Goddess Tabard: Piaget 18k White Gold Diamond Bracelet Watch

Inspired by a sexy gorgeous tunic on the goddess of war in Sierra Mythology, 18K white gold and thousands of crystal clear luxury diamond bracelet watches are brought to the public with a bright and charming look. Double feelings of loss of sensuality and elegance. Thousands of round diamonds and dozens of square-cut diamonds spread throughout the case and dial, bringing unparalleled luxury shock. Straps and folding buckle inlays, dazzling luster and creative unique shapes are amazing by its luxurious charm.
Piaget 18K White Gold Diamond Bangle Watch
Throughout the ages, humanity’s praise and pursuit of love has never stopped like a flying second hand. The beautiful memory of love, like the brilliant and ephemeral fireworks of the sky, makes people marvel at its splendor, leaving behind an eternal and unforgettable eternal memory after a glimpse of Jinghong. Like the most precious diamond in the world, memories are like shadows, and they run through the whole life. Capture the eternal charm in the momentary beauty, shine in the graceful posture, and leisurely surpass the fetters of years. The preciousness of love lies in this.