A Gesture To Turn The World Yao Chen And Director Chen Zheyi Elegantly Perform Piaget Possession Art Short Film

Rotation-to move the world with a light gesture. Piaget Possession series’ unique double-circle design allows women to turn the ring freely, release energy and joy through this hidden ritual, and grasp their own life. In order to perfectly demonstrate the Possession series’s attitude of turning the world and the deep meaning of releasing the inner energy, Piaget joined the cutting-edge director Chen Zheyi and the well-known actor Yao Chen to create a unique artistic short film, telling the story of contemporary women on film .

Unique and fearless aesthetics

   Born in 1874, Piaget, the top Swiss watch and jewellery master, upholds outstanding craftsmanship and fearless aesthetics, and has been praised for his excellence in craftsmanship. Among them, the Possession series is particularly popular for its iconic movable rotating outer ring design. Today, the Possession series that has leisurely spanned a quarter of a century, through Piaget’s re-interpretation, continues to dazzle, and proves the brand motto of ‘Always do better than required’. In the new Possession series of rings, the two interlocking rings are independent and inseparable from each other. The rounded lines are full of aesthetic power, and the dazzling light captures the envious eyes. The master craftsman’s axe and mastery completely released the fun of the ring, and the carefully polished gold ring became a sensory bond, craving for the touch of the fingertips. Every touch, intentional or unintentional, is also a great time to touch your heart, a hidden ritual to suspend life. The Possession ring unreservedly shares the most subtle state of mind with elegant and independent contemporary women, continuously giving women confidence and courage, and opening up a wonderful new world of senses.

   Count Piaget has been tirelessly supporting the development and creation of the film industry for many years, and continues to show his unique vision and extraordinary taste in this field. Count Piaget hopes to explain the inspiration of the Possession series to contemporary women in an artistic way. The well-known artist Yao Chen and the emerging director Chen Zheyi resonate with this, and happily joined the Possession short film creation team. Directors, actors, and a host of creators collaborated endlessly and cultivated a deep understanding during the short shooting process. The film’s vision and hearing blend perfectly, showing the rich life philosophy of the Possession series.

Calm and confident Yao Chen is full of female power
   Hot and famous actor and fashion Icon Yao Chen is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of contemporary women. Since she set foot on the road to acting, she has presented many contemporary female images to the audience. Her tall figure and keen fashion sense make her an indispensable oriental face on the international fashion stage. And her iconic smile is innocent and full of warm vitality, which has infected countless people.

   The fate of Yao Chen and Possession seems to be fixed. When she puts on the Possession ring and slowly rotates with her fingertips, she says with emotion: ‘You will find that turning the ring will have a very playful mystery, like an encouragement to yourself And a kind of cheer. ‘The energy it provides allows women to gracefully face the ups and downs of life. ‘I want to show the grace of a woman of this age-calm, confident, you want to be such a woman, and you know you can do it.’
Sensitive and delicate Chen Zheyi shows a deep perspective
   Another soul of the Possession art short is Singaporean director Chen Zheyi. He is one of the most popular young directors in the world in recent years. Chen Zheyi is a director and screenwriter. He is particularly good at showing his perception of the details of life from a deep perspective. His lens language is often reduced to simplicity, but the exquisite and rich emotions flow out through the lens, which has impressed countless audiences and major international film festivals.

   In 2006, Chen Zheyi’s first short film participated in the Cannes Film Festival; his first feature film, ‘Parents Are Not Home’, swept major international film festivals and won the golden camera of the 66th Cannes International Film Festival in one fell swoop. 40 international awards including the Best Debut Award at the 57th London International Film Festival. Chen Zheyi has strict requirements for actors and teams, as well as herself. All of this is to create the most direct work to the soul. ‘I think we want to bring out a woman’s soul in this film. Her past, her growth, her studies, her confidence, Look for that definition of self. ‘
Rotation attitude
   In the face of a world where interpersonal networks are intertwined and the pace of life is accelerating, contemporary women are always moving around the world and between different roles. The Possession series understands that women are eager to have their own time in a busy metropolitan life, a quiet and impatient heart, and a conversation with their original self. Count Piaget hopes to explore women’s minds through a distinctive art form. Every woman has a path from astringent to mature and confused to firm. Yao Chen has also undergone this process of transformation since her debut. This time, she plays the core of the whole drama, showing the inner strength of many contemporary women with poetic language and full monologues. Director Chen Zheyi uses black and white tones to enable audiences to listen to the voice and power of the soul. The simple colors of the film imply a rich content. The lens is from far to near, as the viewer slowly enters the female spiritual world.

   In just 3 minutes, Piaget completed the journey of exploring the female self. This has to be attributed to Yao Chen’s dedication to the performance and Chen Zheyi’s fine control of the lens language. The whole film was performed by Yao Chen alone, and one shot to the end restored the true emotions to the greatest extent. The film has no gorgeous cuts, so every detail must not be lost, and even the smallest flaws will ruin the entire work. It is not only a challenge to the director’s camera skills, but also a test of the actor’s acting skills. However, life itself is like this. The trajectory of each person’s life is the only one that cannot be duplicated. The only thing we can do is move forward with courage. The source of joy is the guardian of courage and perseverance. At every precious moment, the Possession series focuses on listening to the inner voice of women, and through touching and turning again and again, it releases the power of women to change the world and blooms eternal passion and light.

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