange 1 Time Zone

 The other watch I recommend is the Lange 1 Time Zone. This watch can be said to be the most practical watch in this series. Generally speaking, more than 90% of Lange watch owners should be a standard trapeze, so one This World Time watch naturally becomes the ideal partner for travel. Usually, people will be used to the main dial to display the destination time, and the dial to display the departure time, so many people landed the aircraft, the first one The thing is to adjust the watch. It is tedious to exchange the time of the two dials, but this watch is very user-friendly. Although the two dials are different in size, they do not interfere with each other, even if you stay at the destination for a long time. To intermodulate, as for the calendar, you can simply rely on the dual day and night display for simple calculations.

 The material of this watch I recommend to choose the platinum model, which not only looks more low-key and elegant, but the key is that the platinum model is equipped with luminous hands, which is very important for a world time watch. This watch is equipped with the L031.1 movement. Although it is manually wound, its 72-hour power reserve and power reserve instructions will never worry about the watch’s stall. The most important thing is that the movement has a hand-carved middle wheel plywood, which should be considered as an additional benefit. .
 In this episode, we mainly introduce some unique techniques of Lange 1 series and Lange. In the next episode, I will continue to introduce you to the remaining several series and more special features of Lange, so stay tuned … (text / picture wrist) Watch House Mao Zhuang)

Wedding Season To Keep The Memory Of Time

The so-called ‘Golden Nine Silver Ten’, of which ‘Golden Nine’ refers to the golden season in September. Why is September the best time of the year? If you have deeply felt September, then you will definitely understand the taste: September is not only the season of grain harvest, but also a good time to harvest feelings. No, just halfway through September, the entertainment industry is already boiling. Shu Qi and Feng Delun showed their love loudly and went hand in hand to the palace of marriage. Shen Teng and Wang Qi also held a wedding this month, ending the 12-year long love run.

Wedding photo of Shu Qi and Feng Delun

    Recently, a very popular sentence is called the Bible: love will be late, but it will not be absent. Shu Qi has been famous for a long time, both in the Mainland and internationally. Because of this, her relationship has also received considerable attention. Although she has experienced star boyfriends such as Zhang Zhen, Liming, Wu Yanzu, Liu Ye, but until this year, her love Only finally have a destination. Feng Delun and Shu Qi met each other in the movie ‘Love of a Beautiful Boy’. They also reported that Shu Qi and Feng Delun fell in love but were denied by rumors. The wedding just held was the best proof of their love.

Low-key married Shen Teng and Wang Qi

    Shen Teng is one of the comedians I like very much. From ‘Happy Twist’ to the movie ‘Charlotte Trouble’, Shen Teng gives us a lot of joy. Unlike other stars in the entertainment industry, Shen Teng’s scandal is so rare that even many people don’t know who Wang Qi is until they hold a wedding.
    In any case, for love, we always wish that a lover can become a dependent, and for this period a lot. In most people’s memory, the diamond ring is the most suitable witness of love. However, there was a moment that gave me a new understanding of the watch, and the watch is also the best witness of marriage. I remember earlier that I came across an old watch with a line engraved with ‘Marriage Anniversary xx Anniversary’ engraved on the back, and a customer bought this model because of this line. At that moment, I understood the time memory of the watch for human emotions.

Baume & Mercier Chrysler MOA08592

    If diamonds represent eternity, I prefer to cherish the moment. When entering the palace of marriage, we began a journey of life together. For everyone, this is the most important moment in life. This moment should be remembered, and the time that follows is also worth it. Be cherished. Men’s and women’s watches in the Chrysler series are portrayed as tacit couples. The men’s models are generous and handsome, and the women’s models are soft and delicate.

Baume & Mercier Chrysler MOA10148

    I remember Shu Ting’s ‘To Oak’ said ‘I must be a kapok near you, as an image of the tree and stand with you’, ‘Every gust of wind, we all pay tribute to each other’, I think this is exactly in line with my reputation Understanding of Chrysma men’s and women’s watches-no need to cater, just greet each other.
    In this September wedding season, use watches to keep each other’s good memories of time, treasure the hard-earned fate, and wish everyone a harvest of love.

Vacheron Constantin Releases The New Overseas Watch Series

[June 2016, Tokyo] — Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest haute horlogerie manufacturer, has been producing continuously for more than 260 years since its establishment, in celebration of the launch of the new Overseas Watch Series , Held a global celebration especially in Terrada Souko, Tokyo.

VIPs admire the pictures of Vacheron Constantin and legendary photographer Steve McCurry

   To celebrate the release of the Overseas Series, Vacheron Constantin celebrated on June 16, 2016 with a bright night with more than 200 VIPs and media friends from Japan, Asia Pacific and Europe. The Overseas series was unveiled at the artsy Terrada Souko in Tokyo Bay on Tokyo Bay. Admire the photos of Vacheron Constantin and the legendary photographer Steve McCurry on the four-way journey, showing the works of the artist’s first six locations, including New York, Mexico, China, India, Japan and Vacheron Constantin Geneva.

VIPs experience interactively at Vacheron Constantin virtual reality experience station

VIPs take the lead in seeing the new Overseas World Time Watch

   That night, the VIPs took the first look at the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal World Time Watch and experienced the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series replaceable strap device. A series of virtual reality experience stations and timepiece exhibition areas inspired by suitcases provide guests with the ultimate interactive experience.

Vacheron Constantin Brand Representatives and Steve McCurry

Famous Japanese chef Yamada presents a feast for Vacheron Constantin event

   Yamada, a well-known Japanese cuisine master who has traveled in many countries, presented a feast for the event, showing the profound cultural heritage of Japanese cuisine. Master Yamada, who has studied cooking at El Bulli, a three-star Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain, currently manages a restaurant with the same name in a quiet alley in the southern Azabu district of Tokyo, specializing in original fusion cuisine.

From left to right: Julien Tornare, CEO of Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific, legendary photographer Steve McCurry, Yann Bouillonnec, commercial director of Vacheron Constantin, and Vincent Gouget, Vacheron Constantin Japanese brand manager

Special Invitation from METAFIVE

   It is composed of famous musicians such as Yukihiro Takahashi, Keigo Oyamada, Yoshinori Sunahara, Towa Tei, Tomohiko Gondo, and lead singer Leo Imai. A special invitation from METAFIVE, a Japanese electronic music orchestra of the Japanese temple level, will bring the celebration to a climax, accompanied by Vacheron Constantin’s latest Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series timepieces shining in this memorable night.
   The release of the Overseas Cross-Border Series also revealed the last 6 countries / locations of the Cross-Border Travel, including Morocco, Scotland, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, France and Russia. Through the lens of photographer Steve McCurry, walk through these little-known, even difficult to enter, mysterious areas, showing the basic values ​​and concepts common to Vacheron Constantin.
   The new Overseas series of time-worthy timepieces is released worldwide. Vacheron Constantin has launched its own website, where users can explore and experience the unique travel themes of this series. Through the website’s photo gallery, 360 ° panoramic videos and production specials, users will travel with legendary photographer Steve McCurry. All models of this series and their unique technical features will also be presented in related videos and columns.

A Gesture To Turn The World Yao Chen And Director Chen Zheyi Elegantly Perform Piaget Possession Art Short Film

Rotation-to move the world with a light gesture. Piaget Possession series’ unique double-circle design allows women to turn the ring freely, release energy and joy through this hidden ritual, and grasp their own life. In order to perfectly demonstrate the Possession series’s attitude of turning the world and the deep meaning of releasing the inner energy, Piaget joined the cutting-edge director Chen Zheyi and the well-known actor Yao Chen to create a unique artistic short film, telling the story of contemporary women on film .

Unique and fearless aesthetics

   Born in 1874, Piaget, the top Swiss watch and jewellery master, upholds outstanding craftsmanship and fearless aesthetics, and has been praised for his excellence in craftsmanship. Among them, the Possession series is particularly popular for its iconic movable rotating outer ring design. Today, the Possession series that has leisurely spanned a quarter of a century, through Piaget’s re-interpretation, continues to dazzle, and proves the brand motto of ‘Always do better than required’. In the new Possession series of rings, the two interlocking rings are independent and inseparable from each other. The rounded lines are full of aesthetic power, and the dazzling light captures the envious eyes. The master craftsman’s axe and mastery completely released the fun of the ring, and the carefully polished gold ring became a sensory bond, craving for the touch of the fingertips. Every touch, intentional or unintentional, is also a great time to touch your heart, a hidden ritual to suspend life. The Possession ring unreservedly shares the most subtle state of mind with elegant and independent contemporary women, continuously giving women confidence and courage, and opening up a wonderful new world of senses.

   Count Piaget has been tirelessly supporting the development and creation of the film industry for many years, and continues to show his unique vision and extraordinary taste in this field. Count Piaget hopes to explain the inspiration of the Possession series to contemporary women in an artistic way. The well-known artist Yao Chen and the emerging director Chen Zheyi resonate with this, and happily joined the Possession short film creation team. Directors, actors, and a host of creators collaborated endlessly and cultivated a deep understanding during the short shooting process. The film’s vision and hearing blend perfectly, showing the rich life philosophy of the Possession series.

Calm and confident Yao Chen is full of female power
   Hot and famous actor and fashion Icon Yao Chen is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of contemporary women. Since she set foot on the road to acting, she has presented many contemporary female images to the audience. Her tall figure and keen fashion sense make her an indispensable oriental face on the international fashion stage. And her iconic smile is innocent and full of warm vitality, which has infected countless people.

   The fate of Yao Chen and Possession seems to be fixed. When she puts on the Possession ring and slowly rotates with her fingertips, she says with emotion: ‘You will find that turning the ring will have a very playful mystery, like an encouragement to yourself And a kind of cheer. ‘The energy it provides allows women to gracefully face the ups and downs of life. ‘I want to show the grace of a woman of this age-calm, confident, you want to be such a woman, and you know you can do it.’
Sensitive and delicate Chen Zheyi shows a deep perspective
   Another soul of the Possession art short is Singaporean director Chen Zheyi. He is one of the most popular young directors in the world in recent years. Chen Zheyi is a director and screenwriter. He is particularly good at showing his perception of the details of life from a deep perspective. His lens language is often reduced to simplicity, but the exquisite and rich emotions flow out through the lens, which has impressed countless audiences and major international film festivals.

   In 2006, Chen Zheyi’s first short film participated in the Cannes Film Festival; his first feature film, ‘Parents Are Not Home’, swept major international film festivals and won the golden camera of the 66th Cannes International Film Festival in one fell swoop. 40 international awards including the Best Debut Award at the 57th London International Film Festival. Chen Zheyi has strict requirements for actors and teams, as well as herself. All of this is to create the most direct work to the soul. ‘I think we want to bring out a woman’s soul in this film. Her past, her growth, her studies, her confidence, Look for that definition of self. ‘
Rotation attitude
   In the face of a world where interpersonal networks are intertwined and the pace of life is accelerating, contemporary women are always moving around the world and between different roles. The Possession series understands that women are eager to have their own time in a busy metropolitan life, a quiet and impatient heart, and a conversation with their original self. Count Piaget hopes to explore women’s minds through a distinctive art form. Every woman has a path from astringent to mature and confused to firm. Yao Chen has also undergone this process of transformation since her debut. This time, she plays the core of the whole drama, showing the inner strength of many contemporary women with poetic language and full monologues. Director Chen Zheyi uses black and white tones to enable audiences to listen to the voice and power of the soul. The simple colors of the film imply a rich content. The lens is from far to near, as the viewer slowly enters the female spiritual world.

   In just 3 minutes, Piaget completed the journey of exploring the female self. This has to be attributed to Yao Chen’s dedication to the performance and Chen Zheyi’s fine control of the lens language. The whole film was performed by Yao Chen alone, and one shot to the end restored the true emotions to the greatest extent. The film has no gorgeous cuts, so every detail must not be lost, and even the smallest flaws will ruin the entire work. It is not only a challenge to the director’s camera skills, but also a test of the actor’s acting skills. However, life itself is like this. The trajectory of each person’s life is the only one that cannot be duplicated. The only thing we can do is move forward with courage. The source of joy is the guardian of courage and perseverance. At every precious moment, the Possession series focuses on listening to the inner voice of women, and through touching and turning again and again, it releases the power of women to change the world and blooms eternal passion and light.

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Jacques Droe New Year’s Gifts Innovative Avant-garde Praise Classic Elegance

The pace of time brings the three hundred days and nights of the ‘New Year’ to us again. When resigning from the old to the new, as the most beautiful gift of time, the watch is always the ultimate choice. Choosing a wrist watch is not only a simple consumption, but also a cultural influence and a historical influence. The watch carries the history of passing, and also hopes for the beautiful unknown. This time, Jacques DeRoad’s avant-garde innovative spirit redefines classics and elegance, and chooses time gifts to bring the most beautiful expectations for the hopeful New Year.

Grande Seconde Quantième

 The large seconds hand with a date display is a classic timepiece that Jacques de Loire has interpreted with avant-garde innovation. This year, Jacques de Ronaldo has given its iconic models a modern and refined look with new time-mark design and novel color applications.

 The pleasing blue or chocolate dial and the Geneva stripe decoration complement each other. The delicately carved chic stripes flow with the light and shadow, perfectly embodying the mystery of light and shadow in the square inch, transforming into a dazzling state, at the beginning of the new year, on the wrist Another glory blooms.

 The date shows the evolution of the large second hand, which shows Jacques Dro’s constant reinterpretation of the legendary works of the brand, and the extraordinary force to achieve the brand’s reputation, is undoubtedly the best choice for the festival.

 Large seconds hand with date display

Elle 8

 Elegance 8, a curvy and elegant new jewellery for women who appreciate and appreciate time. 8 symbolizes infinity and perfection, and is Jacques Dro’s lucky number. This brand’s eternal source of inspiration now appears for the first time on the case and buckle of a gorgeous women’s watch. The design on the side of the watch is a combination of amusement and jewellery, which is enough for all women.

 A diamond band surrounds the bezel, highlighting the exquisite curve of the watch, showing the beauty of simplicity. The extended effect of the crown makes the case more round and full, while the curved sapphire crystal, dial and hands further show the three-dimensional effect of this timepiece. The dial is engraved with a playful scene of birds flying freely in the forest, and the vitality of nature springs up instantly. Every nuance in the lively scene fully explains Jacques Dro’s good wishes and hope for the new year.

 The final beauty: brown round pearls on the top of the watch make the watch more elegant and luxurious. This setting is matched with the selected dial, which can be rotated by the wearer at the touch of a touch. The charm is irresistible, making it easy to show the elegant charm of the wrist.

 Elegant 8 watch

The Blancpain Thinker Makes Time Eternal

Blancpain extended the olive branch to Wu Xiaobo. Following Liang Wendao and Feng Yuanzheng, Wu Xiaobo became the third cultural ambassador to cooperate with Blancpain. This financial writer who likes to open the door to observe the troubled world and closed the door thinking about it has written footnotes after time for this era. Even if his point of view cannot be an inscription of an era, it is enough to be the starting point for later studies. Blancpain loves this profound accumulation of Wu Xiaobo. An era is wonderful because of the thinker, because the thinker can make an era an eternal topic.

In 2001, Wu Xiaobo, a financial journalist, wrote ‘The Great Lost’ with interest. Since then, it has been released and cannot be collected. He talked about marketing very much. After 30 years of turbulence in China, he was not addicted, and another 100 years of downswing. To write for the next two thousand years, I was speculating about what a ‘dangling’ was this time. As a result, the title of the book was changed to the heroes of the past, and the title ‘Pros and Cons of Economic Reforms of Past Dynasties’ was taken, which was somewhat magnificent.

晓 Wu Xiaobo is a person who has equal righteousness and talent. If he gets better, he will pull his brothers. In the early years, he wrote a book that was unstoppable, but he wrote other people’s defeats and established his own victory. The book has its own gold (1201.80, -0.70, -0.06%) house. He saw the bright prospects of original financial books, but This market is not something that can be sipped by one’s own strength. I found a brother with the same goodness who was thinking about setting up a Chinese original financial publishing team to do something meaningful for the Chinese publishing industry, so Wu Xiaobo added another one as a writer. The identity of the publisher.

How big is Blue Lion Financial Publishing? Wu Xiaobo has no special ambitions, and interests first and makes money second. It’s just that the Blue Lion’s fame is ‘forced’ to grow. This fame is partly due to the fact that a good book has been made and partly due to morality. The author who often comes to write books with him earns more money than the publishing team. Whoever has financial difficulties among the authors has not written the book, Wu Xiaobo will call it in the name of prepayment, and pay attention to him in a silent manner. Make people ironed. The Blue Lion team tossed for a few years in this way, without losing money. In order to be able to retain a good author for a long time, Wu Xiaobo always gave up his shares again and again, and he will soon become an honorary publisher. But what he wants is the writing atmosphere of domestic original financial books. The depression of the book industry is an indisputable fact. He has to keep everyone warm and motivated. This kind of flame has been ignited to this day, and it has become a bonfire. Mu Ming came to add firewood, although it was not big, but it was still burning. Based on this, Wu Xiaobo was very satisfied.

Wu Xiaobo holds a pen conference each year in Hangzhou. Jianghu is also called ‘the sword of the West Lake’. Although it is not as large as Ma Yun’s [Weibo], it can also be regarded as a pass by financial writers. The Blue Lion gave scholars a way to become famous. If a fate would write a best-selling book, these scholars’ waist poles would also be stiffer because of the fate of ‘Xihulunjian’. But Wu Xiaobo saw everyone the same, and would not thin out others because of his fame. He would greet him enthusiastically when he saw someone hiding, and looked at him like a big brother. Of course, in addition to good writing, good thoughts, and good friends, Wu Xiaobo will do his own work every year to explore the beauty of Hangzhou’s cuisine. From noon to evening, the mountain cuisine and lake fresh game are fascinating.

Wu Xiaobo is a literati in his bones, meaning to be at ease. He often tells his friends that the most in his heart is the life of Huang Yaoshi. He sleeps on his island until he wakes up naturally, see where the sun is, and then judge. Which meal to eat. He always collects strawberries in baskets on his island every year and sends them into the stomachs of his friends.

顶级 Originally, the top watch manufacturers and financial writers had nothing to do with each other. However, ‘Wu Daozhu’ was still glanced by Liao Yu, president of Blancpain China. Liao Yu loves reading, and he wants to transform the second floor of Blancpain’s world’s largest Xintiandi flagship store into a book club. Fill it with books, and put some flowers to make the books and flowers overflow. When talking about books and talking about friends, Liao Yu is also a bit The complex of the island owner is only because of public office, not as chic as Wu Xiaobo. In fact, sometimes business cooperation is quite like-minded. In pursuit of ‘the master of Wu Island’, Liao Yu bought 500 copies of ‘Profits and Losses of Economic Changes’ in one breath, with the intention of ‘knocking down the mountain.’ In fact, without a shock, Wu Xiaobo’s scholar complex is very heavy, and his happiest thing is Fu Qin’s acquaintance. He will be friends with books. As long as someone loves and understands books, he will ‘come’.

At Blancpain’s press conference, Liao Yu talked about Wu Xiaobo, and his excitement was hard to hide. Speaking of the dinner the day before, his wife laughed and said that Wu’s fans were old women over 50 years old. But he was determined to change Wu Xiaobo’s fan structure with this cooperation, starting with himself.

Liao Yu said that Wu Xiaobo’s book can simplify complicated things, so that people in elementary school culture can see it at a glance. He believed that Wu Xiaobo had the ability to interpret complex things. He took Wu Xiaobo to appreciate the watch, specifically focused on the mechanical principles in the large complex function watch, and how human’s almost extinct handmade art was difficult to regenerate in Blancpain’s watches. In men’s nature, they have a passion for complex mechanical principles and history. Liao Yu believes that Wu Xiaobo will definitely find a path for the integration of culture and watches in Blancpain’s more than two hundred years of ups and downs, because Blancpain’s most precious wealth is It is the handicrafts that have accumulated since the Qianlong Dynasty in China. These have become important carriers of history and culture.

Wu Xiaobo is a professional person. He likes to do one thing and insists on doing his best. Similarly, when Blancpain persists in the same way, he feels that his fate has inspired his curiosity to study a top How watches or luxury goods give meaning to times and history.

The first watch in Wu Xiaobo’s life was a quartz watch bought with a full month’s salary. In that era he treasured it and gave him the motivation to work hard, because when the accumulation of wealth depends on personal struggle and When working hard, wealth brings glory to life.

Like researching history, Wu Xiaobo sees the development of luxury goods in China following a strange path. On the one hand, China is a big luxury consumer in the world, but on the other hand, it has not cultivated a healthy luxury consumption concept, and cannot really understand what it means to have a connotative product that can be worked out with time. Because the Chinese Confucian tradition does not advocate luxury. In the book ‘Profits and Losses of Economic Reforms of Past Dynasties’, Wu Xiaobo mentioned that there are very few rulers in Chinese history who believe that the mass consumption of ordinary people is good for them.

In the 6th century BC, Guan Zhong proposed the ‘luxury theory’ when governing Qi Kingdom. Frugality is an inevitable product of a shortage of economy. Guan Zhong put forward the view that ‘thrift is hurt’. If everyone does not consume, it will reduce the circulation of goods and hinder production. Guan Zhong even advocates ‘carving eggs and then sacrifice, carving and then sculpting’ (that is, the eggs are carved and then cooked and eaten, and the wood is used to cook rice after carving). This view is reflected in the New Deal of Roosevelt thousands of years later. That is, the government stimulates economic recovery and employment through large-scale investment in fixed assets.

Qi Guanzhong’s 50 years of governance gave Qi Guofu the world, but then this idea was rejected by Kong and Meng, only reappeared during the Fan Zhongyan period of the Northern Song Dynasty, when the industry and commerce were developed and the people were rich. Now, Wu Xiaobo finds out that this is an age when Guan Zhong’s ideas can be reproduced, but just how people should interpret it.

In Wu Xiaobo’s view, tolerance should be the proper meaning of this era. This is an era of constant innovation and ‘heresy’, and it is easy to feel uncomfortable. When the Eiffel Tower was completed, it was strongly opposed by Hugo, and the once-controversial Statue of Liberty eventually became the symbol of the world’s largest economy. Therefore, adapting to the various characteristics of a new era takes time, requires cultivation, and requires meditation.

When Wu Xiaobo first entered Blancpain’s world, based on his historical research skills, what he saw was not gold diamonds, but human handicraft and cultural heritage. Some of these heritages came from China, some from Persia, and some from Africa, just at the Blancpain factory in the Swiss Jura Valley, time, region, culture, and ethnicity are blended and written into every minute and every second of gear rotation.

What Bao Baopa wrote down was time, and Wu Xiaobo wrote down history. Time flies, and thinkers make the ephemeral time a historical enzyme, so Blancpain and Wu Xiaobo meet together.

Iwc Advanced Watchmaking Craft Show Lands In Qingdao

A few days ago, the ‘IWC Advanced Watchmaking China Touring Exhibition’ opened at the Qingdao Hisense Plaza Olympic Store. It is reported that in order to share its century-old excellence in the field of fine watchmaking technology with watch enthusiasts, IWC grandly opened the ‘IWC Touring Exhibition of Fine Watchmaking in China’, showing the brand’s legendary glory Craftsmanship. The tour exhibition will be held in 9 cities including Beijing, Wuhan, Dalian, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Kunming, Hefei, Tianjin, etc. The exhibition will show the brand’s six series of classic products and long-term brand stories carefully with stylish designs, and will make calendars and other systems The technical essence of the watch is presented in detail. Watch enthusiasts can fully enjoy and experience the fascinating mechanical beauty and ingenious talents of fine watchmaking in this unmissable exhibition.

It is understood that the exhibition design is inspired by a precision movement, centered on a beautiful silver ‘gear’, with black ceramic texture, creating a low-key and noble kingdom of watches. The exhibition distinguishes three areas of watch masterpieces, watchmaking craftsmanship, and peak starry sky. In the exhibition area, dozens of complex mechanical timepieces belonging to the Portuguese series, the engineer series, and the Portofino series attract people to stop by with their dazzling light. After 10 years of intensive research and development of the IWC IWC watch, the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch is under the mysterious starry sky, showing the time technology and art. During the IWC Advanced Watchmaking Exhibition, Swiss national treasure watchmaker KurtKlaus, who has worked for the brand for more than half a century, came to Qingdao to open a watchmaking class for the first time. , Rigorous and pragmatic style, and the spirit of pioneering innovation.

The picture shows the watchmaking class of IWC master KurtKlaus.

Fashionable Men’s Watch In Hollywood Movies

The watch reflects a person’s personality and taste, and the Hollywood personality actor is well versed in this. Whether it is the brand’s initiative to provide in the movie, or the actor’s preference for the watch in private, as long as it is matched, the natural charm seems to penetrate the screen and allow fans to have a sense of identity
Daniel Craig vs. Omega
Omega, who has long cooperated with 007 movies, always goes with Pound, becoming one of the best equipment to build intelligence.
The new film ‘Quantum Crisis’ was released. In addition to providing the Daniel Craig filming of the Hippocampus Planet Ocean 600M coaxial escapement watch, recently launched a new global limited edition of 5,007 Hippocampus Planet Ocean 600M watches, with even more upgraded performance.
Omega Planet Ocean 600M Quantum Crisis Limited Watch, engraved with the 007 logo and limited number on the case back.
Jude Law vs. Parmigiani
Jude Law is a Hollywood-recognized fashion man who once wore IWC’s large flight watch in the movie ‘My Blueberry Night’ and was invited to participate in the Swiss watch brand Parma Channing earlier this year.
From the personality and handsomeness of the large flying watch to the gentleman style of Parma Channing, the different styles of watches all reflect Jude Law’s freely matching aesthetics.
Parma Channing’s first homemade chronograph.
Pierce Brosnan vs. Girard Perregaux
Many fans still think that the previous 007 intelligence agent Pierce Brosnan had a temperament of the character Pound in the film.
What kind of watches does Brosnan fall in love with when Pound doesn’t wear Omega? The answer is Girard Perregaux’s 1945 series. The picture shows him taking a Canon camera to take pictures of the paparazzi on the side after shopping in Malibu, California.
Girard-Perregaux (GP) Vintage 1945 is elegantly shaped. The picture shows this year’s new power reserve watch.
El Pasino vs. Dima Watch
帕 Al Pasino performed senior police detectives with Robert De Niro in the film ‘Clash of the Century’ and wore the German TUMINA Grand Classic series chronograph watch all the way. This classic 1941 flight watch features an ancient coin-shaped bidirectional outer ring with a beaded satin belt. The 43mm large surface design is robust and domineering, which fits El Pasino’s temperament.
帕 Al Pacino’s 1941 TIMOTA flight watch in the movie ‘Confrontation of the Century’.