Elegant Cask Watch Recommended Longines Collection Series Watch

Longines watches have always been elegant passers. Whether it is handsome men’s watches or feminine women’s watches, each watch steals elegant charm. Today, I appreciate the wine barrel model, the stunning effect has given Longines a greater imagination. Today we come together to appreciate this collection series L2.642.4.73.4 watch.
 The Longines L2.642.4.73.4 watch’s silver stainless steel case is perfectly combined with its simple and beautiful geometric lines and symmetrical proportions. The shape of the barrel creates an excellent visual beauty. Abrasion-resistant sapphire glass is not only stable in nature and high-temperature resistant, but also provides excellent convenience for users due to its good light transmission. Longines’ iconic flying wing hourglass is even more prominent under the silvery ‘flinque’ dial. In the history of hundreds of years since the birth of the clock, it has gradually evolved from a pocket watch to a watch. Because the second hand is mounted on four wheels, the earliest second hand should be in the position of the four wheels. The oval-lined Arabic numerals on the dial, combined with the delicate small seconds dial below the blue steel hands, bring out the classic beauty of this series in the atmosphere. And the brown alligator leather strap, plus the three-fold safety buckle and push-opening device make wearing fast and comfortable.
 The watches of the Longines Collection series have always been a classic theme, and they are famous for their fashion and elegance. Therefore, in terms of functions, there is no overly complicated function added, and only some classic content is retained.

As a formal watch of the Longines Collection, the L2.642.4.73.4 watch still adopts the classic calendar function. Every day, it will be automatically adjusted around ten minutes before and after midnight. Due to the fixed setting of 31 days a month, the wearer needs to adjust multiple times throughout the year, which has caused a little trouble for the wearer, but it also reflects Out of the classic beauty of this watch. Each revolution of the small dial below the dial represents one minute. This design can reduce the energy consumption and wear of the watch movement. Of course, there is another important point. Water resistance and water are unavoidable in people’s lives. In order to make the life of the wearer more convenient, this watch has a precise case design that makes the wearer more convenient in life.
 The Longines L2.642.4.73.4 watch uses the Cal.L615 self-winding mechanical movement, which is based on the ETA 2895-2 movement and incorporates Longines’ unique watchmaking process. The 4.35 mm thick movement is set with 27 A gem can meet the gem needs of important parts required by the movement. The 28800 hourly vibration frequency means that the time of each component will become more accurate under high-speed operation. Although the 42-hour power reserve is relatively small, it is also the classic of this watch, allowing wearers to feel more of it.

 The stainless steel case is wrapped with orderly rotating blue steel hands under the sapphire mirror, and the internal Cal.L615 movement runs stably while also providing a practical calendar function.
The Longines L2.642.4.73.4 watch retains the original classic elements in its design and combines elegance and fashion to bring out the classic beauty of this series. The combination of cold steel tones and the shape of the barrel creates a great visual impact, and the sophisticated dial design injects more vitality and fashion into it. What is even more attractive is that this overall design is very atmospheric, which complements the exquisiteness of the female watch L2. It also adds a tacit understanding for couples.
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