Master Of Patek Philippe Strings Ref. 6300 King Of The Regular Series Of Super-complex Watches

Master Chord Watch Ref. 6300 is a new super-complex watch, ranking first among Patek Philippe’s current super-complex watches. This double-sided watch has 20 complex functions, including five timekeeping functions, two of which are patented for the world’s first. This watch has a white gold case with a patented flip mechanism that allows either side of the dial to be worn up.

   The new Master Chord Watch Ref.6300 is different from the commemorative watch of the same name Ref.5175, which is equipped with an original hand-engraved rose gold case, limited to 7 pieces. This new master string watch uses a white gold case with a hand-engraved Paris pattern, and belongs to the Patek Philippe regular watch series. Of course, the creation of the master string watch still takes a lot of time, keeping Ref. 6300 precious and rare. The watch uses three gongs to report the time. It can automatically tell the time every fifteen minutes through the large or small self-sounding device, or the minute repeater function can be accurate to the minute when required. The time is alarming; the time can also be reported at longer intervals, that is, the date alarm device is used when necessary to indicate the accurate date. These alarm function modes are displayed on the same side of the dial. This side also displays the time, second time zone, moon phase, date, and the power reserve of the movement and the power reserve of the time signal device. On the other side of the dial is a perpetual calendar. The center displays a four-digit year with four auxiliary dials around: an analog date display with a leap year cycle at 6 o’clock, a week display at 9 o’clock, a month display at 3 o’clock, and a 24-hour display at 12 o’clock position.

   The manually wound movement GSAL36-750QISFUSIRM is the most complicated watch movement in Patek Philippe’s history. It contains 1,366 parts and runs between two layers of gold dial. The movement power is stored in two double barrels, one of which can run the movement for 72 hours; the other can provide 30 hours of power for the timekeeping mechanism. The movement is equipped with multiple auxiliary devices to improve the convenience of use and prevent the watch from being damaged by accidental incorrect operation. The buttons and adjuster are all equipped with the iconic delicate engraving pattern, and the dial has various independent function modes (timekeeping mode, alarm switch, crown position, etc.).

   The new Patek Philippe Master Chord Watch Ref.6300 uses an 18K white gold case with a hand-engraved Paris pattern. There is a flip device hidden between the lugs. The side of the dial is black with white transfer indexes and white gold hands and hour markers. It is also decorated with a hand-engraved Paris pattern. The other side is white with black scales and hands. This watch has a black alligator leather strap with a white gold folding clasp.

Technical specifications
Patek Philippe Master Chord Watch Ref. 6300
Caliber GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM
Manually wound mechanical movement, 20 complex functions, including five timekeeping devices (big self-sounding, small self-sounding, minute repeater, hour alarm, date alarm) with three-tone springs, time and day and night display in the second time zone, Perpetual jump perpetual calendar (with date display on both sides of the dial), week, month, leap year cycle, four-digit year display, 24-hour and minute auxiliary dial, moon phase display, timekeeping mode display, timekeeping isolation device display, alarm on / off , Crown position display, movement power reserve display, timekeeping device power reserve display
Movement diameter: 37 mm
Movement thickness: 10.7 mm
Number of parts: 1,366
Number of jewels: 108
Number of splints: 32
Movement power reserve: at least 72 hours
Timekeeping device power reserve: 30 hours
Balance: Gyromax®
Frequency: 25,200 pendulums per hour (3.5 Hz)
Balance spring: Spiromax®
Crown function: Three-position crown
• Push the crown back to its original position, winding the movement clockwise and winding the clockwise device counterclockwise
• Pull out half: Set alarm time
• Pull out completely: set time
• Chrono mode selector at 9 o’clock
Timetable display: local time, hour and minute display, second time zone hour display, alarm time, analog perpetual calendar date display, moon phase display, timekeeping device power reserve display, movement power reserve display, timekeeping mode display, crown position display, timekeeping Isolation device display (sound on / off), alarm on / off
Calendar dial display: 24-hour and minute auxiliary dial, four-digit year display, three calendar auxiliary dials with hands-on day, month and date, and leap year cycle display
Buttons: Second time zone buttons (‘+’ and ‘-‘), alarm clock, minute repeater
Adjust the pinning: year display (‘+’ and ‘-‘), date, month, week, moon phase
Quality imprint: Patek Philippe imprint
Component features
Case: round case, pivot at 12 to 6 o’clock with exclusive patented flip device, 18K white gold, 214 parts, double-sided sapphire crystal, dust and moisture resistant, not waterproof
Bezel with hand-engraved Paris studs
Bezel sides and buttons with hand-engraved function prompts and logos
Case size: Case diameter (10 o’clock to 4 o’clock): 47.4 mm
Overall thickness (mirror to mirror): 16.1 mm
Time display dial: 18K gold dial, ebony black, hand-engraved Paris stud pattern in the center, 18K white gold solid Breguet block
Local time hour and minute hands, 18K white gold hands, second time zone hour hands made of 18K white gold
Alarm clock time hands, power reserve display for movement and chronograph, chronograph mode and crown position display are made of 18K white gold
Calendar dial: 18K gold dial, white, four-digit year display with polished gold frame in the center
Multiple auxiliary dials, including 24-hour display, week, month, date, and leap year cycle, with black transfer scale and black nickel-plated steel hands
Strap: Large square scale crocodile leather strap, shiny black, handmade white stitching, with 18K white gold folding clasp