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Mb & F Launches Legacy Machine No1-news Mbf

Adjectives such as ‘wild, extreme, broken, unrestrained’ are very suitable for use on MB & F clock and watch machines; then ‘traditional, classical, round Shape ‘? Huge center-mounted balance wheel, exquisite hand-polished movement, completely independent dual time zone, unique vertical energy storage indicator and extremely elegant round case, Legacy Machine No.1 (LM1) is a traditional A watch honoured by the great innovators in the watchmaking industry, it is a three-dimensionally designed MB & F clock machine.

Maximilian Büsser conceived LM1 in a fantasy, he thought: ‘What if I was born a hundred years earlier, not in 1967, but in 1867? Watches only appeared in the early 1900s, if at that moment, I wanted to create a watch to be worn on my wrist. At that time, there was no inspiration from ‘Invincible Iron King Kong’, ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Fighter’. I only had pocket watches, Eiffel Tower and science fiction ‘20,000 miles under the sea ”For reference, what would a watch like this look like? It must be round and three-dimensional, and Legacy Machine No. 1 is my answer.”
Loyal to the high quality of the 19th century pocket watch, the LM1 uses a large-diameter double-spoke balance wheel and a traditional Breguet double-layer headspring; its mysterious adjustment mechanism is fully visible, but the balance wheel is suspended above the movement. Hour and minute, fully independent dual time zone indications are located on two dials-Dual time zone complication usually does not allow independent adjustment of minutes-its circular dial further enhances the golden age of watchmaking from visual effects (1780-1850) a feeling of. It looks like a miniature sextant. The unique vertical indication of energy storage time indicates the available energy. Its beautiful arc shape provides a visual effect of the three-dimensional structure while maintaining balance.

The contour of LM1 sapphire crystal hemispherical arc mirror.
Through the clear curved sapphire crystal of Legacy Machine No.1, you can see the fantastic masterpiece of micromechanics underneath, which is reminiscent of the master of the science fiction ‘Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea’ Captain Onimo watching the mysterious Atlan The scene of the continent.
The self-made movement on Legacy Machine No.1 transcends traditional watchmaking. It exudes the unparalleled power of creator Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode (Best Watchmaker Award at Geneva Watchmaking Awards 2010) Talent, they found nothing out of nothing, building this movement bit by bit; independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen is responsible for aesthetic design, and supervising this movement will never deviate from the most noble and distinguished watchmaking tradition and the surface treatment of the movement. The perfect Geneva ripple, the extremely polished gold sapphire bearing sleeve, the bridge plate with concave chamfering (must be done completely by hand, and no mechanical surface treatment method can be used), fully showing the perfection of this movement Polish the craft. The movement of Legacy Machine No.1 is engraved with the names of the two creators, and it is also the first time that Voutilainen has signed a movement other than its own brand.

From left to right: Maximilian Büsser, Kari Voutilainen, Jean-François Mojon

With Legacy Machine No.1, you can learn how MB & F has created a completely modern, three-dimensional spatial art with the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship of the 19th century.
Source: MB & F
To watch a video of LM1: click here

Chopard’s New Three Precision Timepieces Dedicated To Antique Car Racing

Chopard’s new Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2014 watch series consists of three outstanding timepieces. This high-performance comprehensive combination includes a chronograph, an automatic winding watch and a watch with a power reserve display, dedicated to the most prestigious antique car events.

Gentleman rider, mechanical passion
 The Monaco Antique Car Race is a collection of racing cars from the 1920s to 1985, making all kinds of very different antique cars roar in the same arena. It is a diverse race. Each car symbolizes the outstanding machinery of a particular era, escorting passionate riders to fight in real time. Chopard has been the sponsor and official timekeeper of the event since 2002, and has been involved in the event because of its unique emotional connection. Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is a dedicated antique car enthusiast. At each event (every two years), Chopard will launch a limited edition chronograph to highlight the style of the event. In 2014, Chopard launched for the first time a true watch collection associated with this event. The new Grand Prix de Monaco Historique series includes a full range of fully functional watches designed to meet the needs of customers and drivers. Chopard launched three different styles, each with two materials, one with micro-blasted titanium and stainless steel, showing pure sports style; the other with rose gold and stainless steel, more precious and gorgeous. The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watches have different functions, like three main engine groups: V6, V8 and V12.

Three watches, the same spirit
 The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Automatic is an excellent timing tool. Its self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), acts like a V6 engine, ensuring precision timing performance that meets driver requirements and Chopard standards. The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Power Control is no longer a V8 engine, with a power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock. Its appearance design directly draws on gasoline or fuel gauge.

 Finally, the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chrono is the V12 engine in the family. Powerful, orthodox, noble, well-deserved excellence racing equipment. The three watches of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique series belong to the same family, and their completely renewed and innovative design makes them outstanding. The chassis is a 44.5 mm diameter titanium case, which is light, sturdy and has good biocompatibility. The caseback is engraved with the Automobile Club de Monaco logo, so it is made of stainless steel that is more resistant to engraving. The lugs have been reworked to ensure better wearing comfort. But the most important change is the dial. Its surface is sanded and grooved. The constantly running surface is reminiscent of the car’s speeding and cornering signs.

Speed ​​and sportiness
 The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2014 collection introduces a new shade. Yellow is the basic color of the racing language. Jumping and bright yellow represents speed, warnings, and dangers that riders face all the time. Fluorescent hour markers, hands, case back, everything is carefully designed to ensure that Automatic, Power Control and Chrono Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watches are easy to wear, easy to use, and easy to read. This shade is exclusive to the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique collection of titanium and stainless steel watches. These timepieces are highly functional and symbolize the concept of mechanical movement. This concept is closely linked to adaptability. Whether a driver wins or not depends on his ability to adapt. For this reason, these models are available with stainless steel and titanium bracelets or black barénia calfskin straps. The yellow bright stitching on the leather strap further extends the dial and the entire watch’s explosive atmosphere.

Elegant Confucianism
 In addition to these instrumentation tools, Chopard has launched watches made of stainless steel with titanium and rose gold. The hands, bezel and crown of the Automatic, Power Control and Chrono Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watches are plated with rose gold. The buttons of the Chrono Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watch are also made of precious rose gold, while the beige pin stitching of the black barenia calfskin strap is also embellished with rose gold. These more ornate and complex materials contrast with silver-gray dials and black hour markers, demonstrating that the classic racing world belongs to a gentle gentleman, with a refined elegance. This is Chopard’s dedication to car racing: a combination of superior mechanical performance, impeccable ergonomics, while at the same time losing the inherent elegance of the racing world.

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Thank You All The Way, Thank You For Coming To The Establishment Of Casio China

In order to further expand the business in China, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. established Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Casio China’) in Casio (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. and Casio (Guangzhou) The business functions of the Trading Co., Ltd. are officially merged, covering the entire range of Casio products sold in China. On March 20, 2014, the establishment of Casio China was held in the Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao Yuanyi Hotel. Casio senior leaders, industry partners, media reporters, etc. gathered together to witness the development of Casio in China. The first Casio Cup Family Singing Grand Prix champion, well-known Japanese singer Wu Huimin, came to the scene to help, and sang to congratulate the establishment of Casio China.

 The opening ceremony of Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd.

 Message from Hiroshi Nakamura, Managing Director and Sales Manager of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

 Speech by Chairman of Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd.

怎样 What is Casio in your memory? In the street interview video broadcast at the celebration site, Casio users described Casio in their hearts with friendly and plain language. The 80-year-old Casio TV commercial with animated image of Astro is impressive. The Casio Cup Family Singing Grand Prix, which was broadcast in 1985, has created a viewing frenzy and represents the classic memory of an era. On the same day, Wu Huimin, a well-known singer from Japan who won the first championship of the competition and had an inextricable bond with Casio, also attended the celebration. Her gentle singing awakened everyone’s fond memories of the year.

 Wu Huimin, the champion of the Casio Cup Family Singing Grand Prix, came to the scene

Throughout Casio’s development in China, Casio electronic calculators entered China in 1980; Beijing Office was established in 1985; electronic musical instruments and watches entered China in the 1990s; and digital cameras and electronic dictionaries were established in 2003 , Electronic calculators, electronic musical instruments and other products ‘Casio (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.’ as its main business; in 2006, ‘Casio (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd.’ was established to sell watches as its main business. Since then, Casio has developed in China under the system of these two sales companies. The business has expanded year by year, and sales have increased year by year, and it has developed into a well-known brand in China.

 History of Casio in China

In order to further expand its business in China, Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd. was established, which covers the entire range of Casio products sold in China. At the inauguration ceremony of Casio China during the celebration, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.’s executive director and sales director Kusaka Nakamura, the chairman of Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd., the large court, the general manager Jin Tian Gongyi, and the general manager Lin Chengbin took the stage. , Jointly start Casio’s new journey in China. After the establishment of Casio China, it will horizontally and uniformly manage the circulation, sales and marketing of all products, further improving brand awareness and trust, and enhancing brand vitality. The steady development of Casio is closely linked to the love and support of Chinese consumers. In the future, we will continue to uphold the ‘contribution contribution’ business philosophy and ‘0 to 1’ R & D concept, further increase the promotion in China, and target the rapidly changing Chinese market, starting from the specific needs of Chinese consumers, and launching closer to the Chinese market The product.

 G-SHOCK MTG-S1000D Series Watch

 Privia Piano Digital Hello Kitty Elegant Commemorative Edition PX-150KT

 EX-TR350S interprets women’s maturity and cuteness

 The father of TR Yosuke Nagayama shows TR fans to show more than one side of beauty

At the celebration site, Casio showed the entire lineup of Casio products to the audience through dazzling 3D video, which made people deeply convinced by the innovative electronic technology of 0 to 1. This celebration highlights the G-SHOCK masterpiece MTG-S1000D series watches, perfect combination of toughness and beauty; Privia floating piano digital piano Hello Kitty elegant commemorative edition PX-150KT in cooperation with SANRIO Play the piano and become an intimate listener. At the same time, Casio released the new ‘selfie artifact’ EX-TR350S today, and the selfie mode is upgraded again. And the launch of two new high-speed digital cameras, the EX-10 and EX-100, aimed at independent female consumers. Casio will bring its various major products to bring Chinese users a value experience beyond imagination.

Casio’s past is with you, and Casio’s future looks forward to your participation. The official establishment of Casio China will open a new chapter for its business development in China.

Designed By You Swatch Launches New Swatch X You Custom Series

Your watch, your style! For 34 years, Swatch has been committed to creating and designing timeless watches. Now our customers can finally design their own watches! Swatch has launched a new custom series Swatch X You, let Swatch fans be their own watch designers!

   Whether it’s an offline store or an online store, you can design your own Swatch with a few simple steps. The entire watchmaking process is very easy. Choose the watch head, strap, buckle ring and pin buckle you like from the pre-designed styles. Combine them and you’re done! First, choose the Gent or New Gent head with different case sizes. Second, choose the upper and lower straps at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. From the matte mint green to the bright red stripes, you will always find your favorite design. . Next, choose a matching buckle ring. Haven’t played fun yet? Then match it with an interesting pin buckle or buckle ring, as well as birthday cake, flying hearts and wedding rings. Customized gifts? Don’t let the Swatch X You series be ours!

   In addition, these ‘new designers’ just need to add the # swatchXme # topic to their social media, and they can show off their proud works on the global platform. Want to show your unique personality and design talent? Swatch X You, designed by you, the design belongs to you!

John Travolta And North American X-15 Rocket Power Tester Two Great Flying Legends Dance With Breitling Sky

As an internationally renowned movie star, experienced pilot and aviation fanatic, John Travolta has been working with Breitling for more than a decade. In order to perfectly shoot the new Breitling 2015 advertising blockbuster, Breitling, as a close partner of the world’s aviation industry, won the approval of the United States Air Force Flight Test Museum in Edwards, California, and borrowed the famous North American X-15 rocket-powered test machine.
   In the picture, John Travolta sits forward, while next to him is another flying legend, the North American X-15 rocket-powered test machine. In the 1960s, the North American X-15 rocket-powered test aircraft completed nearly 200 flights, pushing the limits of the aviation industry and opening the door to human space exploration. It also created two historical records. Commendation history: a record altitude of 107,960 meters in 1963 and a record speed of 7,274 km / h (Mach 6.7) in 1967.
   A brand new commercial featuring Travolta and the North American X-1 5 rocket-powered test machine was filmed on the runway of the famous Mojave Aerospace Port in California. As a professional wrist instrument that is precise, reliable, and constantly innovating, the cooperation between Breitling and the two great flying legends is undoubtedly a clear tribute to the ambition of mankind to conquer the sky.
   From the day it was founded in 1884, Breitling, Switzerland’s top independent watchmaking brand, has played a vital role in the development of chronographs in the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. In 1915, Breitling pioneered the creation of the first independent chronograph button. In 1934, Breitling invented the second independent chronograph button, which established the appearance of a modern chronograph watch. In 1969, Breitling led the world’s first automatic watch. Winding chronograph watch; in 2009, Breitling launched its own self-developed high-performance automatic winding chronograph movement-Breitling’s own 01 movement; in 2014, Breitling launched the first Breitling’s homemade B50 movement with both hands and digital time display function, Re-establish the brand’s pioneering position in the field of technical watchmaking. As of now, Breitling already has 7 self-made movements. At the same time, Breitling is also the only watch brand in the world equipped with the most accurate and reliable movements for its entire series of watches. All movements (including mechanical watches and quartz watches) of all 11 major watches are certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) ). With precise, reliable and outstanding performance “Professional Wrist Meters”, Breitling has established its solid position as a specialist in precision chronograph watches and a close partner of the world aviation industry.
   As a family-owned company, Breitling is also one of the few independent watchmakers in Switzerland. The current head is Théodore Schneider. After five generations, every watch, every movement, every innovation is a challenge and conquest of Breitling’s relentless pursuit of ‘making the most precise timepieces.’ Welcome to the world of Breitling!

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