Gentleman’s Style, Standard Pointer Of Watch Elements

Most people think that there are two ways to read, digital display and pointer display. We also love clocks and watches, in fact, there are many different time display modes: three-pin one-line type (also known as the standard pointer type), small three-pin type, time jump type (also known as flyback timing), retrograde display and so on. This article mainly presents the first time display method for everyone-Regulator, that is, three stitches, one thread, one stitch at a time, as one of the oldest watch styles, it always maintains this elegant gentleman Elegant and proud, occupying a place on the bezel.
 The meaning of canonical pointers

  The standard hand, which refers to the regulator-type standard timepiece, was originally born in the 18th century. It is designed for watchmakers to proof the time on other watches. The hour, minute, and second hands on the dial each have one side, which can effectively avoid the visual error caused by the overlapping of the coaxial hands, which not only facilitates time calibration, but also has a retro beauty. Therefore, the Regulator is also known as the standard analog watch.

  The hour, minute, and second hands of a standard hand watch are not located on the same axis, but are separated from each other and arranged in a row. The most important position on the dial is reserved for the minute hand, and the hour hand is placed in a less important position. In the usual arrangement, it is impressive. The dial has provided ample space for imagination and imagination for the watch designer. The three-pin independent dial fully occupies the dial, showing its elegant beauty. Not only shows a high sense of etiquette, but also reflects the wearer’s pursuit of precision, advocating a beautiful lifestyle.

  Although the standard hands look like the big or small hands, only the hour, minute, and second hands on the dial change, but the internal structure needs huge adjustments. The assembly of the corresponding movement is different. The wheel train of the ordinary movement is transmitted by the second wheel to the three wheels, and then to the center wheel located in the middle of the dial. The center wheel is transmitted to the minute wheel on the side of the dial. The wheel is passed to the hour wheel. The hour and minute hands are located in the center of the dial because the hour wheel is also passed to the hollow shaft wheel at the center of the dial. This shaft is connected to the minute wheel through a gear train. The standard hand is different. Its escapement speed-adjusting structure is generally located at the 8 o’clock direction of the dial, and then the escapement structure makes the second wheel just at 6 o’clock, and the second hand is directly placed on the second wheel.
 Glashütte Senator Series

  The origins of Glashütte Origin originate from Glashütte, a German watchmaking town with a history of 165 years. After years of ups and downs, Glashütte continues the long tradition of German watchmaking and continues to write the legend of German fine watchmaking. After careful observation, it is not difficult to find that each watch has different nuances, and this represents the original meticulous watchmaking spirit and unique German watchmaking style of Glashütte. This standard analogue watch is exactly what makes it elegant.

  The Senator Glashütte Collection is housed in a 42mm polished red or white gold case. The use of precious metals always makes the watch’s appearance stand out. The silver dial is divided into four areas, which are the standard hands, the date display window and the power reserve display. The blue hands draw a beautiful arc with frequency. Above and below the minute hand are the smaller hour dial and small second dial respectively. Around the dial circle is a delicately drawn minute circle, black is carved and plated, and the Roman numerals on the hour dial are also painted in the same way, condensing a classic atmosphere.

  The large calendar window is set at 3 o’clock, echoing the power reserve display at 9 o’clock, perfectly integrated into the overall design of the dial, and the overall layout is harmonious and consistent, which is also one of the Glashütte signs. The Glashütte SenatorChronometerRegulator is driven by its own 58-04 movement, which is based on its own manually wound movement 58-01. The movement allows the minute and second hands to be precisely matched. The novel second hand reset device makes it easier for the wearer to adjust the accurate time.
 IWC Three-needle First-line PortugueseRegulator Series

  IWC’s three-needle and first-line PortugueseRegulator series has the appearance of a gentleman, and its handsome appearance highlights the quality of men, while also having inherently accurate timing. This watch uses a large 43.1 mm case, which allows ample display space for the minute, second and hour hands. It combines the classic three hands and one line with modern design styles, exposing a balanced aesthetic.

  Through the transparent mirror, the white dial with blue slender hands has two small dials, with the center of the minute hand as the dividing line, the upper dial indicates the hour, and the lower dial displays the standard second hand, forming a three-hand one The landscape, the minute scale adopts orbital design, so that the charm of the machine can be fully displayed. The brown crocodile leather strap is full of men’s style. IWC’s low-key design and restrained style are definitely the favorite of many prominent people.

  The front of this watch is exciting, and the back is not disappointing. In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a 98245 manual-winding pocket watch movement with a vibration frequency of 2.5HZ, a number of 22 gems, and an average of 46 hours of dynamic reserve. The delicately carved splint is clearly visible in the Ambilight of the translucent bottom case. For watch fans who know IWC, this traditional movement has more collection value and significance.

 Jacques Droy Royal Style Beijing Series

  The Swiss watch Jaquet Droz is one of the oldest watch brands in the world. It has a history of more than 300 years and has been appreciated by the Qing royals during the Qing Dynasty. Over the centuries, Jacques de Lo will transcend the art of beauty over time, and interpret the rotation of time with extraordinary creativity. In its view, the watch is not only a mechanical device, but a symbol of emotion and warmth. Inspiring enthusiasm.

  Jacques Dro Regulator series J018034202 is also one of the masterpieces in the standard hands. This watch not only inherits the classic design elements of Jacques Dro, but also conveys the traditional character. A 43 mm white gold case with a polished surface. Three slender blue port hands on the milky dial show the time of the timepiece. The hour, minute and second hands of this watch are mounted on their respective wheels. Each of the three hands has a separate dial space design. Although the dial looks nothing special from the picture, its material is large ivory FEU enamel, which is a very good decorative material. Arabic numeral 8 as the source of artistic inspiration for the brand, implying perfect harmony, is widely used in all brands. The combination with the standard hands on this watch makes people feel perfect. The upper and lower parts of the number 8 just become two small dials.

  The silver-white lugs link the watch’s slim shape and black lizard leather strap, which are simple and elegant. The delicate appearance naturally needs to match the tough internal structure to make this watch stand out. Jacques de J018034202 watch is equipped with a cal. 2668 automatic mechanical movement, the movement has been manually polished, the factory passed various shock and water resistance tests. This watch has a total of two barrels, which can provide a power reserve of 68 hours, providing ample power for the watch.

In summary: the excellence of the clock is not built in a day. Although its shape is small, it is enough to impress people with small changes. Nowadays, there are more and more watch brands. The design and change of the dial are also one of the areas of competition. The standard hand brings us another timepiece method. The standard dial is used to record the time on the colorful dial. Language. When you look at the dial, you will find that the steps of time are so light and beautiful. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)