How Much Do You Know When Buying A Mechanical Watch?

Choosing an appropriate watch can reflect one’s taste and identity, and mechanical watches are more popular among many watch categories. But for a person who does not have much contact with a watch, how to determine the authenticity of the watch is indeed not difficult. Next, I will introduce some methods for authenticating the authenticity of mechanical watches.
Fake watches are generally sold through abnormal channels. The beautiful appearance is used as the bait, and the internal machine uses a poor-quality plastic movement, a ‘rough horse’ watch movement with a rough manufacturing process, a poor machining accuracy and a poor-quality movement. Big error and short service life. Therefore, you must go to a professional store or mall to buy a watch.
需要 The identification of fake and inferior watches requires some experience, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify the authenticity of watches. In order to avoid buying fake watches, consumers must carefully identify trademarks, especially some famous brand trademarks, when buying. According to the characteristics of some models (such as the winding handle sealing device, calendar date setting device, back cover rotation structure, etc.) to distinguish authenticity.

Pay attention to the following 6 points when purchasing mechanical watches:
1. Appearance. Visual inspection of the shell, surface, and needle, without ‘trachoma’, scratches, bright coating, no color difference, the back cover should be tight.
2. Starting performance. Slowly rotate the winding shaft and wind the clock while observing the second hand. Generally, the fewer the number of winding movements of the second hand, the better the starting performance of the watch.
3. Wind up. The hand feels relaxed and no noise when winding. Except for the slippage after the top of the automatic watch is wound, the mainspring of the watch should be able to lift the foot without slipping.
4. Set the needle. The hand feels comfortable when setting the needle. It is not too tight or too loose. The hour and minute hand indications should be coordinated (when the hour hand is aligned with 3, 6, 9, and 12 characters, the minute hand must not deviate from the 12 character ± 4 minute division), and the three hands of hour, minute, and second do not rub against each other.
5. Table tone. After the mainspring is wound on the watch, listen to the tone with your ears. It should be clear and even without noise, and it should not change with the change of direction.
6. Travel time accuracy. Need to use special instruments to measure, some large state-owned stores have customer testing services for customers, when buying, you can ask salesperson to check the travel time accuracy and position error.
Mechanical watches must be both practical and decorative as precision mechanical timing instruments and decorative items. Good-quality watches have accurate travel time, convenient use, fine craftsmanship, and beautiful appearance. The upperspring can run continuously for more than 36 hours, which is durable. Some watches also have waterproof, shockproof, and antimagnetic properties.
    After learning these simple methods of identifying mechanical watches, you can see through the tricks of high imitation and fake watches. Since then, your favorite watch is no longer a tragedy.