Chanel Silver Diamond Hollow Automatic Mechanical Watch

Chanel’s determination to advance into professional watchmaking is increasingly reflected in a watch launched by it, such as the J12 matte black mysterious flyback watch, which integrates tourbillon, retrograde, telescopic A series of functions such as the crown or complex or innovative all in one.
The most prominent feature of the 12J12 matte black mysterious flyback watch is the mysterious and unique timekeeping method derived from the 3-point retractable crown. Whenever the minute hand meets the blocking of the crown and the minute is forced to stop, the small dial at 6 o’clock will immediately take over to make up for the ‘lost’ ten minutes. During this time, the central minute hand will rotate to the 4 o’clock position in a retrograde manner, so as to continue to move normally after those ten minutes. The design of the crown also reflects Chanel’s extraordinary ingenuity and inspiration. As long as the ceramic block at 2 points on the bezel is pressed, the crown can be raised above the mirror, which is convenient for timing and winding; The 4-point ceramic block can be lowered to prevent it from being bumped. Of course, there is another important benefit of this design, that is, maintaining the perfect arc on both sides of the case, creating a flawless symmetry for the watch.
之外 In addition to the unique time indication method, the design based on perspective is also the key point of the watch. In addition to the cover at the crown, the gears, hollow plywood, small dial for counting minutes, and the tourbillon device at 9 o’clock are all at a glance. And in order to echo the avant-garde black of the watch, the hollow plywood and other parts are also made of high-tech precision ceramic material of the same color, and the chamfers are modified by hand. Concurrently. ‘