If You Can’t Meet It, Talk About Patek Philippe 5370p Dual Seconds Chronograph Watch

At Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show this year, Patek Philippe launched the Ref. 5370P-001 two-second chronograph watch for the first time. Now that a few months have passed, now the editor will take everyone to review this excellent creation and talk about their shallow opinions and insights.
   The 5370 is a brand new model, but it is intended to be a symbol of the future, as we understand it: it will not be produced at regular speeds. Except for 5950A pillow-shaped stainless steel and 5959P ultra-thin double-second chronograph watch (both equipped with CH27-525 self-made ultra-thin movement), the new 5370P-001 is the only one with dual-second chronograph function and equipped with Watch models with different homemade movements (CH29-535). Seeing it, some people may think of the ancient 5004 and the 5204 replacing 5004, but the latter also has a perpetual calendar function.
   Patek Philippe celebrated its 175th anniversary and many commemorative models are dazzling, but we can boldly assert that 5370P-001 is one of the most attractive models launched by Patek Philippe in the past October or even in ten years. Now, let’s take a closer look at the look of this watch with real pictures.
   The 5370P-001 case is made of platinum, with a diameter of 41 mm and a thickness of 13.5 mm. Compared with 5950, the atmosphere is more stable. The case is paired with a delicate and beautiful convex bezel. Of course, whether it is a little more personality of 5370P-001 or a little more elegant of other thinner models, everyone has their own taste preferences.

   5370P-001 is very classic and very attractive when viewed from the front. From the shape of the lugs to the convex bezel, we all have a familiar feeling, yes, Ref.130! Observing Ref.130 in the above figure for comparison, you can also find a similar strap bolt protruding from the lug, which is more classic ‘penetrating’ design.
   Observing from the side, it is easy to find the long grooved ring that connects the lugs on both sides. In my memory, this is the first time in Patek Philippe’s history to adopt such a design. The watch ring is brushed and polished, and the texture curve shows a subtle radian. It is not easy to achieve this retouch. Imagine that if the case side adopts an ordinary shape design, its final effect should not be compared with the present.
   It needs to be emphasized that when you really appreciate the 5370P-001 on the spot, this is the second element you notice after the plate. This kind of watch ring design gives 5370P-001 individuality and characteristics, making it unique. It is different from other Patek Philippe chronographs that are well-known before. It also brings Patek Philippe chronographs into a new aesthetic field.
   The ‘ear-piercing’ design is more classic, and the convex round platinum structure can hide the strap hole on the back of the strap, and it is also an excellent decoration. Careful observation of the real pictures, the end of the long groove on the side of the case is perfectly joined with the convex round platinum structure and integrated with the lugs.
Crown and buttons

   Usually, if the crown is too large, the case side with the crown will appear very unbalanced. The 5370P-001’s crown size specifications are just as desirable.

   Two timing function buttons can control the start, stop and reset functions of the timing device, and there is another button at the crown to control the start and stop of the two-second chase hand function. Not only is the structure symmetrical, but the functions are also very convenient and practical. The top of the button is polished and the sides are brushed, just in harmony with the case finishing process.

    The dial is made of white gold and is decorated with enamel. Firstly, apply the enamel powder evenly on the dial, then bake it in a 850 ° C kiln, and then use precise controlled cooling technology to gradually cool and solidify it for polishing.
   What is really difficult to control is the manufacture of the enamel dial without any trace of impurities. You know, compared to the white dial, the black dial is particularly conspicuous if there are residual impurities. From these pictures you can very clearly observe how stunning the 5370P-001 dial looks, the ordinary lacquered dial cannot be compared with it at all. In my opinion, no other Patek Philippe model can do this.
   As for the charm of the Platinum Breguet block, we have already experienced it on the 5170G.

   Personally, I usually pay more attention to the combination of the dark plate and the white transfer. The contrast between the two is too sharp and often lacks refined and elegant. Of course, I also understand that it may bring a modern or casual atmosphere to very classic watches.
   The 5370P-001 enamel dial has a deep gloss and a very polished finish. The reflective light on the black dial surface makes the contrast more consistent. The white transfer scale is subtle in thickness, pleasing to the eye, and looks very enjoyable. In contrast, the scale of the new 5905P sub-dial is slightly too thick, reducing the elegance, and it is easy to guide people to pay more attention to the side of the dial. 5370P-001? Just right.
   From 3970, 5070, 5970, 5170 to different versions of 5270, Patek Philippe chronographs have different scales. Both the tachymeter scale and the pulsometer scale are great, of course, the personal preference is the latter (as long as the dial is not particularly cumbersome). The 5370P-001 is equipped with a speedometer scale.

   The existence of the tachymeter scale perfectly balances the sub-dial scale, giving life to the dial. The black dial, if the scale is too small, the contrast of the details is not sharp enough, which will make the overall effect of the watch darker. However, a shiny dial should be different from a satin or matte dial.

   The Superluminova coating is usually sporty, but the classic leaf-shaped hands make this watch unique. Paired with a black dial, it adds a touch of romance to the watch. If you use a pin or a toffee needle, the effect will be completely different and more modern, but without the ‘authentic’ look and feel.
   At the same time, the superluminova fluorescent layer is applied to give the watch a casual spirit. From this perspective, 5370P-001 seems to really come from the early 20th century instead of the 1960s and 70s.

   The 5370P-001 and 5204 are equipped with a CHR29-535 PS manual winding movement, equipped with a stud wheel and a horizontal clutch, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), and can provide a power reserve of 55 to 65 hours. Compared with the simple timing movement equipped with the 5170, the 5370P-001 is equipped with many new patented innovations.
   Similar to the 5204 application, the 5370P-001 is equipped with an isolator. When the lap time is stopped, the isolator can separate the two-second chase gear and the chronograph wheel, reducing unnecessary friction.

   In addition, you can also notice a number of innovations in the application of the movement of the 5370P-001. They are not just improvements for marketing. These innovations are very interesting and some are simple. In my opinion, the evaluation of the technical performance of the movement depends not only on the number and complexity of the assembled parts, but also on the improvements made in a simple way.
   In terms of aesthetics, compared to the previous 5004 equipped movement, the 5370P-001-equipped movement takes another step forward in design. Top-grade retouching, gorgeous appearance, impressive, just like the CH27-525 movement used in 5950.

   Most of the stainless steel parts are chamfered, and the two-second chase pin clamp is polished. The finishing process is exemplary. By the way, compared with German silver (copper-zinc-nickel alloy), individuals prefer stainless steel because they do not appreciate the color of the former. Of course, I can’t say which of the stainless steel and the German silver is stronger. I wonder if anyone can confirm it?
   One more thing, I really don’t think it makes sense to do so-called rankings for these movements. They each correspond to the brand’s technical expectations for different models. Compared with ordinary movements, they can be regarded as another level of masterpieces. In fact, 324 movements and 240 movements are still very good.

Summary: I believe that for many watch fans, 5370P-001 is a dream, and the editor can only congratulate them on their choice and wish them success. 5370P-001 is an excellent example of the ingenious combination of Patek Philippe machinery, aesthetics and finishing. It is absolutely gorgeous and unique. The experience of wearing 5370P-001 will be exceptional.