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Adjectives such as ‘wild, extreme, broken, unrestrained’ are very suitable for use on MB & F clock and watch machines; then ‘traditional, classical, round Shape ‘? Huge center-mounted balance wheel, exquisite hand-polished movement, completely independent dual time zone, unique vertical energy storage indicator and extremely elegant round case, Legacy Machine No.1 (LM1) is a traditional A watch honoured by the great innovators in the watchmaking industry, it is a three-dimensionally designed MB & F clock machine.

Maximilian Büsser conceived LM1 in a fantasy, he thought: ‘What if I was born a hundred years earlier, not in 1967, but in 1867? Watches only appeared in the early 1900s, if at that moment, I wanted to create a watch to be worn on my wrist. At that time, there was no inspiration from ‘Invincible Iron King Kong’, ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Fighter’. I only had pocket watches, Eiffel Tower and science fiction ‘20,000 miles under the sea ”For reference, what would a watch like this look like? It must be round and three-dimensional, and Legacy Machine No. 1 is my answer.”
Loyal to the high quality of the 19th century pocket watch, the LM1 uses a large-diameter double-spoke balance wheel and a traditional Breguet double-layer headspring; its mysterious adjustment mechanism is fully visible, but the balance wheel is suspended above the movement. Hour and minute, fully independent dual time zone indications are located on two dials-Dual time zone complication usually does not allow independent adjustment of minutes-its circular dial further enhances the golden age of watchmaking from visual effects (1780-1850) a feeling of. It looks like a miniature sextant. The unique vertical indication of energy storage time indicates the available energy. Its beautiful arc shape provides a visual effect of the three-dimensional structure while maintaining balance.

The contour of LM1 sapphire crystal hemispherical arc mirror.
Through the clear curved sapphire crystal of Legacy Machine No.1, you can see the fantastic masterpiece of micromechanics underneath, which is reminiscent of the master of the science fiction ‘Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea’ Captain Onimo watching the mysterious Atlan The scene of the continent.
The self-made movement on Legacy Machine No.1 transcends traditional watchmaking. It exudes the unparalleled power of creator Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode (Best Watchmaker Award at Geneva Watchmaking Awards 2010) Talent, they found nothing out of nothing, building this movement bit by bit; independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen is responsible for aesthetic design, and supervising this movement will never deviate from the most noble and distinguished watchmaking tradition and the surface treatment of the movement. The perfect Geneva ripple, the extremely polished gold sapphire bearing sleeve, the bridge plate with concave chamfering (must be done completely by hand, and no mechanical surface treatment method can be used), fully showing the perfection of this movement Polish the craft. The movement of Legacy Machine No.1 is engraved with the names of the two creators, and it is also the first time that Voutilainen has signed a movement other than its own brand.

From left to right: Maximilian Büsser, Kari Voutilainen, Jean-François Mojon

With Legacy Machine No.1, you can learn how MB & F has created a completely modern, three-dimensional spatial art with the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship of the 19th century.
Source: MB & F
To watch a video of LM1: click here