Casio G-shock Culb-g Priority Release Store Is About To Open

G-SHOCK, a watch brand owned by Casio, has always inspired and supported the trendy pioneering art with its absolutely shocking Toughness spirit, strong shock-resistant design, and distinctive appearance style. And lead a unique crossover cross-border cooperation, has always been an indispensable fashion cool people! Since its development, G-SHOCK has become an ICON in the trend industry. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK’s birth, and to give back more fan support, CLUB-G stores will be launched nationwide. CLUB-G priority sales stores, covering major cities in North China, East China and South China, will officially open on December 17. In-store sales include G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary series and other limited-edition models and new products first released. All models are exclusively released in the region. I want to share the new and cool G-SHOCK watches as soon as possible. G-FAN must not be wrong. Release shop! For details, you can inquire the stores near your home through G-SHOCK’s official website, and come to collect the heart meter models.
(Official website:, Sina official Weibo @ G-SHOCK)