Miniature Mechanical Art Treasures

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre watch series is unique in style and technology. It is the pinnacle of horological art. Its latest-generation movement combines the novel Dual-Wing design concept. The bi-wing movement has two sets of independent mechanical devices, but they share the same adjustment mechanism, bringing real changes to precise timing. Each device has its own power source and gear train. Today’s Watch House brings you a short review of a Jaeger-LeCoultre biplane watch, the official model of the watch is: Q6012420.

Precision machinery and elegant temperament embody the essence of all works since 1833. The past, present and future are perfectly blended in this work. This model’s Dual-Wing system is divided into two groups of mechanical devices: one group displays the local time, and the other is a timing device. The two sets of mechanical devices share the same adjustment mechanism, and each has its own independent power source, thereby avoiding the energy loss caused by the interaction between the devices. The operation of the timing device will not affect the overall operation of the watch, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of timing.


This biplane watch is made of 18K rose gold with a diameter of 42mm. The watch is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap and a pin buckle made of 18K rose gold. The technical and aesthetic spirit of the Bi-Wing series demonstrates the superb watchmaking technology of the Ruya Grand Workshop in many ways.


The watch uses a 42 mm diameter design, the watch’s timepiece display at 10 o’clock, and the watch’s cumulative chronograph display at 2 o’clock, with a cumulative 60 minutes and 12 hours Cumulative dial and digital minute display at 6 o’clock.


The watch is equipped with a one-sixth-second timepiece at six o’clock, which can be accurate to one-sixth of a second. The watch has a power reserve display at five and seven o’clock. To show the power of the two barrels inside the watch.


The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass bottom design. The precise parts inside the movement are at a glance. The watch is equipped with a cal.390 manual winding movement. The core is equipped with a total of 2 barrels, which can provide a power reserve of 50 hours when fully wound.


The column wheel mechanism inside the watch, and the chronograph that is not a column wheel, has no storage significance.

Summary: This Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètreà Chronographe is a veritable miniature mechanical art treasure. Independent power reserve does not affect each other. Such a design is not common in chronographs. At present, this watch is quoted on Financial Street. It is 374,000 yuan.
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