Jacques Dro’s Expansion In The Chinese Market Becomes A Brand Franchise Development Plan

In 2015, Jaquet Droz opened four new stores in China, demonstrating the great determination of the Swiss luxury watch brand, and celebrating and continuing the century-old opportunity of the brand’s close connection with China.
   It is this spirit of ‘perpetual common history that lasts for centuries’ that drives Jaquet Droz’s nine specialty stores in China. Driven by one of the brand’s founders, Henri-Louis Jacques Dro, the friendly dialogue between the watch factory and this continental country began in the 18th century. Henry-Louis Jacques Dro set up a workshop that sells most of his works to the Chinese market. Frequent trade exchanges have enabled this watch brand represented by two seven-star stars to establish a close and long-term relationship with China. In 1783, Jaquet Droz became the first watch brand to enter the Forbidden City. Because of its novel and unique timepieces, it won the favor of Emperor Qianlong and his courtiers. Some historical monuments are still preserved in the Palace Museum.
   Brands have always attached importance to historical heritage and are committed to continuing and maintaining this special relationship. With a strong desire to strengthen and promote this priority relationship, in 2015, the brand opened four new stores in three major cities in China. The first flagship store in Beijing opened in May and the second store opened in July. At the same time, the brand specialty store in Studio City Macau was also renewed. These are a sign of the new era of close relations between Jaquet Droz and China s begin.
   On November 12, this year, on the prestigious iconic avenue, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, a new brand store opened, which has become a new witness to maintaining the close relationship in this common history. Discovered and inspired, the celebration of the opening of the new store gave Jaquet Droz the opportunity to reaffirm the brand’s philosophy that has not changed since its inception: creating surprises, fascinating, and telling stories.
   The new boutique has elegant and exquisite display windows, displaying various watch styles of Jaquet Droz. It is a real work of art under the elaborate lighting. The simple lines of the store are matched with different colors of slate, which is in line with the minimalist style, which is in line with the brand spirit, so that customers can immerse in a beautiful and elegant atmosphere. Many wall illustrations emphasize various arts and crafts, which is the real superb craftsmanship of the watch factory.
   On the occasion of the opening ceremony, Jaquet Droz specially invited an artist from his art workshop. He will let the public feel the exquisite charm of the micro-painted patterns on the dial in an exclusive display.
   The event also showcased the reinterpreted classics of the Grande Seconde Deadbeat watch with the seconds hand at the center of the dial, as well as The Charming Bird watch. Said that the ingenious fusion of technology and art, with its groaning and tit-like appearance of the automatic doll mechanism unique, won the 2015 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie ‘Innovative mechanical watch’ category award. These timepieces adhere to the aesthetics of Jaquet Droz, echoing the culture of magic and the love of tradition. These two iconic qualities link Swiss watchmakers to China.