Introduction To Iwc Portofino Chronograph Watch

IWC Portofino Chronograph Watch (No. 3190)
Porto Fino Chronograph Watch (No. 3190)
Unlike ordinary stainless steel bracelets, the metal bracelets of IWC Portofino chronographs are made with a tighter Milanese braided mesh. While inheriting the sturdy and durable characteristics of the metal bracelet, its fine layout makes the strap fit the wrist more comfortably, and the breathability is also good. Because of the cold weather in winter, it is not suitable for wearing a stainless steel strap. In summer, dust and sweat mix to form some indecent dirt between the gaps of the metal strap. Therefore, the spring of this Yinggeyan language will again It is the best season for those who love metal bracelets to show their style on the wrist.