Hyt Skull Maori Totem Edition-news Hyt

‘Just designing the shape of a skull and adding it to the old core, this is a brand-new work-this is not our style.’ Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT said — The Skull watch is an extraordinary new work unprecedented in the brand’s history, breaking all the rules. You don’t need to be an expert to feel its extraordinary design power. Even at first glance, it is amazing and memorable for a long time-just because it not only embodies, but it is completely out of all the characteristics of the HYT brand. When asked about the driving force behind the creation of Skull Maori, HYT’s artistic director Xavier Casals mentioned that he wanted to use a rare traditional hand-sculpture, Metier d’ Art, to further highlight the shape of the skull. Casals added that because the tattoos of the Maori tribe are often related to skulls, they have become another evolution of the Skull concept.

A smart watchmaking process
The use of liquid-filled conduits as hour markers is a concept mastered by HYT and its partners. However, any major change in form factor requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work. As far as Skull is concerned, it’s very challenging to shape a pipe with a diameter less than one millimeter into a skull shape. The problem is concentrated on the four corners of the pipe guide, with the two corners at the bottom approaching 90 °. How these radian extensions cause the watch to bend moderately is a task that requires special attention. ‘The vertical structure developed for the H1 watch became our starting point. However, we then had to re-examine how to generate enough power to allow liquid to flow through these large bends, while ensuring that the liquid indicates the correct Time, and at a constant speed for more than twelve hours. ‘
Recapture the essence of time
In order to stay true to the design and retain the most straight skull shape, HYT decided to discard the minute display. This bold decision has a double meaning. First, it shifts the main attention to the tube guide, which is filled with moving liquid to become the only time indicator on the senses; second, the shape of the skull covering almost the entire dial becomes the focus, it will all Attention is focused on the structural design of the watch. Similarly, in stark contrast to other models, HYT chooses to hide the movement from the dial perspective almost completely.

In order to inject vitality into Skull, the brand has also introduced many new research and development achievements. First, two vertical, retractable reservoirs continue to operate-it is their imperceptible telescoping that allows liquid to flow within the conduit. In addition, Skull’s eyes have their own vitality. The right eye indicates the power reserve of the watch. By using a series of translucent panels with slightly different shades, the color of the right eye gradually fades as the watch’s 65-hour power reserve tends to deplete, while a continuously rotating hide is hidden in the left eye. Small seconds. The vitality and life of the watch must be seen through Skull’s eyes-exactly the spirit and vitality of the watch. Under the design of the two-layer case, a subtle honeycomb pattern provides the background for the eyes, making the ‘eyes’ deeper. The non-stop movement brings life to the skull and breathes soul. Skull is the first watch ever: it’s not you looking at time, but time looking at you.
Heritage and innovation of watch appearance
‘We have always wanted to know how far we can go in terms of design and structural engineering. Our goal is to create a Skull that is completely free from everything you usually do, while still embodying the HYT gene — a bold, professional, conceptual and original Design, ‘explains Vincent Perriard.
However, change cannot just stop at the movement. We made a new 51 mm case for Skull, with new lugs and curved chamfers. The push-button crown for adjusting the time lies between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock. The case is also equipped with horizontal inserts, providing more possibilities for the development of multiple combinations of watches in the future. Skull Maori is limited to fifteen pieces.
Skull Maori Watch
Black DLC titanium with 5N rose gold case, matte, micro-machined and polished.
51 mm, water-resistant to 50 meters.
Retrograde red liquid hour display and second display function
Hand-wound movement, HYT unique movement structure
65-hour power reserve
Limited to 15 pieces