Month: March 2020

Breitling Launches The Global Aviation Special Edition Chronograph Wristwatch For Capsule Series

Breitling recently launched the first new capsule series of aviation chronograph airline special edition watches, commemorating the vital role of the brand in the golden age of aviation and several major airlines with symbolic significance at the time. The series was first launched with a special edition of Swissair, and a special edition of Pan American Airlines was subsequently added. Today, the two symbolic airlines welcome a new partner, Global Airlines. For the most part of the century, Huanhua’s aircraft were familiar scenery of the world’s major airports.

Aviation Chronograph 1 B01 Chronograph 43 Global Aviation Special Edition

Breitling’s first capsule series captures the unforgettable spirit of the golden age of civil aviation, recreating the cool and easy-to-inspire style of the century and the century. The Special Edition of Airtimer pays tribute to the pioneers of civil aviation in commemoration of the airlines that were symbolic of that era. The series debuted with a special edition of Swissair, followed by a special edition of Pan American Airlines. Today, the new Global Aviation Special Edition completes the entire series.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern said: ‘We are launching these airline special edition watches in a new capsule series. This series has a limited time to launch, so the number is limited, but the watch will not be numbered. Breitling’s capsule series is designed to tell a special story in the history of this core collection of the brand: this sets them apart from our limited editions, but retains its original intention: a limited number of watches with a limited number of releases.

Breitling Capsule Series: A Storytelling Watch

Breitling Marketing Director Tim Sayler also emphasized the story level of the capsule series and further stated: ‘We are very pleased that our first capsule line can highlight Breitling in the middle and late 20th century ) Plays an important role. These watches also incorporate the young and cool design styles of the 1960s and 1970s. These styles are of special significance today and have a great influence on the current design trends.

Civil aviation experienced unprecedented prosperity and development in the century and decade. As the flying dream ceases to be exclusive to the privileged elite, the world suddenly appears to be smaller. The flight began to reach a wider group of passengers, and for the first time, many people were able to fly over continents and cross the ocean. Breitling played a key role in the rise of civil aviation. Its onboard timer became a standard feature of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers at the time, first on propeller aircraft and later on jet aircraft.

The Breitling Aviation Chronograph was introduced in the year, and it was immediately favored by pilots when it was launched, especially those fashionable pilots who fly international or intercontinental flights such as Boeing and Douglas in the late 1950s. The Breitling Aviation Chronograph uses a circular flight slider to allow the pilot to perform the important calculations required during the voyage. During those glorious years of civil aviation, the aviation chronograph was the first on-board computer worn on the wrist, laying the pinnacle of prestige for Breitling, which was then highly regarded for its on-board timers. Become the official designated supplier of the world aviation industry.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern pointed out: For the enthusiasts and watch fans of the history of civil aviation, the mention of these legendary airlines will associate the excitement and adventure brought by long-distance flights; and for those who love The fashionable customers are the charm of the times in the classic movie scenes where the passengers are enjoying the good service provided by the smiling and well-dressed crew members. Breitling has been the designated supplier for more than one of the leading airlines and aircraft manufacturers since the twentieth century, and we are also very happy to be able to commemorate the symbolic airlines of the year with the launch of the capsule series: Transaero, Pan Am and Swissair.

Breitling Capsule Special Edition

Three special editions of chronograph airlines are equipped with Breitling’s own movements. This self-made chronograph mechanical movement is known as one of the industry’s outstanding precision movements, which not only provides excellent accuracy, but also has a power reserve of about an hour. The watches are equipped with a two-way rotating bezel and a well-known circular flight slider, which can perform all-round calculations related to flight navigation. The unique straight hands give the watch a classic, dynamic look and a modern interpretation. Breitling’s first capsule series will be launched in limited time at Breitling’s major stores and official dealer shops.


Aviation Chronograph 1 B01 Chronograph 43 Global Aviation Special Edition

Aviation Chronograph Global Aviation Special Edition has a transparent sapphire case back with the ring logo printed on it. For the most part of the century, United States-based Universal Airlines was a familiar sight of major airports around the world. This stainless steel watch is equipped with a silver dial, a small anthracite dial, and a retro-style brown leather strap or stainless steel braided bracelet. Following the special edition watches in the capsule series that pay tribute to Swissair and Pan American, this brand commemorates another airline that played an important role in the take-off of Century Civil Aviation. These airlines have largely shaped passenger aviation as we know it today.

Zenith’s New Work Christophe Colomb- News Zenith

This cutting-edge masterpiece was named in honor of the famous Christopher Columbus. He was a brave and fearless explorer in the 15th century. He was the first to reach the coast without touching it. The warrior of the coastline, ZENITH, after 5 years of hard work, finally proudly launched this great modern fashion watch masterpiece.

As Christopher Columbus is closely related to the original essence of this extremely complicated boutique, the naming of this watch precisely emphasizes the key issues about this great navigator, which still plagues the entire watch industry: How to use the instrument for precise measurement depends on the constant speed of the object, which has disadvantages to the accuracy of the entire measurement.

Zenith’s book on ‘Echappement Colomb’ (Columbus Escapement)

However, the final naming of the watch was not just to commemorate the greatest nautical adventure ever; it also indicated a historical heritage. At the beginning of the 20th century, Zenith introduced a Lépine chronograph movement, whose balance ‘Columbus Escapement Ratchet’ is well known, the 20½ ” ‘NVI chronograph is re-elected as the three-time winner of the Neuchâtel Observatory Neuchatel Observatory, and the “Class A Excellent Certificate” from the Kew Observatory of Teddington ‘.

• Major milestones in the mechanical watch industry
• Inspired by the legendary precision marine timer
• The world’s best super complicated mechanical watch: the self-adjusting gyro module helps to ensure the flat position of the speed regulating mechanism.
• The regulator consists of 166 parts, 10 gears and 2 shafts.
• Limited edition of 25 pieces, available in white, rose and gold.
Original source: Zenith

Iwc Pilot’s Watch Ready To Take Off

From the first special pilot watch in 1936 to now, IWC has established a rich range of pilot watches. The flight plan is very clear: clear, robust and precise!

IWC Large Pilot’s Watch, 1940
 The IWC Pilot’s Watch is inspired by the pilot’s demand for precision and legibility, and has evolved with the development of the aviation industry, becoming an icon in the brand’s product line since the 1930s. At that time, wristwatches were still in their early stages, and aviation was still a vast, untapped field, and the desire and ambition for adventure made flying from dreams to reality. And IWC is part of this epic story, known as a professional pilot watch manufacturer-from the first special pilot watch in 1936, the pilot series has been a major pillar of the brand for more than 80 years .

IWC Large Pilot Mark XVIII Watch Special Edition ‘Salute to Mark XII’
Designed for the cockpit
 The idea of ​​developing a pilot watch originated from Hans Ernst and Rudolf, the two sons of Ernst Jakob Homberger, then the head of the Schaffhausen watchmaking factory, both of them flying enthusiasts. The Pilot’s Watch is the first of its kind, the dial is decorated with large fluorescent Arabic numerals and hands, which are extremely clear. The arrow marks on the rotating bezel can be used to record takeoff time. IWC’s first pilot watch is equipped with a Calibre83 manual winding movement, which uses an anti-magnetic escapement system. Developed to withstand the harsh conditions of the cockpit at the time, this special pilot watch is extremely cold-resistant and can withstand temperature changes from minus 40 ° C to minus 40 ° C.

IWC Large Pilot’s Calendar 150th Anniversary Special Edition
 Immediately following the special pilot watches, IWC has continued to develop a masterpiece that not only retains the history of the famous brand, but also extolls the history of pilot watches. In 1940, the Schaffhausen Watch Factory launched a large pilot 52T.S.C. watch, with an output of more than 1,000 pieces, which was supplied to the Luftwaffe. This watch is 55 mm in diameter, 16.5 mm thick and weighs 183 grams. It is impressive and is the largest watch ever made in the history of IWC. The dial draws inspiration from the cockpit instruments of the time, and the famous triangle mark at 12 o’clock is still a classic feature of IWC pilot watches. The onion crown on the case side makes it easy for pilots to grip even when wearing gloves.

IWC Large Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” Special Edition

Mark eleven, a new icon
 Inheriting history, IWC opened a new chapter in 1949, once again leading the trend of modern timepieces inspired by aviation. In response to the needs of the Royal Air Force in the late 1940s, IWC developed the legendary Mark XI watch. Produced in 1948, delivered and equipped with British pilots and the Commonwealth Armed Forces in 1949, until 1981. This watch is equipped with Calibre89 movement and equipped with antimagnetic soft iron inner case. Calibre89 movement was from the handwriting of Albert Pellaton, then the technical director of IWC. At the same time, the latter was the inventor of the efficient bidirectional pawl winding system (later the Pellaton automatic winding system).

IWC Perpetual Calendar Watch
 From 1936 to 1949, these three pilot watches laid the foundation for IWC’s long tradition in aviation. Since then, IWC has repeatedly given pilots new interpretations, introducing a variety of men’s watches and smaller women’s watches. In 1992, a double chronograph chronograph joined the collection. In 1998, the brand released the Spitfire Universal Time watch (the time and date are set by the crown), sowing the seeds for the complete Spitfire series in 2003. In 2002, IWC re-examined the large pilot’s watch, reducing the case size to 46 mm and equipping it with an automatic winding movement that provides 7-day power reserve.

IWC Large Pilot’s Chronograph
 In 2006, the brand launched five new models with improved design, including the special edition of ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the publication of ‘Night Flight’. The birth of the Spitfire series was witnessed in 2012. The case was made of black ceramic material to further enhance military colors. In 2013, the first ‘Little Prince’ special edition to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the publication of Anthony Saint Exupery’s classic fairy tale ‘Little Prince’ was released. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the brand’s founding in 2018, IWC has launched a new limited-edition pilot calendar.

IWC Large Pilot’s Calendar Annual Special Edition “Little Prince”
 Currently, IWC subdivides the pilot series into five different categories: Classic, Little Prince, Anthony Saint Exupery, Spitfire, and TOPGUN Navy Air Combat Force. Next year, the iconic Mark 11 watch will usher in the 70th anniversary of its birth. This is a good opportunity to introduce new ideas. It is believed that at the 2019 Geneva International Watch Salon (SIHH2019), IWC will present new exciting for antique and aviation lovers . (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

Classic And Durable ‘once And Forever’ Three Rolex Watches Recommended

It is said that according to statistics, 60% of the first high-end watches purchased by the Chinese will choose Rolex. In most cases, choosing a Rolex can never go wrong. Choosing a watch that suits you not only makes you look cool, but also presents your unique taste and makes you more confident in your daily work life. Below, Watch House brings you three Rolex watches.
Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN-97200

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Strap material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 65,900
Watch details: 64,900
Watch details: II is a representative Rolex style, unique is that it is made of 904L stainless steel oyster case, the outer ring is set with scratch-resistant black Cerachrom ring, making each such ring cost 40 working hours.
The movement uses the Rolex 3186 self-winding movement developed by Rolex. In addition to the traditional hour, minute and second hands, it is equipped with a 24-hour hand to display the second urban area. Equipped with Parachrom hairspring to effectively protect the watch from impact or temperature changes. It is constructed in the same way as all oyster movements and has unrivalled reliability.

Rolex Explorer II Series 216570-77210

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Strap material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 64,200
Details of the watch: The biggest difference of the Master series is that the 24-hour printed rotatable bezel is changed to a fixed engraved 24-hour bezel, and the Cerachrom ring is not used.
The movement adopts the 3187 self-winding movement developed by Rolex. Paraflex shock absorbers developed exclusively by Rolex are used. This shock absorber can increase the shock resistance of vulnerable movement components such as balance shafts by up to 50%. In addition, Parachrom hairsprings are used. Magnetic alloys are not only immune to magnetic fields, they also provide shock resistance. Well deserved the name of the explorer.

Summary: The so-called ‘Once and Forever’, these three Rolex watches are all year-round popular styles, classic styles, stable travel time, and very ‘forbidden’, the price is relatively close to the people in Rolex, can be regarded as the first in your life High-end watch.

Showing The Modern Gentleman Picking Movado Watches For Father

Love is as strong as a mountain. In this special moment, Movado watches are the best choice for gifts. Hope our suggestions can help you better express your respect for your father: from Movado’s new Concerto Concerto Men’s Automatic Mechanical Watch; to Movado’s Quadro Watch with engraved bracelet design; Or the Movado Circa chronograph chronograph that draws inspiration from historical heritage; and the museum sports series, which injects new elements into the iconic museum dial and adds a sense of vitality.

Movado CONCERTO® Concerto Automatic Watch

 Movado introduced the Men’s Concerto® Concerto Automatic Watch for the first time at the Basel 2012. This watch made of pure stainless steel, without sacrificing the determination of men in modern elegance, will undoubtedly become an indispensable accessory for men in modern life, showing a different lifestyle.

 The comfortable and smooth pure stainless steel bracelet is composed of a large, sculpted middle link, with a butterfly buckle. The 40 mm polished round case is equipped with a built-in crown, the iconic Museum® museum dial is decorated with a subtle and subtle minute scale ring, contrasting hour markers, silvery hands, and a date display at 6 o’clock , And the classic concave sun dot design at 12 o’clock.

 Movado’s new Concerto Men’s Watch is a new member of the Concerto family. It combines modernity and legendary design. It inherits the outstanding Swiss watchmaking technology and highlights its unique and distinguished temperament.

Movement: High-quality Swiss automatic movement.

Dial: Three-handed black Museum® museum dial with subtle, subtle minute scale ring, hour and hour scales, classic rhodium-plated concave sun dots at 12 o’clock, silver crowned crown hands; set at 6 o’clock Date display window.

Case: Pure stainless steel case, embedded crown, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof to 3ATM.

Bracelet: Polished, brushed stainless steel bracelet with push-button butterfly clasp.

Specifications: men (40 mm)


 Movado’s Quadro series features a sculpted bracelet design. The bracelet is large and simple, made of smooth solid pure stainless steel, polished and brushed to create a strong contrast. The black or white dial inherits the iconic design of the Movado Museum dial “Circle in a Circle”, adding new ideas, and decorated with slim stick scale marks and a round date display window.

Movement: High-quality Swiss quartz movement.

Dial: Black or white Museum® dial, classic rhodium-plated sun-dot design at 12 o’clock, with silver or gold crown hand, date display window at 6 o’clock.

Case: Pure stainless steel or 18K gold-plated case, wear-resistant sapphire crystal. Water-resistant to 3ATM.

Bracelet: Polished and brushed stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle.

Size: Men’s (40mm)


 The Movadoska series watches pay tribute to the classic men’s watches of the 1940s and 1950s in an elegant and retro style. Pure stainless steel chronograph with high-quality Swiss quartz chronograph movement, white three-hand dial with three sub dials, decorated with Arabic numerals and ordinary hours, tachymeter scale bezel, date display window, crocodile leather strap With classic buckle clasp.

Movement: High-quality Swiss quartz chronograph movement.

Dial: White three-handed dial with three sub-dials, decorated with silver-toned or rose gold-tone hands, Arabic numerals and ordinary hours, tachymeter bezel, date display window.

Case: Pure stainless steel case, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 3ATM.

Strap: Black or brown alligator leather strap with classic stainless steel buckle clasp.

Specifications: men (42 mm)


The unique and casual Museum Sport watch was first introduced in 2011. It features a black PVD-finished stainless steel case, a novel three-handed Museum® dial with minute scale ring and date display, and a sporty black perforated rubber strap, making it the most iconic Movado watch design. The latest interpretation.

In 2012, the sports family of the Movado Museum also added a simple and avant-garde Swiss quartz chronograph. The 44mm round case of this watch is solemn and eye-catching. It is made of black PVD surface-treated stainless steel. The back of the case is brushed / polished solid stainless steel with extended straight lugs, unique round keys, black. Matte resin crown and flat sapphire crystal.

The double black matte dial is inlaid with the iconic Movado concave dots at 12 o’clock and is surrounded by a black minute scale ring with a white scale. The dial also has a white pointed second hand in the center, at 2 o’clock Red lettering seconds small dial, tenths of a second concave timer at 6 o’clock, 30 minutes concave dial at 10 o’clock, circular date display at 4 o’clock, slim silver toffee hour / Minute hand, embedded black bar hour markers, and white lettering.

The new Museum sports chronograph is crafted with precision. This chronograph can time events with durations up to 29 minutes and 59.9 seconds in 1/10 second increments, or time events up to 9 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds in whole second increments. This distinguished casual watch is water-resistant to 3 ATM. It is decorated with a black perforated rubber strap decorated with a polka dot pattern and a classic stainless steel buckle.

Movement Swiss quartz chronograph movement accurate to 1/10 second.

Dial: Double black matte dial with black chronograph seconds hand with white tip in the center, red sub-second dial with red lettering at 2 o’clock, tenth of a second timer at 6 o’clock, 10 o’clock Positioned 30-minute timer, circular date display at 4 o’clock, embedded black bar-shaped hour markers, silver toffee hour / minute hands, rhodium-plated concave dots at 12 o’clock, and white hands and lettering.

Case Black PVD-finished stainless steel case, stainless steel crown, chronograph key and case back. Scratch-resistant and reflective flat sapphire crystal. Water-resistant to 3 ATM.

Strap Black perforated rubber strap with stainless steel classic buckle clasp.

Size Men’s (44mm)