Fashionable Men’s Watch In Hollywood Movies

The watch reflects a person’s personality and taste, and the Hollywood personality actor is well versed in this. Whether it is the brand’s initiative to provide in the movie, or the actor’s preference for the watch in private, as long as it is matched, the natural charm seems to penetrate the screen and allow fans to have a sense of identity
Daniel Craig vs. Omega
Omega, who has long cooperated with 007 movies, always goes with Pound, becoming one of the best equipment to build intelligence.
The new film ‘Quantum Crisis’ was released. In addition to providing the Daniel Craig filming of the Hippocampus Planet Ocean 600M coaxial escapement watch, recently launched a new global limited edition of 5,007 Hippocampus Planet Ocean 600M watches, with even more upgraded performance.
Omega Planet Ocean 600M Quantum Crisis Limited Watch, engraved with the 007 logo and limited number on the case back.
Jude Law vs. Parmigiani
Jude Law is a Hollywood-recognized fashion man who once wore IWC’s large flight watch in the movie ‘My Blueberry Night’ and was invited to participate in the Swiss watch brand Parma Channing earlier this year.
From the personality and handsomeness of the large flying watch to the gentleman style of Parma Channing, the different styles of watches all reflect Jude Law’s freely matching aesthetics.
Parma Channing’s first homemade chronograph.
Pierce Brosnan vs. Girard Perregaux
Many fans still think that the previous 007 intelligence agent Pierce Brosnan had a temperament of the character Pound in the film.
What kind of watches does Brosnan fall in love with when Pound doesn’t wear Omega? The answer is Girard Perregaux’s 1945 series. The picture shows him taking a Canon camera to take pictures of the paparazzi on the side after shopping in Malibu, California.
Girard-Perregaux (GP) Vintage 1945 is elegantly shaped. The picture shows this year’s new power reserve watch.
El Pasino vs. Dima Watch
帕 Al Pasino performed senior police detectives with Robert De Niro in the film ‘Clash of the Century’ and wore the German TUMINA Grand Classic series chronograph watch all the way. This classic 1941 flight watch features an ancient coin-shaped bidirectional outer ring with a beaded satin belt. The 43mm large surface design is robust and domineering, which fits El Pasino’s temperament.
帕 Al Pacino’s 1941 TIMOTA flight watch in the movie ‘Confrontation of the Century’.