Clipper’s Elegant Hermes Cl1.910.132/3829 Watch

Hermès is a fashion brand. It started as a horse and gradually developed into an important part of the luxury empire. Hermès watches are also unique, and work like other brands’ products, with meticulous workmanship and excellent materials. Today we take Hermès CL1.910.132 / 3829 as an example to feel the unique trend of Hermès in the slightest.
 Hermes CL1.910.132 / 3829 is a stainless steel men’s watch with a diameter of 38 mm, which is a moderate style among men’s watches. The stainless steel material, rounded lines, exudes a silver metallic luster, reflecting the elegance and strength of men. There are six raised dots on the dial outer ring, which adds a lot of sportiness to the watch, making it show youthful vitality, making it more suitable for young people to wear. Its dial is white. Against the silver case, the glass through sapphire crystal looks very clear and clear, making the watch’s elegance even higher.

The small seconds dial, 10-minute chronograph seconds and 12-hour chronograph seconds dial are located at the 6 o’clock, 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions of the dial, respectively. This layout is different from the 3, 6, 9 o’clock position of most watches. The layout also reflects the beauty of an alternative symmetry, which is a full use of dial space. Its digital hour markers, black hollow Arabic numerals, are very clear on the white dial and have a light feel. The date display window is located at the four o’clock hour mark on the dial, which is the only asymmetric point in the entire symmetrical dial layout, which makes the watch unique.
 Hermes CL1.910.132 / 3829 is a model with good functions among the watches of the same level. First, let’s talk about its time display function. Its time display function is completed by the central minute hand, hour hand, and small seconds dial at six o’clock. This effectively reduces the complexity of the movement and makes the dial appear slimmer. . Simplifying the machine reduces the steps of energy transfer and improves the utilization of energy. Its chronograph function is composed of a central second hand and a 12-minute chronograph dial. Of course, it is special in that the 1/10 second counter at 2 o’clock indicates that it can be accurate to 1/10 seconds, and the central second hand usually points to 12 The position of the o’clock only starts to work when the time is started. Because it is the largest hand on the dial, we can clearly read the recorded time, so that we do not affect the work at hand when we watch the time. Its timing function is controlled by the timing start / stop button and timing pause button on both sides of the crown, which is simple and convenient. Its date display function is completed by the 4 o’clock date display window. The black Arabic numerals are easy to read against a white background.

 Hermès CL1.910.132 / 3829 can be said to be the best among Hermès watches, with a distinctive appearance, which can show the taste and temperament of the watch wearer. Its function is also very good, its timing function, its small second hand design, are some excellent functions. The movement it uses is a quartz movement. Although it may not be as high-grade as a mechanical movement, it can provide more stable and lasting power, which saves us the trouble of winding. Some watch fans are enjoying it, but the quartz movement has the convenience it provides us. And this watch can also be regarded as a boutique in quartz watch. Although Hermès is not the main watch, its advanced manufacturing technology and concept are also used in the manufacture of watches, which is the crystallization of hundreds of years of fashion experience. Its market reference price is 28,260 yuan. For the performance of this Hermes CL1.910.132 / 3829 beyond other watches of the same grade, it will be a good choice.
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