From The Pioneering Spirit Of 1865 Zenith Tianjin Boutique Grandly Opened

On July 1, Tianjin, the International Galaxy Shopping Center Zenith boutique opened grandly, bringing Tianjin Zenith brand experience from the pioneering spirit of 1865 to Tianjin consumers. The grand opening of Zenith boutiques has attracted many industry professionals, watch collectors and the media.
——Activity scene——

Zenith Tianjin Yinhe Store follows the classic design. The exterior wall design of the store is inspired by the architectural style of Zenith Watchmaking Factory. The patchwork of glass tiles and the huge stone pillars supporting the two ends form a unique geometric shape. Introduces customers to the Zenith watchmaking world.

   The opening ceremony was titled ‘Legend’ and ‘Retro’ as the model. The guests present were all dressed in retro gentleman suits. At the ceremony, Mr. Lu Xianming, the brand director of Zenith, Mr. Xu Zhian, the famous artist of the brand, Mr. Qiming Qiu, the well-known media person, and Mr. Tang Bo, a senior collector of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. s story.

   At the end of the event, guests cut the ribbon and toasted for the Zenith new store.
——New watch——

   The new Pilot series watches are made of old stainless steel with chronograph function, and have a strong retro style, which is definitely a favorite of vintage lovers. The design was inspired by the ‘Coffee Knight’ cycling movement of England in the 1920s. The stainless steel case is old, large luminous Arabic numerals and a wide twist-lock crown with grooves, a light olive gray dial with grainy patterns supporting two chronograph dials, and the mirrors are arched. Shape design. Dating with this watch will make the girl look at you more.
Summary: Zenith’s new Tianjin store fits the popular Vintage style very well. In order to reproduce the legendary watchmaking style of Zenith, the store layout is also very thoughtful, ranging from gentleman gift bags, COHIBA cigars, to antique Harley-Davidson motorcycles , All exudes the gentleman’s retro feelings. The new watches launched by Zenith this year are also in line with the Vintage theme, I believe they will definitely attract a large number of nostalgic consumers.