Vacheron Constantin: Trip To Overseas (Middle)

Even when he nearly died in an avalanche at the age of 30, Cory Richards never gave up climbing. He even wore OverseasDualTime this year to challenge the world’s highest peak for the third time. Of course, the Overseas in his hand is not the ordinary Overseas, but the one that Vacheron Constantin specially ordered for him. After all, this photographer and explorer’s self-breaking spirit is worth it!

Third stop: the spirit of breakthrough

   ‘When I saw the two places on the dial, I thought of home,’ said Cory Richards, a well-known photographer and explorer. He refers to the OverseasDualTime specially created for him by Vacheron Constantin, and it is also the watch he wore when he challenged the world’s first peak for the third time this year; using lightweight titanium and strong tantalum, and a waterproof Ventile® strap, it radiates Excellent sporty atmosphere.

Photographer and explorer Cory Richards challenged Everest with a special edition Overseas time watch.

   In addition to the titanium case, the first tantalum lower bezel and crown, antimagnetic soft iron inner ring, etc., which are designed to meet mountaineering characteristics, the CoryRichards Special Edition of the two places in the East engraved the Everest photos of Cory in gold Quality automatic disk.

   In fact Richards has been climbing mountains since he was 5 years old. He once said that he was not a person who could easily relax in social situations, but when he was on the mountain, he could be himself. He reached the world’s thirteenth peak Gasherbrum II (8,035 meters) on February 2, 2011, becoming the first American to stand at a peak of 8,000 meters in the winter, but almost died in an avalanche when he descended the mountain. He was exactly 30 years old that year. Despite having PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), he did not stay away from the mountain.

In addition to the titanium case, the first tantalum lower bezel and crown, antimagnetic soft iron inner ring, etc., which are designed to meet mountaineering characteristics, the CoryRichards Special Edition of the two places in the East engraved the Everest photos of Cory in gold Quality automatic disk.

   He climbed Mount Everest in 2016 without supplemental oxygen, just as he had done this year. The difference is that this time he chose a path that no one took, climbing from the northeast side of Mount Everest. Unfortunately, the weather was poor and Richards and his companions had to choose to turn back at 7,600 meters. Before making a decision, he glanced at OverseasDualTime in his hand, thinking that the life under the mountain was worth his doing.

   In fact, the focus is never the result, but the process of constantly challenging and breaking through ourselves. It’s the same whether it’s photography, mountain climbing or watchmaking.

Overseas time watch with stainless steel case, 41 mm diameter, hour, minute, second, date, second time zone, day and night display, date quick adjustment push button, 5110DT automatic winding movement, power reserve 60 hours, Geneva mark , Sapphire crystal mirror and bottom, waterproof 150 meters, crocodile leather strap, quick release mechanism, stainless steel chain strap and rubber strap.

Fourth stop: appearance of time

   In this world, each of us is racing against time. Just why, and where are the goals? Some people race on the job, pre-emptively before the competition, and win praise; some people race against life, what goals are reached before they are all set, first; some people race against trivial matters, Missed a MRT, the bus started to be annoyed; more people are racing with life, but this time can not run fast, it is best to walk slowly and slowly, as long as possible. Anyway, we are racing against time.

   But don’t get me wrong, time is not our enemy, but our friend, just like the precious friend who grew up with you from childhood. We will keep our friends with us, and we will keep the time as much as possible. If you ca n’t keep it, you can wear it as a watch; it is best to start and stop at any time, as if fate is in your hands.

Overseas chronograph stainless steel case, diameter 42.5 mm, sapphire crystal mirror and bottom, waterproof 150 meters, 5200 automatic movement, 52 hours power reserve, Geneva mark, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph Stopwatch, stainless steel chain strap with quick release mechanism, crocodile leather and rubber strap.

   Overseas chronographs have attracted much attention since their introduction, especially after the launch of the so-called ‘inverse panda faceplate’. The reason for appreciation is not only the perfect configuration between the sub-dial, the date window and the main dial, but also the new-generation self-made 5200 movement. The vertical clutch mechanism and the column wheel are used to make the handle feel smooth, and the lock mechanism (a quarter turn can be unlocked) can prevent accidental touch and start. And when you start the timing function, you can experience the appearance of time without imprecise details in the process of accumulating seconds into minutes and minutes into hours.

Miniature Mechanical Art Treasures

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre watch series is unique in style and technology. It is the pinnacle of horological art. Its latest-generation movement combines the novel Dual-Wing design concept. The bi-wing movement has two sets of independent mechanical devices, but they share the same adjustment mechanism, bringing real changes to precise timing. Each device has its own power source and gear train. Today’s Watch House brings you a short review of a Jaeger-LeCoultre biplane watch, the official model of the watch is: Q6012420.

Precision machinery and elegant temperament embody the essence of all works since 1833. The past, present and future are perfectly blended in this work. This model’s Dual-Wing system is divided into two groups of mechanical devices: one group displays the local time, and the other is a timing device. The two sets of mechanical devices share the same adjustment mechanism, and each has its own independent power source, thereby avoiding the energy loss caused by the interaction between the devices. The operation of the timing device will not affect the overall operation of the watch, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of timing.


This biplane watch is made of 18K rose gold with a diameter of 42mm. The watch is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap and a pin buckle made of 18K rose gold. The technical and aesthetic spirit of the Bi-Wing series demonstrates the superb watchmaking technology of the Ruya Grand Workshop in many ways.


The watch uses a 42 mm diameter design, the watch’s timepiece display at 10 o’clock, and the watch’s cumulative chronograph display at 2 o’clock, with a cumulative 60 minutes and 12 hours Cumulative dial and digital minute display at 6 o’clock.


The watch is equipped with a one-sixth-second timepiece at six o’clock, which can be accurate to one-sixth of a second. The watch has a power reserve display at five and seven o’clock. To show the power of the two barrels inside the watch.


The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass bottom design. The precise parts inside the movement are at a glance. The watch is equipped with a cal.390 manual winding movement. The core is equipped with a total of 2 barrels, which can provide a power reserve of 50 hours when fully wound.


The column wheel mechanism inside the watch, and the chronograph that is not a column wheel, has no storage significance.

Summary: This Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètreà Chronographe is a veritable miniature mechanical art treasure. Independent power reserve does not affect each other. Such a design is not common in chronographs. At present, this watch is quoted on Financial Street. It is 374,000 yuan.
For more watch details, please click: lecoultre / 3591 /

Special Thanks: Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd. provided shooting at the Financial Street Store
Hengli Financial Street Address: Financial Street Shopping Center, 2 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Henry’s Financial Street Phone: 010-66220282

Chanel Silver Diamond Hollow Automatic Mechanical Watch

Chanel’s determination to advance into professional watchmaking is increasingly reflected in a watch launched by it, such as the J12 matte black mysterious flyback watch, which integrates tourbillon, retrograde, telescopic A series of functions such as the crown or complex or innovative all in one.
The most prominent feature of the 12J12 matte black mysterious flyback watch is the mysterious and unique timekeeping method derived from the 3-point retractable crown. Whenever the minute hand meets the blocking of the crown and the minute is forced to stop, the small dial at 6 o’clock will immediately take over to make up for the ‘lost’ ten minutes. During this time, the central minute hand will rotate to the 4 o’clock position in a retrograde manner, so as to continue to move normally after those ten minutes. The design of the crown also reflects Chanel’s extraordinary ingenuity and inspiration. As long as the ceramic block at 2 points on the bezel is pressed, the crown can be raised above the mirror, which is convenient for timing and winding; The 4-point ceramic block can be lowered to prevent it from being bumped. Of course, there is another important benefit of this design, that is, maintaining the perfect arc on both sides of the case, creating a flawless symmetry for the watch.
之外 In addition to the unique time indication method, the design based on perspective is also the key point of the watch. In addition to the cover at the crown, the gears, hollow plywood, small dial for counting minutes, and the tourbillon device at 9 o’clock are all at a glance. And in order to echo the avant-garde black of the watch, the hollow plywood and other parts are also made of high-tech precision ceramic material of the same color, and the chamfers are modified by hand. Concurrently. ‘

Jacques Dro’s Expansion In The Chinese Market Becomes A Brand Franchise Development Plan

In 2015, Jaquet Droz opened four new stores in China, demonstrating the great determination of the Swiss luxury watch brand, and celebrating and continuing the century-old opportunity of the brand’s close connection with China.
   It is this spirit of ‘perpetual common history that lasts for centuries’ that drives Jaquet Droz’s nine specialty stores in China. Driven by one of the brand’s founders, Henri-Louis Jacques Dro, the friendly dialogue between the watch factory and this continental country began in the 18th century. Henry-Louis Jacques Dro set up a workshop that sells most of his works to the Chinese market. Frequent trade exchanges have enabled this watch brand represented by two seven-star stars to establish a close and long-term relationship with China. In 1783, Jaquet Droz became the first watch brand to enter the Forbidden City. Because of its novel and unique timepieces, it won the favor of Emperor Qianlong and his courtiers. Some historical monuments are still preserved in the Palace Museum.
   Brands have always attached importance to historical heritage and are committed to continuing and maintaining this special relationship. With a strong desire to strengthen and promote this priority relationship, in 2015, the brand opened four new stores in three major cities in China. The first flagship store in Beijing opened in May and the second store opened in July. At the same time, the brand specialty store in Studio City Macau was also renewed. These are a sign of the new era of close relations between Jaquet Droz and China s begin.
   On November 12, this year, on the prestigious iconic avenue, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, a new brand store opened, which has become a new witness to maintaining the close relationship in this common history. Discovered and inspired, the celebration of the opening of the new store gave Jaquet Droz the opportunity to reaffirm the brand’s philosophy that has not changed since its inception: creating surprises, fascinating, and telling stories.
   The new boutique has elegant and exquisite display windows, displaying various watch styles of Jaquet Droz. It is a real work of art under the elaborate lighting. The simple lines of the store are matched with different colors of slate, which is in line with the minimalist style, which is in line with the brand spirit, so that customers can immerse in a beautiful and elegant atmosphere. Many wall illustrations emphasize various arts and crafts, which is the real superb craftsmanship of the watch factory.
   On the occasion of the opening ceremony, Jaquet Droz specially invited an artist from his art workshop. He will let the public feel the exquisite charm of the micro-painted patterns on the dial in an exclusive display.
   The event also showcased the reinterpreted classics of the Grande Seconde Deadbeat watch with the seconds hand at the center of the dial, as well as The Charming Bird watch. Said that the ingenious fusion of technology and art, with its groaning and tit-like appearance of the automatic doll mechanism unique, won the 2015 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie ‘Innovative mechanical watch’ category award. These timepieces adhere to the aesthetics of Jaquet Droz, echoing the culture of magic and the love of tradition. These two iconic qualities link Swiss watchmakers to China.

What Does Tourbillon Mean? How Does Breguet’s Tourbillon Governor Work?

The title of tourbillon comes from ‘TOURBILLON REGULATOR’, which translates the tourbillon regulator. TOURBILLON explained in the English dictionary ‘a structure that makes the entire escapement itself rotate to eliminate parallax’. The inventor of the tourbillon, Breguet wrote, ‘My invention can offset the error caused by the gravity of the balance wheel at different positions …’ This is the main advantage of the tourbillon.


  The tourbillon is a clock speed regulating device invented by Swiss watchmaker Mr. Louis Breguet in 1795, which means ‘vortex’. Tourbillon watches represent the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. The entire escapement speed regulating mechanism is combined to rotate continuously at a certain speed, which reduces the effect of gravity on the ‘escapement system’ in mechanical watches. At the lowest level, it improves the travel time accuracy. The price of tourbillon watches is basically hundreds of thousands. The meaning of ‘vortex’ refers to a mechanical watch equipped with a ‘rotary escapement speed-regulating mechanism’ and a tourbillon mechanism to correct the error caused by gravity due to the clockwork. The tourbillon watch represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. The entire escapement speed regulating mechanism is combined and can rotate, and continuously rotates at a certain speed, making it make the gravity attract the ‘escape system’ in the mechanical watch. To minimize the impact and improve travel time accuracy. Due to its unique operation mode, the dynamic artistic beauty of clocks has been brought to the peak and has always been known as the ‘king of watches’.

  The idea of ​​the tourbillon is to place the core escapement of the watch in a frame (Carriage), so that the frame rotates 360 degrees regularly around the axis-that is, the axis of the balance wheel. In this way, the original escapement mechanism is fixed, so when the watch rest position is changed, the escapement mechanism does not change, resulting in different forces on the escapement parts and errors; when the escapement mechanism rotates 360 degrees continuously At the time, the azimuth errors of the parts are integrated and offset each other, thereby minimizing the errors and even eliminating them. At present, most tourbillons make one revolution (360 degrees) in one minute, which is also recognized as the ideal rotation speed in the industry.
 Breguet’s tourbillon governor
 If the escape wheel, the lever (the pup) and the balance wheel and the hairspring are all placed on a carriage, and the small teeth of the carriage are driven by the third wheel, the carriage Spin. The fourth wheel placed above the balance is fixed and concentric with the carriage shift. The escape-wheel pinion of the escape wheel meshes with the fourth wheel. Therefore, when the carrier rotates, the small tooth flap of the escape wheel rotates around the fixed fourth wheel. This causes the small tooth flap to rotate and manipulates the escape wheel and balance wheel in a normal manner.
  The entire above structure is called a tourbillon cage, and these elements rotate together constantly, at a steady rate—1 minute, 4 minutes, or even 6 minutes—a full circle, then no matter where the watch is In a vertical position, this tourbillon governor rotates at exactly the same time. In this way, because the position of gravity is different, the error generated by one position will be equal to the same size generated by another position. Offset by the error. In fact, the tourbillon does not eliminate position errors, it just averages the errors, but despite being in a vertical position, the stage period of the tourbillon is constant.

  Breguet proposed this idea in 1775, and it was not produced until nearly 6 years later, and it was on the 24th of the French Republican calendar (the calendar of the Great Revolution) on the 24th of the month (Floreal, August of the Republican calendar)-equivalent to AD April 14, 1801—A letter was written to the then Minister of the Interior, stating that he had invented a tourbillon governor and asked for a 10-year patent. On June 26, 1801, he received a patent license.

Watch Rookie Mido Ocean Star Black Pvd Diving Watch Appreciation

Welcome to the bright summer of July and August, and it is time for the fresh people to enter the workplace. MIDO selects the new 2012 Ocean Star Captain IV 200m Black PVD black PVD diving watch. , Recommend to the fresh people who are going to work. By choosing an accurate and unique mechanical watch, showing professionalism, and conveying the wearer’s personal style of paying attention to time and attention to details, the supervisor will give you more points and impressions. The Swiss mechanical watch MIDO highlights the vitality of the new generation with the dynamic appearance of the Ocean Star series black PVD diving watch. The main color system is adjusted with a textured black metal dial to add a mature and stable atmosphere. The diver’s watch up to 200 meters ingeniously combines black PVD metal and rubber dual materials. The black corrugated surface is matched with the outer ring of the rudder-like dial. The simple hour markers show a modern and crisp style, becoming the focus of the wrist. Paired with a durable rubber strap, it accompanies newcomers to a new milestone in life.
“The Ocean Star series is inspired by the European lighthouse. This lighthouse with a red and white appearance, sitting on the blue coastline of Spain and overlooking the North African seascape, is undoubtedly the The most famous landmark on the Strait of Gibraltar in Europe, the eye-catching red and white color blends the sunlight and vitality into the azure Mediterranean shore, transforming the most classic details of the azure seascape and European lighthouse into the dynamic dial details, perfectly and harmoniously exclusive to MIDO The adventurous nautical spirit of the Ocean Star series. Choosing a fine-textured watch that fades the immature student atmosphere and displays a man-like and stable style are the two main points of the fresh selection of society. The Ocean Star series black PVD diving watch, with fine Swiss watchmaking technology and attractive prices, provides younger and younger watch models in the society, easily scoring a professional self-confidence image with both personal taste and fashion charm. ‘

A Whimsical Blue Ocean View: Ocean Star Captain IV 200m Black PVD
Under the cover of a suit, the boy looks very mature, but the watch on his hand cannot hide your uniqueness. The MIDO Ocean Star Captain IV 200m Black PVD diving watch is made of black PVD-treated stainless steel. The 42.5mm black water ripple dial with silver-like rudder bezel provides a powerful style. The watch has a water resistance of 200 meters and a rubber strap for high practicality. In addition, the diving watch uses bright white Super-LumiNova paint hands and scales, white powerful luminous large hands and a bright red second hand to clearly identify the time in the dark, which is clearly legible on the dial. The watch uses an ETA 2836-2 automatic movement, a sapphire crystal, and a black PVD folding safety clasp to ensure the safety, performance and stylish appearance of the watch.
Ocean Star Captain IV 200m Black PVD Black PVD diving watch, black PVD vacuum gas precipitation treatment stainless steel case, diameter 42.5mm, Cal ETA2836-2 automatic winding movement, 38 hours power reserve, hour, minute Days at 3 o’clock, sapphire crystal glass, screw-down crown, transparent bottom case for exquisitely decorated movement, water resistance up to 200 meters, black water ripple dial, unidirectional rotating bezel It is displayed with Arabic numerals every 10 minutes, with white 12-hour marker Super-LumiNova fluorescent paint, black rubber strap, and black PVD folding safety buckle, model M011.430.37.051.22.

Constant Launches New Ultra-thin Moon Phase Own Movement Watch

In order to become more independent, Frederique Constant has been creating home-made movements since 2004, designing, producing and assembling completely independently, which allows brands to better control the production line, improve quality and speed up product delivery . In May 2017, Frederique Constant announced the expansion of its manufacturing facility in Plan-les-Ouates in response to the growing demand for home-made movements. Its own movement has become a trademark of Frederique Constant. As a result, CEO Peter Stas decided to expand the existing site, double the staff and production capacity, and meet the ardent expectations of watch fans. The new manufacturing plant will promote Frederique Constant’s future development and create an era of adhering to the Swiss watchmaking tradition and exploring new technological innovations.

New FC-702 movement
   The new ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch is equipped with the FC-702 movement, which is entirely designed, produced and assembled by Frederique Constant. To create new members based on 24 of its own movements, Frederique Constant draws inspiration from the iconic moon camera movement. The movement has been redesigned, the moon phase and date display are separated on both sides, and can be adjusted through the crown. The FC-702 movement is decorated with the famous fish scale and Geneva patterns found on all Frederique Constant movements. From continuous improvement to market introduction, this movement took two years of Frederique Constant research and development and watchmakers.

New ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch
   The new ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch is available in three different versions, with a polished stainless steel or stainless steel rose gold plated case with a silver or black dial. The three-piece case has a diameter of 38.8 mm, is equipped with a curved sapphire crystal, and has a bottom-through design. The moon phase and date display are set at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, respectively, and are decorated with elegant dials with hand-applied hour markers and hand-polished hands, which seamlessly connect with the case. The new ultra-thin moon phase in-house movement watch comes with a dark brown or black alligator leather strap.
   With its new ultra-thin moon phase in-house movement watch, Frederique Constant continues the tradition of excellence in the perfect fusion of fine watchmaking and sophisticated technology.

Audemars Piguet Automatic Chronograph Watch

Estimated price: 4000 ~ 6000 Swiss francs without reserve price
Hammer drop: 6,000 Swiss francs (about 39,600 yuan)
Including commission: CHF 7,200 (about RMB 47520)
Size: Caliber 39mm, thickness 11.5mm
Condition: There are slight traces of use on the shell
Condition: two-piece polished and brushed stainless steel case, shiny black dial, timing, 30 minutes record. Cal. 2226 movement, 54 diamonds, single metal balance, flat balance spring. The dial, case, and movement are all signed.
[Comment] I watched whether the watch with the ‘oldest third’ in the table will become a ‘missing child’. I have maintained a gold one, and I know that the basic movement is JLC889, and the timing parts are superimposed under the face plate. There is nothing particularly good-looking about the movement. It looks like an automatic watch but the quality is good. Looking for leaks? Difficult!

Longines Elegant Watch With ‘reported Three Springs’

On the occasion of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Longines tenderly selects two elegant and chic women’s watches from the collection of rose gold diamond women’s watches and magnificent fashion rose gold men’s watches as holiday gifts for parents. .
 The love of motherhood is like water, the love of father is like a mountain, and the spring scene of the resurgence of all things is just like ‘who speaks carelessly and wins three springs’, and makes children from afar think of their mother and father, thanking them for taking care of themselves. On the occasion of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Longines tenderly selects two elegant and time-honored men’s and women’s watches as holiday gifts for parents. Precise timepieces on the wrists convey the constant companionship of their children, and the melodious tick of the hands confers eternal love to their parents.
 The elegant details of the Longines Collection Women’s Rose Gold Diamond watch perfectly illustrate the tenderness and delicateness of motherhood. The streamlined case design of the barrel outline is the most prominent feature of the collection. The 18K rose gold case is dotted with 44 brilliant diamonds, exuding noble and elegant artistic temperament. The embossed silver surface echoes the blue hands. This visually sophisticated design makes time reading easier and more accurate. In addition, a circle of blue at the crown is also the finishing touch, echoing the blue time scale and hands, perfectly presenting elegant chic charm. This meticulous and intimate timepiece is best suited to a caring mother.
 Coincidentally, the Longines magnificent fashion rose gold men’s watch is suitable as a thank you for your father’s love. The time-honored watch design inherits the simplicity and classic style. The round dial, pure white surface and Roman numerals explain the firm but often silent fatherly love. With a surface thickness of only 7.05 mm and a diameter of 34.5 mm, it is perfectly matched with an 18K rose gold case, which is in line with the subtle and gentlemanly attitude. A concise and clear scale allows the father to read the time calmly and precisely at the moment the pointer passes. The black crocodile leather strap fits the wrist, allowing father to wear a handsome and elegant temperament while wearing comfortably.

Collection Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch
Model: L2.
Price: 48,400
 The Longines Collection watches are favored by tasters for their elegant barrel-shaped case and classic artistic temperament. The women’s 18K rose gold case is set with 44 top-quality Top Wesselton VVS diamonds, weighing a total of 0.358 carats, with a built-in L595 self-winding movement. The balance frequency is 28,800 times per hour. Power reserve is up to 40 hours. The embossed silver surface is lined with 12 blue Arabic numerals, and protected by a dome-shaped anti-reflective and hard-wearing crystal watch. The date display window is set at 6 o’clock. The brown alligator strap has a triple folding safety clasp. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

Rosewood Fashion Rose Gold Men’s Watch
Model: L4.778.8.11.0
Price: 25,900
 The Longines Rosewood Fashion Rose Gold Men’s Watch with its ultra-thin and streamlined design fully reflects the elegant and subtle style of Longines. 18K rose gold case with built-in L619 self-winding movement, thickness is only 7.05mm, balance wheel frequency is 28,800 times per hour, and power reserve is 42 hours. It is protected by anti-reflective and hard-wearing sapphire crystal. The pure white surface is provided with Roman numerals. The diameter of the dial is 34.5mm. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock. The black alligator leather strap with safety buckle has both rigidity and flexibility, and is waterproof to 30 meters.

Classic Aesthetic Colors Tasting Rolex Date 126334 Watch

As early as 1945, Rolex launched the log-type series of watches, with smooth lines, simple dial design and excellent performance has received widespread attention. A few years later, the brand added a Cyclops eye display to this classic collection. It is unique and practical. It not only facilitates the wearer’s observation of the calendar, but also has brand recognition. It is a major icon of Rolex watches. design. In 2017, the brand once again injected fresh blood into the classic and simple log type, providing more watch options for watch lovers of Rolex. Today, we are introducing the Rolex Date 41 platinum watch. Then, let’s take a look together:

Cost-effective choice in the same paragraph

   Rolex introduced three models for the log series in 2017: the bezel, crown, and middle of the bracelet are all made of gold 126333, only the bezel is made of platinum 126334 and the all-steel 126300 models. The new log Model 41 all use 3235 movement. From the appearance point of view, 126333 (gold) is slightly more mature, and the price is slightly more expensive. The all-steel model 126300 does not have Rolex’s other iconic triangular bezel design. In this way, the 126334 (platinum ring) in the center of the two is the best choice. No matter it has the luxurious temperament of precious metals (platinum bezel), but also retains the classic triangular pit design and fashionable steel sports style, it is no wonder that it is so popular.
Watch real shot display

   41 mm stainless steel case, triangular bezel made of 18ct white gold. Polished and polished, combining the beauty of the two materials into one, classic and full of ornamental.

   The stainless steel crown is engraved with the Rolex Crown logo, and the surrounding is designed with non-slip texture. The operation feel is superior, which makes the debugging of the watch more convenient and faster.

   Deep gradient blue disc surface, stylish and elegant. The three-dimensional bar scale and the Arabic numerals on the outer circle make the time display clearer and more intuitive. The center is a traditional junior hand design, and the hour and minute hands and the bar scale are covered with a luminous part. It is convenient and fast to observe the time even in a dark environment. In addition, at the 3 o’clock position, there is also a calendar display device, adding practical functions to the watch.

   Above the calendar, the brand’s signature small window lens device is also provided to make calendar reading more convenient. From the side of the watch, the faint ROLEX above the inner wall of the bezel is also one of the most ornamental decoration, which makes people shine.

   Like other Rolex models, this watch has an oyster case to keep the watch safe. It is equipped with a Rolex 3235 self-winding movement, holds 14 patents, has a new Chronergy escapement, and has a power reserve of about 70 hours. In addition, the Date 41 watch is certified by Rolex in 2015, guaranteeing the watch’s outstanding performance.

   Equipped with a Rolex patent waterproof bracelet, the Oyster discount with 5mm easy-to-adjust chain extension system is easier to adjust, which can make the watch fit the wrist.

Rolex Date 126334
Summary: The Rolex Date 126334 watch, which is luxurious and classic, has performed well in the market after the show. It is very hot and even difficult to buy. If you like this watch, you may click the details page or enter the brand store. Learn more about the specifics of this watch.