Dream Star Sky Tasting Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon Lapis Lazuli Watch

As the ‘Lone Ranger’ in the watch industry, Parmigiani is a very pure independent watchmaking brand. And when a brand has the ability to produce all the parts needed to make a mechanical watch, including: case, dial, hands, movement, etc., it basically meets the prerequisites for becoming an independent watch brand. Established in 1996, Parmigiani is one of the very few independent watch brands with their own full production network. People in the industry will also call such brands ‘blue blood nobles’. Today, the Watch House brings everyone a Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon Lapis Lazuli watch.

   At this year’s Geneva Watch Show, Parmigiani launched the new Ovale Tourbillon Lapis Lazuli watch. The traditional tourbillon mechanism is combined with lapis lazuli to create a dreamy watch. It can be said that it is a adherence to the tradition of watchmaking, a adherence to the immortality.

45.0 x 37.6 mm rose gold case

   This watch features a highly polished 18k rose gold oval case with a diameter of 45.0 x 37.6 mm and a thickness of 12.45 mm. The charming blue lapis lazuli is used on the dial, like a dreamy starry sky. The tourbillon completely exposed at 6 o’clock is like a moving astral satellite, which makes people wonder.

Rose gold crown

   The side of the case is polished and polished, and with the bezel of the bevel, it looks smooth and round. The screw-in, serrated rose gold crown is comfortable to the touch, and the polished crown is engraved with the ‘PF’ logo of Parmigiani.

Black alligator strap

   The black crocodile leather strap is made of top quality crocodile leather from Hermès. (The exclusive partner of Parmigiani straps, Hermès and Parmigiani, have been working together for several years. The straps are made from top Epsom calfskin and crocodile leather.) With a 18k rose gold pin buckle, Easy to wear, preventing accidental fall off.

Drop-shaped lugs

   Parmigiani’s unique drop-shaped lug design feels like a nose pad of glasses, it is exquisite and small, and it is very comfortable to wear.

Lapis Lazuli dial

   Traditional junior dial design, trapezoidal hour markers and Arabic numerals. The iconic triangular hour, minute and semi-crescent-shaped second hands have a simple and clean style. The dial of the blue lapis lazuli is evenly distributed with white and gold star-shaped patterns, like a starry sky. Good lapis lazuli is mostly produced in Afghanistan. It has a uniform dark blue to sky blue, and a very fine-grained cryptocrystalline structure is mixed with a trace amount of pyrite, which makes it shine brightly under the sun. The dial of Lapis Lazuli used by Parmigiani is evenly and beautifully distributed, and it is speculated that it should also come from Afghanistan.

30 Second Tourbillon

   At 30 o’clock at 6 o’clock, there is a tourbillon with a speed of twice the speed of the general tourbillon. The rapid flow brings pleasing aesthetics, and it can better compensate for the error caused by external forces on the escapement structure. The 12 o’clock position is equipped with a power reserve slot, which can display the power reserve for 7 days.

PF 500 manual winding mechanical movement

   It is equipped with a PF 500 manual winding mechanical movement with a thickness of 5.55 mm. The movement is well decorated. The German silver main plywood is sandblasted and polished with pearl dots, and then plated with rhodium. The bridge is sandblasted, patterned or decorated with Geneva waves, then manually chamfered, and finally rhodium plated. Each gear is chamfered, grooved, and double-sided pearl-polished before being cut and gold-plated. With a dual barrel, it is able to provide a 7-day power reserve.

   In summary: Parmigiani’s brand DNA has always been independent, innovative, pursuing quality, precious and rare and full of humanity. This lapis tourbillon watch is exquisite and beautiful, and it looks very good. There is an old saying: ‘The lapis lazuli looks like sky, or the gold dust is scattered and splendid, if the stars are beautiful in the sky’. Therefore, in ancient China, lapis lazuli was often used as a symbol of the majesty and nobility of heaven. I believe this watch will be sought after by collectors after its listing.