Baby-g X Girls’ Generation 2015 Autumn Winter Play Handsome Street Sports Wind

Autumn / Winter 2015, Girls’ Generation turned into a sports girl, appeared on the fashion streets, created the handsome street sports style with the latest European and American trend STREET UNIFORM STYLE, 8 people wore BABY-G autumn / winter 2015 models combined with exclusive personality Clothing style, perfect interpretation of the main street sports style this autumn and winter. Girls’ Generation and BABY-G jointly launched a new watch model BGA-210 Series. The new series uses the concept of ‘street sports style’, uses the color and check pattern characteristics of the jersey, and enlarges the common number font on the jersey to 12 o’clock and At 6:00 o’clock, the 46mm large case design with a wide aluminum bezel fully demonstrates the full sense of movement, allowing you to easily create a trendy street sports style.
CASIO BABY-G_BGA-Childhood image

BABY-G X Girls’ Generation Autumn / Winter 2015 Photo Shoots Handsome Street Sports Style
   BABY-G X Girls’ Generation launched the latest flat image in autumn and winter 2015. The background is based on the retro street style of the 80s. The clothing is made of high-waisted skirts, retro platform shoes and sports shoes with BABY-G new autumn and winter 2015 models. , Using various color models with black and white color clothing, to create a sense of layering throughout the body, creating an exclusive sweet with cool street sports style.
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BABY-G BGA-210 series big street sports style design jersey number font inspiration mix and match large size case contrast color bezel to show exclusive street fashion
   The new BABY-G BGA-210 series models are inspired by street sports jerseys. They use the color combination and check pattern of the jersey to enrich the watch’s color and dial details. At the same time, the common number font of the jersey is enlarged. Transplanted to the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock scales, the three-dimensional hour of the hour adds a layer of dial, full of movement, full of colorful wide aluminum bezel, exudes a sense of gloss, and uses the color difference between the inner and outer rings to create a patchy feeling To show the playfulness unique to BABY-G!
CASIO BABY-G BGA-210-1B Listing Date December 2015

CASIO BABY-G BGA-210-2B Listing Date December 2015

CASIO BABY-G BGA-210-4B Listing Date December 2015

CASIO BABY-G BGA-210-7B1 Listing Date December 2015

CASIO BABY-G BGA-210-7B2 Listing Date December 2015

   Practical dual dial world time design, can display the time information of the two places at the same time with the main hand and the three o’clock watch eye, you can easily grasp the time of the two places when traveling abroad, press the 4 o’clock direction button to quickly switch Two places, and the intimate anti-skid design on the button, can also be easily operated during the exercise. The entire series has a total of 5 colors-black gold, blue silver, orange blue, white gray and blue and white color, easy to show vivid Lively visual effects! Equipped with impact-resistant structure and waterproof 100 meters, to meet the various sports needs of girls, such as: swimming, basketball, skateboarding, etc., built-in stopwatch, countdown, daily alarm, LED lighting … and other functions.