Fran Muller Watchmaker Franca Muller The Wonders Of Modern Watchmaking

Master watchmaker Mr. Franck Muller believes that time is a serious subject, which has an unchangeable and unshakable law; on the other hand, he believes that time also has its interesting side, so he is not violating the law of time Under the premise of designing, he gave full play to his genius’ imagination and turned the tourbillon as a sophisticated mechanism. Swiss independent watchmaker Franca Muller is a genius, no doubt about it. He is loved and sought after by watch addicts around the world, and is inseparable from his talent and his contribution to the renaissance of watchmaking art-the surprise he brings to people is always dizzying. That custom-made barrel-shaped casing and unique dial design and even the Arabic Art Deco Arabic numerals have become Mueller’s ‘LOGO’. In the iconic appearance, he launched the Evolotion Tourbillon Watches No. 1 to 3 series since 2002, bringing a three-dimensional tourbillon feast to tourbillon fans. Evolotion 1 is a three-axis vertical lifting tourbillon. It is the three frames including the tourbillon that perform axis movement on their respective axes. The tourbillon moves in almost all horizontal positions within an hour to offset the error caused by gravity from any orientation: first the dual spring drum pushes the first frame that runs one revolution per hour through the minute hand wheel; then the first frame Then push the second frame to make one revolution every 8 minutes; and then make the tourbillon driven by the second frame to make one revolution every minute. The sight of this triaxial tourbillon running side by side is truly amazing. After Evolotion 2, Franka Mueller, who is keen to burst out new surprises for the timepiece, has introduced a tourbillon watch Evolotion 3 with a ‘3D effect’. His creativity, in this The third work in the series is once again breathtaking—the tourbillon of Evolotion 3 is in addition to the horizontal X-axis of Evolotion 2, plus an upright Y-axis rotation axis, so that the tourbillon presents a three-dimensional effect! The invention of the tourbillon was to correct mechanical errors caused by gravity. The reason why mechanical timepieces can walk according to a certain rhythm depends on the precise control of the escapement. If the escapement adjustment mechanism itself is inaccurate, the timepiece will be out of alignment. The main culprit for the inaccuracy of the escapement is gravity. The balance in the speed control device uses the elasticity of the balance spring to complete the balance movement.末 At the end of the seventeenth century, people’s requirements for the accuracy of clocks increased significantly, and they could no longer tolerate such a “position difference”. When the balance of a tourbillon watch is affected by gravity in one direction at a certain position, it will be affected by gravity in another direction at another position. The frame is continuously rotated and the position of the balance wheel is changed accordingly. Impacts in various directions; in other words, in a macro perspective, the impacts of various directions will cancel each other out, meaning no impact. Even on today’s watches, the tourbillon is the luxury of a mechanically complex timepiece.