Jacques Droe New Year’s Gifts Innovative Avant-garde Praise Classic Elegance

The pace of time brings the three hundred days and nights of the ‘New Year’ to us again. When resigning from the old to the new, as the most beautiful gift of time, the watch is always the ultimate choice. Choosing a wrist watch is not only a simple consumption, but also a cultural influence and a historical influence. The watch carries the history of passing, and also hopes for the beautiful unknown. This time, Jacques DeRoad’s avant-garde innovative spirit redefines classics and elegance, and chooses time gifts to bring the most beautiful expectations for the hopeful New Year.

Grande Seconde Quantième

 The large seconds hand with a date display is a classic timepiece that Jacques de Loire has interpreted with avant-garde innovation. This year, Jacques de Ronaldo has given its iconic models a modern and refined look with new time-mark design and novel color applications.

 The pleasing blue or chocolate dial and the Geneva stripe decoration complement each other. The delicately carved chic stripes flow with the light and shadow, perfectly embodying the mystery of light and shadow in the square inch, transforming into a dazzling state, at the beginning of the new year, on the wrist Another glory blooms.

 The date shows the evolution of the large second hand, which shows Jacques Dro’s constant reinterpretation of the legendary works of the brand, and the extraordinary force to achieve the brand’s reputation, is undoubtedly the best choice for the festival.

 Large seconds hand with date display

Elle 8

 Elegance 8, a curvy and elegant new jewellery for women who appreciate and appreciate time. 8 symbolizes infinity and perfection, and is Jacques Dro’s lucky number. This brand’s eternal source of inspiration now appears for the first time on the case and buckle of a gorgeous women’s watch. The design on the side of the watch is a combination of amusement and jewellery, which is enough for all women.

 A diamond band surrounds the bezel, highlighting the exquisite curve of the watch, showing the beauty of simplicity. The extended effect of the crown makes the case more round and full, while the curved sapphire crystal, dial and hands further show the three-dimensional effect of this timepiece. The dial is engraved with a playful scene of birds flying freely in the forest, and the vitality of nature springs up instantly. Every nuance in the lively scene fully explains Jacques Dro’s good wishes and hope for the new year.

 The final beauty: brown round pearls on the top of the watch make the watch more elegant and luxurious. This setting is matched with the selected dial, which can be rotated by the wearer at the touch of a touch. The charm is irresistible, making it easy to show the elegant charm of the wrist.

 Elegant 8 watch