Designed By You Swatch Launches New Swatch X You Custom Series

Your watch, your style! For 34 years, Swatch has been committed to creating and designing timeless watches. Now our customers can finally design their own watches! Swatch has launched a new custom series Swatch X You, let Swatch fans be their own watch designers!

   Whether it’s an offline store or an online store, you can design your own Swatch with a few simple steps. The entire watchmaking process is very easy. Choose the watch head, strap, buckle ring and pin buckle you like from the pre-designed styles. Combine them and you’re done! First, choose the Gent or New Gent head with different case sizes. Second, choose the upper and lower straps at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. From the matte mint green to the bright red stripes, you will always find your favorite design. . Next, choose a matching buckle ring. Haven’t played fun yet? Then match it with an interesting pin buckle or buckle ring, as well as birthday cake, flying hearts and wedding rings. Customized gifts? Don’t let the Swatch X You series be ours!

   In addition, these ‘new designers’ just need to add the # swatchXme # topic to their social media, and they can show off their proud works on the global platform. Want to show your unique personality and design talent? Swatch X You, designed by you, the design belongs to you!