Meet The Iwc Portuguese Automatic Watch # 10 # —-

‘Among millions of people, I have met what you have met; for millions of years, in the boundless wilderness of time, there is no early step or no later step. Gently say: ‘Are you here too?’ ‘From Zhang Ailing’s prose’ Love ‘. From countless people, you can meet the right person at the right time, and from countless watches, it is better to meet the right one; I believe that in the infinite wilderness of time, there is a watch How happy is your company. Next, please follow the House of Watches to experience the IWC Portuguese automatic movement watch, the official model is: IW500106

   As the automatic watch with the largest diameter of IWC in the current watch market, it brings together a series of conditions suitable for wrist wear. After integration, configuration, processing and transformation, it finally presents this to the world with a new look. A model.
   The watch is made of 18K white gold with delicate and smooth lines, which is pleasing to the eye; the generous diameter of the 42.3mm case adds a sense of honor to the watch; the thickness of the case is as much as 13.9mm. The thickness is closely related to the design of the internal movement.

   The four lugs extending from the case are firmly connected to the strap; it can be clearly seen from the figure that the connection between the bezel and the case has a seal; the extraordinary delicate quality makes people love it as if they met I want to own the other half.

   The traditional knurled crown design polished by exquisite craftsmanship, although not too innovative, I think that this watch wants this kind of conventional beauty. If you add a personality and alternative design, it will certainly make it lose its originality. Some characteristics.

   It is still a classic black circular dial with a uniform and symmetrical layout. The hour numerals are made of Arabic numerals. The three-dimensional sense is very strong. The outer ring is designed with orbital time scales. This is a unique ‘secret weapon’ of IWC.

   At 12 o’clock, the ‘IWC’ classic logo is printed on the dial with the noble beauty; the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock; the date display window at 6 o’clock; the 7-day power reserve time display at 3 o’clock The dials have their own characteristics; the 7th power reserve display dial is presented in this way, presumably the watchmaker is to make it more prominent. As shown in the figure, when the crown is pulled out, the hands will stop and the time can be adjusted.

   The slim dovetail-shaped hands on the dial show that the polishing process is meticulous, sophisticated, and ingenious; equipped with the outstanding functions of IWC today, it is a perfect match. The hands can be arbitrarily Mercedes-Benz on the dial, without restriction; the quality of the hands can be seen The essence of IWC’s high quality.

   High-quality watches naturally need to be matched with high-quality straps. The brown alligator leather strap is soft and delicate, which can effectively protect the wrist.

   The folding buckle, also made of 18K white gold, is engraved with the ‘IWC’ classic logo; the folding buckle enhances the watch’s safety factor.

   The double-sided sapphire crystal glass mirror can clearly see the internal movement structure through the bottom mirror. Personally, I feel the layout of the movement is a bit messy. Except for the hollow 1/2 automatic rotor, other components are more closely arranged. I do n’t know everyone. How does it look.

   As the largest IWC automatic movement on the market, its model is Cal.51011, which uses a Breguet balance spring; a beryllium bronze alloy balance wheel, with a power reserve time of up to 168 hours and a vibration frequency of 21600 times per hour. This is slightly lower than other watches, but it still does not diminish its powerful momentum.

 Summary: IWC Portuguese series automatic movement watches a lot, but this is the largest automatic movement watch on the market, it carries the Pellaton automatic winding system, elegant small seconds and 7-day power reserve display; It also incorporates new and advanced materials, such as coated convex sapphire glass, double-layer case and new screw-in sapphire glass case. This series of high quality has won this watch. The current market price is 178000RMB, I personally feel that it is more than enough to match this price.

 For more watch information, please see: iwc / 556 /

Eccentric Design Model Tasting Lange 1 25th Anniversary Platinum Limited Edition Watch

25 years ago, as one of the first four watches in the new era of Lange, the introduction of Lange1 caused a heated discussion. The large calendar display, eccentrically designed dial layout and dual barrels make Lange1 famous overnight. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Lange presents the Lange 125th Anniversary Platinum Limited Edition (model: 191.066) at the 2019 Geneva International Horological Show.

Watch real shot show:



Watch details real shot display:



   The case is made of 18K white gold, with a diameter of 38.5 mm and a thickness of 10.7 mm. The case is polished and satin-finished, with curved lugs for comfortable wearing, and the pitted crown is easy to adjust.

   The silver-white dial is printed with dark blue numerals and hour markers, and is decorated with blue date numerals. Continuing the classic large calendar display and eccentric dial design, pay tribute to the important milestones of the Lange1 watch series, commemorating the brand’s 25th anniversary of returning to the international stage of precision watchmaking.

   Equipped with a Lange factory-made L121.1 movement, this movement is equipped with untreated German silver 3/4 plywood, eight screw-fixed gold sleeves, and hand-engraved balance wheel plywood. Provides up to 72 hours of power reserve. In addition, the balance splint is specially engraved with the large calendar ’25’, which has become another symbol of the 25th anniversary.

   The sculptural engraving made of solid 18K white gold shows the appearance of Lange’s headquarters in 1873, and combines the names of Walter Lange and Günter Brulen, and the ’25YEARSLANGE1′ relief.

   Comes with a dark blue hand-stitched alligator strap and 18K white gold pin buckle. This watch is limited to 250 pieces, each engraved with its own limited edition number. It is reported that this watch is priced at 43,700 Euros, equivalent to about RMB 340,000.

For more information about the 2019 Geneva watch fair, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

Iwc Opens Pop-up Store In Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

In March 2018, IWC opened a pop-up store at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This is the first store in the world to celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary. Today, travelers traveling through Europe’s third-largest airport can discover the exclusive selection of IWC’s six iconic timepieces: Portugal, Pilots, Portofino, Marine Timepieces, Engineers, and Da Vinci.

   In 1868, American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones traveled to Schaffhausen, Switzerland, where he founded IWC. His goal was to combine modern American manufacturing methods with traditional Swiss craftsmanship. Craftsmanship created the best pocket watches of the time.

   Edwin de Vries, Scandinavian Brand Manager of IWC Benelux & Scandinavian Brands, said: ‘The Amsterdam Pop-up Store in Amsterdam focuses on the inspirational story of the brand’s founder, his entrepreneurial spirit and his relentless pursuit of excellence It has shaped IWC. This store has created an open and welcoming atmosphere where visitors can trace back to the early days of IWC and discover the most representative brand timepieces. ‘

   IWC Pop-up Store is located in Terminal 2 of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It covers an area of ​​139 square meters and is divided into two floors. It has a library, lounge area and bar. Visitors can enjoy refreshing drinks on request. The pop-up store is jointly operated by IWC and its Dutch retail partner Gassan.

114.78 Million! ‘paul Newman’ Daytona Becomes The Most Expensive Watch In History

On October 26th, PHILLIPS 20th Century Watch Auction was held in New York. The auction is based on the legendary twentieth century watch. The 50 lots that participated in the auction are also the most legendary and high-profile boutiques of the last century. The sky-high price of RMB 117.84 million was auctioned at the scene, and the watch auction was once again broken by historical records. How old is ‘Paul Newman’ Dayton? In addition to it, what watches are worth paying attention to at this auction?

Lot.8 Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman” 6239

Basic information: stainless steel case, 37 mm diameter case, with timing function, manual cal. 722 movement.
Valuation: More than USD 1 million, approximately RMB 6.61 million.
Transaction price (including commission): 177.525 million US dollars, about RMB 117.84 million.
Watch Comments: When the news of ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona was about to appear at this auction of Filés, collectors couldn’t help but converge. Many people have to ask, how is it different from ordinary Daytona? What makes its valuation without a range and is labeled ‘Estimate in excess of $ 1,000,000’? From the perspective of the watch itself, it is really different from the ordinary Daytona.

 ‘Paul Newman’ Dayton took the details of the plate
 Art deco fonts are used on the watch’s time numerals, and there is also a small square at the end of the time scale. In addition, the outer ring of the dial is also different from the ordinary Daytona series-there is a small separation between the minute scale and the center of the dial, and compared to ordinary Daytona, red is used as the time scale. . And its existence in the world is very small, which has become one of the reasons for its rarity. The title of ‘Hollywood star Paul Newman wore most often during his lifetime’ also brought some legendary colors to this watch. The auctioned 6239 was produced in 1968. It has been nearly half a century to this day, but it has not been polished and polished in the later period, and still retains its original appearance. And the appearance of ‘Paul Newman’, which has disappeared for nearly 30 years, means that it will not fade away. The transaction price of RMB 117.84 million also broke records such as ‘the most expensive watch in history’.
Lot.25 Rolex Oyster chronograph ‘Jean-Claude Killy’ 6236

Basic information: stainless steel case with a diameter of 36 mm, with timing and date display functions, using a manual winding cal.72C movement.
Valuation: USD 200,000-400,000, approximately RMB 1.32 million-2.64 million.
Price (including commission): US $ 262,500, about RMB 1.74 million.

Watch review: ‘Jean-Claude Killy’ is a logo in the most sophisticated vintage Rolex. It combines the triple calendar and chronograph perfectly, it is the first and only Rolex triple chronograph with oyster case. In the long history of Rolex, the 6236 style continues to be combined with more modern designs. Rolex has designed more watch models that meet the modern aesthetic. But after nearly 60 years, this 6236 can still maintain such an incredible appearance-the delicate details of the embossed facet and the blue digital scale around the dial are still well preserved. Even connoisseurs can’t help but admire this is a rare watch.
Lot. 28 Patek Philippe 2499

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case, the case diameter is 37.5 mm, with complex functions such as date display, moon phases, perpetual calendar, timing, etc. Use cal.13 manual winding movement.
Valuation: USD 350,000-700,000, approximately RMB 2.3 million-4.6 million.
Price (including commission): USD 459,000, about RMB 3.05 million.
Watch Comments: Patek Philippe 2499, a watch that is not uncommon in the auction market, but can take the eye every time it appears. Among the high-end complex watches, the status of Patek Philippe 2499 is considered to be the most representative and perfect. Its production period is from 1951 to 1985. Although the online production period is not short, due to the extremely complex requirements of 2499 for the watchmaking process, its surviving volume is only (about) 349. The limited existence and the milestone status of challenging the large diameter of 37.5 mm (then the diameter of men’s watches at that time were generally between 32 and 35 mm) made the Patek Philippe 2499 even if it was not rare, but it also attracted collectors.
Lot.50 Patek Philippe 1518

Basic information: 18K red gold case, case diameter is 35mm, with date display, moon phase, timing function. Use cal.13 manual winding movement.
Estimate: USD 600,000-1.2 million, approximately RMB 3.97 million-7.94 million.
Price (including commission): USD 975,000, approximately RMB 6.49 million.
Watch reviews: In 1941, during World War II, something happened in Basel, Switzerland that changed the Swiss watchmaking industry. At the Basel Watch Fair that year, Patek Philippe showed this revolutionary watch-1518 to the world. It was the first chronograph watch with a perpetual calendar. In that turbulent time, Patek Philippe had courage beyond imagination. Patek Philippe 1518 is also available in stainless steel, with only four remaining in the world. The case material of the 1518 is mostly gold or red gold. The 1518 case material that participated in the Filix auction this time is 18K red gold. Although it was produced in 1951, we can see from the photos that it looks good. Still very good.
Lot.21 Patek Philippe 5029R

Basic information: 18K rose gold case, case diameter is 35mm, using self-winding cal. R 27 PS, 39 gem bearings.
Valuation: USD 300,000-600,000, approximately RMB 1.98 million-3.96 million.
Price (including commission): USD 375,000, about RMB 2.49 million.

Watch comments: Compared to the first two Patek Philippe, this is a ‘young’ Patek Philippe. It was produced in 1997, exactly 20 years to this day. Compared to the complicated function Patek Philippe, it is a small three-pin basic watch that looks very simple. White dial with Arabic numerals, small seconds at 6 o’clock. The whole is the exquisite simplicity of Patek Philippe. But even a small three-hand watch that looks simple, but with a three-question function behind it, 5029R can represent the quality, craftsmanship and innovation of Patek Philippe. 5029R is still sought after by collectors in the auction market.
Lot. 40 Rolex Daytona 16568

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case with a diameter of 39 mm, using a self-winding cal. 4030.
Valuation: USD 150,000-300,000, approximately RMB 990,000-1.99 million.
Price (including commission): USD 200,000, about RMB 1.33 million.

Watch Comments: A very rare and rare Rolex 16568, compared to the antique watch in front, this is a Rolex modern watch. It was born in 1994, using 18k yellow gold as the case, the dial is studded with diamonds, which also includes 8 green gemstones as a time display scale. The bezel is also inlaid with excellent diamonds. The combination of precious metal and diamond is destined to make this Daytona not too mediocre. It’s not only the exterior that deserves attention. The built-in self-winding cal. 4030 was launched by ZENITH’s El Primero in 1969. Rolex based on this in 1988 improved the cal. 4030 caliber. This movement is also used in many Daytona watches, including 16568 watches.
Lot.6 Omega Speedmaster ‘Alaska III’ 145.022

Basic information: stainless steel case, case diameter 40 mm. Equipped with timing function, using manual winding cal.861.
Valuation: USD 50,000-100,000, approximately RMB 330,000-660,000.
Price (including commission): USD 187,500, about RMB 1.24 million.

Watch Comments: 60 years ago, Omega launched the Speedmaster series of watches. In the twelfth year after that, it received the greatest affirmation-NASA chose it for NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. In 1978, ‘Alaska III’, specially designed for NASA, was born. Due to its scarce production, its survival in the world is also limited. Therefore, the performance of ‘Alaska III’ in the collection market is never inferior to other watches.
Lot.13 Cartier crash 34716A

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case with a diameter of 25mm wide and 48mm long, using a manual winding cal.841.
Valuation: USD 40,000-80,000, about RMB 260,000-53 million.
Price (including commission): USD 175,000, about RMB 1.16 million.

Watch Reviews: Cartier’s design has always been at the forefront of jewelry and watch brands. This Cartier Crash’s design is amazing. Irregular breakthrough design, the crown still uses the design of sapphire inlay, which also laid some foundation for the design of the brand. This Crash was born in 1987 and is equipped with a manual winding cal.841. Today, 30 years later, it still maintains a good appearance. At this auction of the 20th century legendary watch of Rich Art, it sold a price more than twice the highest price, which is still a bit shocking.

Cartier Les Indomptables De Cartier

L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … Rose-shaped cut diamonds are dazzling. The perfect geometric shape in the center echoes the elegance and fragmentation of the Art Deco era. Like a light, this bracelet with natural pearls and brilliant-cut round diamonds seems to lead the perfect transcendence and travel between time and space … The extraordinary imagination rides the wings of the swan to break through the limitations, and flies into the diamond’s sky … …

    L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … The deep emeralds are full of lush, rich and mellow. In this hidden watch, the Art Deco diamond lines shine, and the subtle dial beneath the diamond pleats is looming.

 At this mysterious moment, Cartier invites us to close our eyes … The figure that emerges from the leaves slowly reveals the rich and shining gems, and a rare crocodile appears in the center of the transformed watch. It is both a watch and a brooch, a poetic work of free contemplation, revealing the charming charm given to its work by the jeweler.

 Under the mysterious gear system in the stealth mechanical structure, under the shadow of diamonds, among the swans’ wings, the moments are looming. L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … dazzling black and white abstract pattern, which means cheetah stripes, and a soft bracelet watch surrounds the wrist …

 L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … The mysterious cheetah suddenly jumped out of the center of the dial of the Baignoire watch …

 The ubiquitous cheetah is a vital source of inspiration for Cartier. It is strong and charismatic, symbolizing and metaphorizing this free femininity.

 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Yang Lin)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

Chanel Can’t Quit Coco Crush Experience Exhibition

On April 18, 2018, Zhou Xun, Chinese ambassador for Chanel, Chen Weiting, Liu Wen, actor Ma Sichun, Lin Yun, watch ambassador Chanel ca n’t stop the COCO CRUSH experience exhibition and experience with all guests # 戒不掉 # ‘s good times.
Zhou Xun


Wearing the ‘Paris-Hamburg’ 2018 high-end handmade workshop series knitted tops and skirts, with dinner bags,
Wearing 18K gold earrings and rings by Chanel Coco Crush.

Chen Weiting

Wearing a spring-summer 2018 ready-to-wear collection tweed jacket,
Wear 18K gold earrings, rings and bracelets from the Chanel Fine Jewelry Coco Crush collection.

Liu Wen

Dressed in the ‘Paris-Hamburg’ 2018 premium handmade workshop sweaters and sailor pants, with a dinner bag,
Wear 18K gold earrings and rings from Chanel Fine Jewelry Coco Crush.

Ma Sichun

Dressed in the “Paris-Hamburg” haute couture series shirts and long skirts 2018, with a camera bag,
Wear 18K gold necklaces, rings and bracelets from the Chanel Fine Jewelry Coco Crush collection.

Lin Yun

Wearing CHANEL 2018 spring and summer ready-to-wear series dress with transparent PVC handbag,
Wear 18K gold rings and necklaces from the Chanel Fine Jewelry Coco Crush collection.
Chanel ca n’t stop the COCO CRUSH experience exhibition landing in Beijing in April, with a unique modern design and creative multi-sensory experience,
Constructed a sense space that is irresistible and impossible.
The COCO CRUSH collection of Chanel haute jewellery pays tribute to the brand’s classic “Matelassé” diamond pattern.
Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, each piece is carved with elegant diamond patterns with fine craftsmanship,
Simplicity, elegance, and absolute modernity underline the extraordinary qualities of Chanel’s fine jewelry.
The modern spirit and ingenuity in the rich works are also the inspiration source for this Chanel’s COCO CRUSH experience exhibition.
Created a fascinating COCO CRUSH world.

April 19-22, 2018
Beijing Guardian Art Center
# 戒不掉 #

Celebrity 2009 William Baume Series

William Baume series adhering to the long-established watchmaking heritage of celebrities, is not only a tribute to traditional skills, but also carries forward the spirit of innovation that William Baume has always adhered to.

Baume & Mercier’s new William Baume collection is a collection of watches that showcase the superb traditional craftsmanship of Haute Horlogerie. It is numbered and available in limited editions, and is equipped with a complex movement specially made for Baume & Mercier.

The four models of this series evoke a close connection with the brand’s long history by recreating the complex skills of the old watchmaking tradition. These models have their own historical origins, most of which are derived from classic models in the history of Baume & Mercier watches. Including three models from the William Baume series last year, plus the new one-button chronograph launched this year, there are four models in the series.

Preheating Basel 2014 2014 Le Méridien Masterpiece Gravity Watch Stunning Debut

As the date of the Basel Watch Fair is getting closer, many hot new products are gradually appearing in everyone’s field of vision. Among them, the Le Méridien brand from Switzerland has launched the latest watches of the Ingenious Series. .

 The ingenious series perfectly combines Le Méridien’s exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting the vibrant, elegant and noble 21st century urban style. The ingenuity series is famous for its complex interpretation of various complex functions, especially the callback function. It is undoubtedly regarded as the first series of Le Méridien. For many years, Le Méridien has mastered the essence of the watch’s complex functions.

 This brand new ingenious Gravity watch will officially meet you at this year’s Baselworld. The watch is designed in two different versions. With a 43mm stainless steel case, the large diameter design also caters to the current watch wearing principles.

 The watch mainly uses the pure white main dial to display the time and minutes, and the hands are silver and white with red small seconds and blue hands. The hollow on the surface of the material can clearly see that the escapement of the movement has been replaced by a new silicon material.

 At the same time, the watch has fast and slow hands on the dial, and the movement inside the movement becomes more clear. The watch is equipped with the ML230 self-winding movement. Amy has made every effort to minimize the number of parts inside the movement. The current number of parts is 188.

 The movement has 35 jewel bearings, and the vibration frequency per hour is 18,000 times. The sapphire crystal also adopts special anti-glare treatment. And the bottom of the table is transparent.

 It is understood that this watch is water-resistant to 50 meters, with a brown alligator strap. The overall feeling is still very elegant and noble.

 About Emmy Craftsmanship Series:

 Le Méridien has always been adept at developing mechanical movements with manual winding. Last year, it first applied its technology to automatic movements. Ingenious series new calendar dial watch and double dial watch are based on the long history of watch series, comply with the most stringent traditional mechanical watchmaking standards, strive to excellence, apply superb technology to fashion design.

 The ingenious automatic watch is based on the manufacture of a 10,000-year movement, which reflects the ‘NeverStopMoving’ concept advertised in the new advertising. The movement of a watch can be wound on the wrist with only movement of the wrist, a perfect interpretation of this concept. The concept of ‘going forward’ also reflects Le Méridien’s pursuit of innovation, relentless pursuit of the ultimate in technology and aesthetics, and every breakthrough in the design of each watch. Le Méridien strives for perfection and never compromises.

Thousands Of Watches Above 300,000 Won’t Sell. High-end Watch Sales Are ‘wretched’

‘This year will be very difficult … Stocks will be massively backlogged.’ This is what the CEO of Gucci Watch Division said at the Basel Watch Fair. This year’s extremely popular ‘Global Watch Order ‘Conference’, this year, the atmosphere seems particularly dignified.

的 The attitude of watchmakers conveys a message that high-end watches are really not easy to sell. Right now, more and more watch brands are lowering their prices, either implicitly or implicitly. At the beginning of this year, Hublot adjusted the price of mainland watches to be basically the same as that of Hong Kong, which was regarded as a direct price reduction of about 15%. For watch dealers who have survived 2013, the current situation is not optimistic. The backlog of inventory is very difficult. On the one hand, they are afraid to buy new high-end watches this year. On the other hand, they step up Find e-commerce to digest their inventory.

Regarding the future, the industry generally believes that the sales of high-end watches will not recover in a short period of time. If this situation continues, it is very likely that agents will cut off watch stores and even cut off agency brands.

2013 was very difficult for most watch brands. After going through the tough years of the big names, this year finally couldn’t help but adjust the price strategy.

Hublot first heard the ‘price cut’. On February 1 this year, Hublot announced that it will implement the same price policy in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and the price will be reduced by about 15%. It is reported that Hublot’s price adjustment is not only to revive sales performance, but also due to the impact of the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement and the reduction of luxury goods tariffs. The price of this brand watch ranges from 100,000 yuan to one million yuan, and the price adjustment range will range from 10,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan.

Out of concerns about “direct price reduction”, more watch brands have chosen more hidden price strategy adjustments.

‘For example, we usually sell a batch of watches with a price range of 1,000 euros to 6,000 euros, but now we will provide more watches close to 1,000 euros.’ Relevant person in charge of TAG Heuer watches under LVMH Group said.

This phenomenon does exist. It is reported that this year is not only TAG Heuer, but even big-name watches such as Vacheron Constantin have pushed new products at relatively low prices. This move has also been interpreted as an invisible price reduction strategy. ‘Lack of confidence in sales.

Watch brands may adjust prices brightly or darkly

Cut the store? Cut brand? Dealer pressure

The decline in sales of high-end watches has also directly weighed down domestic watch dealers. Recently, the industry has rumored that several watch brands on Shanghai Huaihai Road have begun to withdraw due to unbearable rental pressure, and a watch agent in Hangzhou may also be in Close down poor stores, and even ‘cut off’ the agency relationship of big-name watches such as Vacheron Constantin.

‘This possibility definitely exists. The inventory of watches in the hands of agents is actually very large. A large agent will spend tens of millions on a brand. The entire inventory is worth several hundred million yuan. It does n’t make sense to have a big name in your hand, ”said a watch industry official who asked not to be named.

It is reported that since the beginning of this year, sales of watch brands such as Blancpain and Omega have experienced double-digit declines compared to the same period last year. Even brands such as Tissot and Mido that have previously sold well have seen single-digit declines. It is also possible that Rolex and Longines, like Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre, have high sales due to the high proportion of high-end watches.

Stuck by inventory pressure, many agents didn’t even dare to enter this year’s new products. They turned to online channels to try to digest part of the inventory.

This is particularly evident when the Basel Watch Festival is held this year. This year, many online stores, including Tmall,, and Dangdang, have launched watch sales on the theme of ‘Basel watches’. Among them, such as the Rossi watch 3.2 fold up, Casio 6.5 fold up, Tissot 7.5 fold cap, etc., many of the styles on sale are models before 2012.

Elite Elite Series: Elite Lady Moonphase Watch Classic, Everlasting Beauty In The Watch

In 2017, the Elite Elite Collection added a new smaller model smaller than previous models: the Elite Lady Moonphase Watch (33mm)-a combination of superior technology and long-lasting features.
   Available in rose gold and stainless steel, this watch is slim and feminine, and very feminine. It will surely reap the introverted exquisite femininity who loves precision machinery and is hard to give birth to.

   This new Elite Lady Moonphase watch includes five models in 18K rose gold or stainless steel for elegance. An ultra-thin 33 mm diameter case with a water-resistant depth of 50 meters and a grooved crown for smooth moon phase adjustment. The open case back gives you a chance to see the style of the internal mechanism. The power source-the automatic rotor is decorated with a delicate ‘Geneva ripple’ pattern.
   The dial is surrounded by diamond or polished bezels, and stars on the dark blue moon phase disc. Slender willow-shaped hands sweep past the distinctive engraved hour markers, or the slim Roman numerals on other models.

Elegant style, advanced technology, superb details
   At the heart of this new ladies’ watch is an Elite 692 automatic movement that was completely independently developed and manufactured by Zenith. This ultra-thin movement has a power reserve of more than 50 hours, operates at 28,800 vibrations per hour, and consists of 195 components — while measuring only 3.97 mm in size and extraordinarily thin — the hour, minute, small seconds and moon phases The display is readily available.
   The Elite Lady Moonphase watch has a shiny black or brown alligator leather strap with rubber lining and a stainless steel or rose gold pin buckle — a delicate femininity that permeates every detail. The five new Elite watches are the ultimate symbol of timeless elegance.
   The new Elite Lady Moonphase watch debuted in 2017 with a unique timeless elegance.

Stainless steel or rose gold ultra-thin case
Bezel with or without 62 round diamonds: approx. 0.75 carats
Moon phase display can be adjusted via crown
Case diameter 33 mm
Elite 692 automatic movement
Movement 11½“` (diameter: 25.60 mm)
Movement thickness 3.97 mm
Number of components 195
Number of jewels 27
28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz)
50 hours minimum power reserve
Rotor with Côtes de Genève motif
Central hour and minute hands
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Moon phase indicator at 6 o’clock
Case, dial and hands
Diameter 33 mm
Display diameter 26.75 mm
Thickness 9.25 mm
Curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
Transparent sapphire crystal case back
Stainless steel or rose gold (with or without diamonds)
Water resistance 5 ATM
Silver sun dial
Engraved, rhodium or gold plated hour markers
Rhodium-plated or gold-plated or blue-light willow-shaped hands
Strap & Buckle
Strap Model:
27.00.1714.713 XS shiny brown alligator strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.1714.714 XS shiny black alligator strap with protective rubber lining
27.17.0014.001 Rose gold pin buckle
27.01.0014.001 Stainless steel pin buckle