Which Is Better, Tudor Or Hamilton?

Brand comparison
  The German Hans Wilsdorf founded the famous Rolex watch brand in the early 20th century. In the 1930s, Rolex fully implemented the European-centric product promotion plan centered on the United Kingdom, but due to the high price, it was difficult for ordinary people to own. Hans Wilsdorf decided to produce a popular version of Rolex products, that is, products that are as good as Rolex products, but at a price that is acceptable to the general public. So Tudor was born.
  The name Tudor comes from the Tudor dynasty in England. It was the golden age of the United Kingdom, and its reputation was probably comparable to that of Chinese chastity. The Chinese name was excellently translated as ‘Tuo Duo’, and there is no doubt that the king’s style subdued by Wanfang. Thus, each Tudor series was named after the royal family. To this day, it is still the same, with outstanding quality, high style, watchmaking tradition respected by generations, and supreme and excellent watchmaking technology. Tudor is not just a wristwatch, it is a perfect masterpiece that gives the wearer a superior feeling.
  Tudor is a well-known Swiss watch brand with a style based on grace and elegance. To strengthen its international reputation, Tudor has established an unparalleled distribution network through high-end jewelers across five continents.
  Since its establishment and development in 1892, HAMILTON has been popular for its precise and durable practical functions and its consistent rugged, upright, innovative, bold and firm American design style. With more than 300 movies in Hollywood, the HAMILTON Hamilton Watch has become one of the most representative brands of American culture.
  In the history of the brand’s creation for more than a century, Hamilton has been writing and creating legends and glory. At the end of the 19th century, Hamilton’s first series of limited-edition Broadway (Broadway) limited editions, with unparalleled accuracy and reliability, put an end to a severe railway accident and started its journey as an excellent timer; in In the 1920s, Hamilton became a prestigious military watch supplier to the U.S. Army; the Yankee watch launched in 1928 established Hamilton’s leadership in American watch fashion; in the 1940s, During the Second World War, Hamilton stopped the manufacture of civilian watches, focusing on the production of special watches for the United States Army, Sea, and Air Forces. During the Second World War, the United States military provided a total of 1 million watches as timing tools, and about 10,000 others. The block Hamilton precision chronograph watch experienced the baptism of World War II; in 1957 Hamilton launched the world’s first electronic watch (battery-powered)-Ventura (Expedition); in 1971, Hamilton made The world’s first digital electronic watch, Pulsar, was born.
  The Hamilton brand has two major product lines-American Classic and Khaki Sport, both based on the brand’s American heritage, combining modern design and Swiss manufacturing technology to create masterpieces.
Comparison of brand positioning
  Tudor’s positioning is higher than Hamilton. Tudor belongs to the luxury brand, while Hamilton belongs to the people-friendly brand. This is most intuitively reflected in their price. Tudor prices range from 10,000 to 70,000, and the most popular models are around 20,000 and 30,000. The price of Hamilton ranges from 2,000 to 40,000, and the popular models are around 10,000 yuan.
Comparison of user reviews
  Comment 1: Tudor watches belong to Rolex company, using ETA movement, in the same level table, Tudor’s transformation of ETA is the best. Thick, solid, masculine, precise, durable, workmanship, and style look (will not be outdated for decades, unlike the ultra-thin watch of Longines, with age, it will feel thin and frivolous with time), The general point is that Tudor watches are very good and worth buying.
  Comment 2: belongs to the Rolex Group! Rolex has two brands! The first is Rolex! Using a self-produced movement, the second is Tudor! Most of them use the ETA’s 2824 and 2836 movements that have been polished by themselves! Be a cheap Rolex! Basically starting at 10,000 yuan
  Comment 1: It is a mid-range brand watch, and the workmanship and movement convenience are not bad. If you compare Tissot with the year-on-year, I personally think that HAMILTON is still better, and it is more on time. Now the market is still under development, and there are fewer fake watches. It is recommended that you do not need to be careful in other aspects if you want to start.
  Comment 2: This brand of watches is very good, the design style is very rough, very MAN type! And Longines are completely opposite styles! Although the brand is not in a grade, but the quality can not be said, very good!
  To sum up, Tudor is a grade higher than Hamilton, so the price will be much higher. Tudor watches are very positive, classic models are mostly, not fashionable or outdated. Hamilton’s watch has a military style, and its design is very rough. Which watch is good depends on personal preferences. If it is to show status, Tudor is more suitable. If it is to show personality and manliness, Hamilton is better. But no matter which watch it is, the quality is absolutely reliable.
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Geometric Abstract Beauty Watch Iwc Classic Replica Mechanical Male Watch Appreciation

Many watches of IWC have the original Portuguese watch style, streamlined and practical, and powerful. The classic engraving series is even more fascinating. There is no redundant external decoration, only clear dials and contrasting hands, which reduce people’s distractions on other points of view. Today Xiaobian brings you a classic replica series men’s mechanical watch.
 IWC Portuguese Hand-Wound Collection IW544505

 This men’s manual mechanical watch also uses simple lines as decoration, discarding redundant and redundant decoration, and reappearing the geometric abstraction. It is the IWC Portuguese watch series, this transcendent legend from 1939. On the replica ‘Portuguese Manual Winding Watch’, IWC selected a dial design that has not been used for a long time from various early dials in 1939; the Arabic numerals and line scales are used alternately, and the middle of the dial In addition to a circle and a minute circle, the second hand display circle uses the ‘railway style’ design that was popular at the time.

 Imitations of fine antique pocket watches and original Portuguese watches; glass mirrors with arched edges. The shape of the large 44 mm case, the grooved bezel and the slightly slanted lug design all retain the original original style. On the other hand, the watchmaking technology is extremely modern. This Portuguese manual winding watch also uses the 98295 movement; the small second hand has a stop device, the vibration frequency is 2.5Hz, and it is equipped with a large screw balance.玑 spring, nickel-plated grid. The transparent sapphire crystal case back clearly shows the adjustment hands from the balance splint eyes to the splint.
 Summary: The oversized 44 mm diameter makes the watch’s streamlined dial more distinctive. It is very fashionable to wear on men’s wrists, and its polished steel indexes are also one of its highlights. The contrast between the black crocodile strap and silver-gray case shows the cool and mature masculinity.
 Watch details reference: iwc / 6073 /

Men Also Make People Love Diamond Watches

Taken from the bosom of the owner of the first watch, this kind of precision instrument has been given the status of accessories, and it is doomed to share the life of the watch and jewelry. Therefore, even though diamonds are more attractive to women than men, it does not prevent men from jewellery watches, let alone pocket watches and watches are the rare essence of men’s accessories. Breguet Crazy Flower
    In 1813, French jewellery brand Chaumet was commissioned by Napoleon to produce a series of pocket watches inlaid with pearls and enamel jewellery. Francois-Regnault Nitot: round gold case decorated with blue enamel and ring-shaped pearl strings. The ‘N’ stands for Napoleon’s exclusive pocket watch and forms a pair with Queen Mary Louise’s hanging pocket watch. This pair of watches appeared in the “Creation · Emotional Moments of the Second Century” watch exhibition held in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza a few days ago. While letting people see the classic gesture of combining jewelry with pocket watches and watches, it also made men see the gentleness of men’s love. one side.
Reversible Limelight Twice High Jewellery Watch
    The first watch was born on the wrist of the Queen of Naples, and Breguet completed the production of the watch: the requirements at the time were to make the watch portable, and to show its identity with exquisite watchmaking technology. Although jewellery has been with the watch for hundreds of years since then, in the era of mechanical fanaticism, the time display technology is always the core, and jewellery always plays the icing on the cake.
    After hundreds of years of change, the role of today’s watches has begun to return to the original. Now that mobile phones are more accurate than watches, the value of the watch is reflected in the original timekeeping function, which is greatly inclined to identity tags. Some men are obsessed with technology. Tourbillon is their choice, and complex functions are their pursuit. Another part of men believes that the jewellery that makes them feel visual impact for the first time is not contradictory. In many cases, they will even be at the same time. appear.
Van Cleef & Arpels Le Pont des Amoureux
    Inlaying diamonds on works that demonstrate the craftsmanship of the brand’s top movement is like a coronation ceremony. Each diamond is a sign of affirming the craftsmanship and value of the watch.
    Jaeger-Le Coultre, famous for its movement manufacturing, pays great attention to the performance of complex functions, especially the master series of the brand. The Master Minute Repeater FN jewellery watch is originally from the Master Minute Series. Based on the original model, the bezel and lugs are covered with square diamonds. The excellent sound quality of the movement is attributed to the crystal gong. In addition, its manual-winding mechanical movement has an impressive 15-day power reserve (384 hours), which is generously shown through the kinetic energy display. Through its hollow dial, you can see the minute repeater and clockwork torque.
    The excellent timepiece sound from the watch, with a volume of more than 55 decibels, a sound length of more than 600 milliseconds, and up to 7 incremental overtones, far exceed the industry standard for the watch, and the setting of diamonds also proposes to preserve the sound quality. Higher requirements. Also upgraded with this diamond attitude is the Master Tourbillon model.
Chaumet Precious Chess Jewellery Watch
    In 2010, Vacheron-Constantin once introduced a high-quality Maltese tourbillon jewellery watch, which was once stunning. The cutter cuts the individual diamonds to the size measured in micrometers, so that the jewelry setter can perfectly set these diamonds into their designed position. This exacting task requires rigorous precision, and it takes more than 2,000 hours of careful work to create this amazing combination of diamonds.
    In contrast, the slightly simpler Vacheron-Constantin’s new Patrimony Traditionnelle collection of fine jewellery watches is available in 38mm and 30mm models. With extraordinary jewellery inlaying technology and smooth line contours, the male’s fortitude is retained while releasing the light. A 38mm diameter 18K white gold case is set with 167 diamonds weighing 1.27 carats, the dial is set with 473 diamonds weighing 1.67 carats, and the crown is also set with a diamond. Its manual winding mechanism 1400 is used. The movement is engraved with the prestigious Geneva seal.

Swatch Join Hands With Tmall To Start [Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day] Together!

On January 12, Swatch, a world-famous fashion watch brand, joined hands with Tmall to create an online and offline Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day Ceremony for Chinese fans. The theme of this event is ‘Exploring the World of Swatch’. The super-popular idol Wang Junkai made his debut as the spokesperson for Swatch’s global brand image just announced. Carnival online and offline with fans all over the world, and explore the dynamic and interesting watch world of Swatch.

The opening ceremony of Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day Ceremony

   As an online shopping mall under the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, Tmall is China’s leading online comprehensive shopping platform. It is a virtual shopping mall with over 100 million users and can provide consumers with a unique and customized online shopping experience.

Swatch’s global brand image spokesperson Wang Junkai unveiled the Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day Ceremony

   The celebration of Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day was grandly opened at the Swatch Peace Art Center. It is not only a landmark building in Shanghai, but also a monumental building and focal point of Chinese contemporary art and culture. Since its opening in 2011, Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center has introduced a unique operating concept that integrates hotels, artist studios and retail to create a unique creative space.

Mr. Gonzalo De Cevallos, Global Chief Operating Officer of Swatch, Ms. Molly Gu, Vice President of Swatch China, and Wang Junkai, global brand image spokesperson

   Taking this opportunity, the celebration of Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day was also staged in this iconic art center, creating surprises on each floor, conveying the spirit and positiveness of Swatch’s continuous pursuit of fun life The rebellious personality charm leads consumers into a new world of East and West cultures.

Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch’s Global Creative Director, unveiled a special watch from the Swatch Peace Art Hotel 2018

   At the same time, the Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day Ceremony also created rich consumer interactions and perfectly integrated the virtual world with the real world. Lucky fans who participated in the online interaction of Swatch Tmall’s official flagship store and successfully completed all tasks during the warm-up period of the event will have the opportunity to win two nights of free accommodation in the art suite of the Swatch Peace Art Center.
   In addition, consumers can also participate in the design and voting activities of the special watch of the Swatch Peace Art Center in 2018 on the official flagship store of Swatch Tmall online, and have the opportunity to purchase limited-edition watches of artists for limited time and 12 Swatch Chinese New Year Zodiac Watch from the Year.

Swatch brand executive and global brand image ambassador Wang Junkai took a group photo with Tmall partners

   Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day is a day to explore brand value-both in terms of material consumption and cultural exploration. Like Tmall, Swatch, always creative, attaches great importance to the transmission of outstanding quality, the spirit of continuous exploration and rich emotional expression, and will further promote this innovation and cooperation. Welcome to the exciting world of Swatch!

Tissot’s 160th Anniversary Time Feast Chen Xiaodong Performs Tissot Extraordinary Moment

Popular in more than 160 countries all over the world, Tissot watches that have passed 160 years of eternal mileage, was born in 1853, the Swiss watch town-Leloc. Adhering to the brand tenet of “Extraordinary Creativity, Originating from Tradition”, it has continued to have unique features and styles for more than 100 years since its establishment to meet the different needs of watch lovers. Based on a long history of watchmaking craftsmanship and tradition, it demonstrates multiple specialties that keep pace with the times, and has an endless stream of creative footprints all over the world. It has an unrivalled leading position in the watch market. To celebrate and share this joy, many antique watches from the Swiss Tissot watch were specially brought to Taiwan for display. In order to celebrate the grand opening of the 160th anniversary of the Tissot watch, the superstar Chen Xiaodong was invited to Taiwan for a perfect interpretation of more than one Century comes from the tradition of extraordinary creativity.

  Chen Xiaodong wears TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition Watch at the 160th Anniversary Press Conference Press Conference

TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition Watch, Suggested Price: NT $ 259,900.

“ Chen Xiaodong ” superstar charm hits Taiwan, incarnates a modern gentleman, interprets the extraordinary momentum of Tissot watches

 On the day of the event, Ether’s regret rumbling sounded to kick off the wonderful event. To celebrate the important milestone of the 160th anniversary of the Tissot watch, we especially invited Chen Xiaodong, the emperor of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, who perfectly interpreted the domineering and tender feelings in the Lanling King drama, as the guest of the 160th anniversary watch opening ceremony. Superstar Chen Xiaodong showed his irresistible personal charm, wearing the ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator Pilot 160th Anniversary 18K Rose Gold Limited Watch’ incarnation of a modern gentleman, leading the guests on the scene to unveil the mystery of Tissot’s century-long history and enter Tissot A century-old gallery, looking back at the extraordinary Tissot moment.

 Guests gathered at the press conference, including: Mr. Francois Thiébaud, President of Tissot Watch Global, Mr. Francois Thiébaud, Peter Szabo, General Manager of Swatch Group Taiwan Branch, and Li Qian, Deputy General Manager of Tissot Watch Taiwan. Together with the superstar Chen Xiaodong, the “Tissot Cube”, which was heavily invested in the watch exhibition, jointly launched a grand launching ceremony, launched the classic heritage of Tissot’s 160 years of glory, and greeted the brilliant vision of the new stage of Tissot.

          The launching ceremony of Tissot’s 160th anniversary commemorative watch ‘Tissot cube’.

Tissot 160th Anniversary Feast “ 3 ” Ximenmen

 At the event site, the President of Tissot Watch was a special guest of today’s event, Chen Xiaodong, and presented a ‘TISSOT T-Complication Squelett 3D Hollow Watch’ with a ‘champion’, which presented the brand’s innovation and traditional value, highlighting the Tissot has 160 years of expertise in the art of watchmaking. This watch belongs to the T-Complication series. This series won the championship of the ‘Enterprise Classic Timepiece’ in the 2013 International Timekeeping Competition. It is also the second time that Tissot won the ‘Enterprise Classic Timepiece’ in the International Timekeeping Competition. Field with tourbillon) champion throne. While celebrating the 160th anniversary of Tissot, and sharing the joy of winning the International Time Trial Championship twice, I also wish Chen Xiaodong, who is close to ‘good’ things, to get more recognition in singing and drama, then Create a peak!

In a perfect interpretation of ‘Langling King’ Chen Xiaodong from the Northern Zhou Emperor Wu, in order to thank the brand for such a valuable gift, especially for the CEO of Tissot watches through time and space, bringing back the crown of the emperor as the ceremony of the 160th anniversary of Tissot watches. Blessing Tissot watches continue to dominate the watch market with the imperial trend, and they wear the ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition Watch’ on the day of the event. The perfect combination of sophisticated craftsmanship, professional watchmaking technology and fashion The body, combined with the design of the world’s 24 time zone, symbolizes the expansion of the layout to the world as a leader, echoing perfectly.

     Chen Xiaodong, Tissot Watch Taiwan Deputy General Manager Anisa and Tissot Watch Global President Mr. Tian Bao held a watch donation ceremony.

       TISSOT T-Complication Squelett 3D skeleton watch, suggested price, NT $ 58,000.

Tissot 160th Anniversary Watch Exhibition Centennial Classic Time Gallery

 Tissot’s long history and complete product production line can almost be said to be a ‘national watch’ in Swiss families. In order to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand, Tissot watches are specially transported from the museum of Le Locle, the place where the watch factory originated. Fourteen precious antique watches are air-conditioned to be displayed on the 8th floor of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A9 Hall for four days. Take the brand story as a tribute, share and witness the 160-year history of Tissot watches. The Tissot Watch 160th Anniversary Watch Exhibition exhibited a century-old classic time corridor, which perfectly witnessed the legendary time of Tissot Watch, and also presented the most gorgeous time feast for the 160th anniversary milestone. The exhibition time on the 8th floor of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A9 Hall is from 11/14 to 11/17. Friends who like Tissot watches are invited to come and appreciate it.

    Tissot 160th Anniversary Watch Exhibition

Zenith Columbus Watch Creates A Major Milestone In Mechanical Watchmaking

In the 15th century, the brave and fearless explorer Columbus did not take the unusual coastline, determined to face the challenge, and became the first person to go deep into the vast ocean. As a tribute, ZENITH has named this highly complex watch with its name, while proudly demonstrating a great achievement in the field of modern timepieces, which was derived from five years of hard research and development.

Columbus watch a major milestone in mechanical watchmaking

 The Academy 8804 manual winding movement contains 45 jewels, vibrates up to 36,000 times per hour, has a 50-hour power reserve, and is equipped with a unique gyroscope system to ensure that the adjustment mechanism is always perfectly level. The system consists of a frame of 166 parts, while an ordinary tourbillon has only about 66 parts, 10 conical gears (including 6 spherical gears), and 6 spherical bearings. The 45 mm diameter case is available in white, rose gold and yellow gold, and is equipped with curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass. The top of the gyroscope system is covered by a separate curved sapphire crystal glass. The legible silver dial is decorated with barley grain patterns.

 The off-center hour and minute dial is set at 12 o’clock, which corresponds to the gyroscope frame. The small second hand is displayed at 9 o’clock, and the power reserve indicator is set between 2 and 4 o’clock. Extending the fan surface. Faceted hands, appliquéd numerals and hour markers are made of blue steel. Finally, this timepiece combines a handsome appearance and revolutionary technology with a black alligator strap and 18K gold tri-fold clasp. The retail price in the Chinese market is 1,412,000 yuan; the global limit is 25 pieces.

Paul Picot: Customize A Commemorative Watch For Inter Milan

A special event worthy of this special watch. The highly respected Italian football club FC Internazionale has selected Paul Picot to produce a special watch for him. This watch must have excellent functions while reflecting the value orientation and years of the world-renowned club. Tradition. This watch is Paul Picot Technograph F.C. Internazionale.
FC Internazionale’s legendary success is unparalleled: he has won fifteen times in the Italian Football Championship, three times in the UEFA Cup, two times in the UEFA Cup and two times in the World Cup. Inter Milan has nothing to do The question is whether it is the most successful football club in Europe or the only Italian club that has never been relegated to the second division since its establishment. It is not only these countless successes that shape the myth of Inter Milan, but also the emotion and love that this club carries.

Emotion and love also represent Paul Pico’s watch. ‘The noble details’ is the highest philosophy of the brand’s watch design, and every watch perfectly reflects this purpose. Paul Picot Technograph F.C. Internazionale is one of the finest examples. He perfectly combines great watchmaking skills with original designs, in other words, embodies emotion and love. This watch features an impressive stopwatch design. It consists of a dual dial with hour and minute displays in the center of the dial. On the upper dial, F.C. Internazionale’s logo for the anniversary of Inter Milan is a combination of gold, black and blue.

The real-time seconds and minutes of the stopwatch function are on the lower dial and on the two half-moon-shaped large counters. Small seconds can be read at the nine o’clock position on the left. The short end of the hand (the end that acts as a balance) indicates the first thirty seconds of the inner circle, then disappears behind the central dial at twelve o’clock. From this moment on, the long end (arrow end) of this watch hand then functions as a second hand and is displayed on the outer circle for thirty seconds. This is the role of this complex system. Thirty seconds later, at the end of the sixtieth second, the arrow disappeared behind the central dial at twelve o’clock. At three o’clock, there is a thirty-second timekeeping device with the same function. The only difference is that the first fifteen seconds are displayed on the outer circle and the next fifteen seconds are displayed on the inner circle. This Inter Milan watch uses a sturdy stainless steel case, 18K rose gold or white gold, with the inscription ‘1908 – 2008 Cento Anni Inter’ (on the bezel), representing that this watch is a gift to this legendary club .

Technograph F.C. Internazionale is designed and produced by Paul Picot. It is limited to one hundred rose gold models, one hundred platinum models and two hundred and eight stainless steel models. Each watch is numbered, further demonstrating that this watch is unique. This exquisite watch will debut in the Swiss BASELWORD Basel world in 2008.
Source: PaulPicot