Month: May 2019

Aquaracer Tag Heuer Diving Watch With Good Color Matching

TAG HEUER Aquaracer series is a sports watch inspired by the charm of the deep sea. As early as 1892, the pioneer of watchmaking Edouard Heuer (Edouard Heuer) has successfully obtained the first watch case waterproof patent in the history of watchmaking, and then achieved great success. In 2003, TAG Heuer launched the Aquaracer series for the first time. Since then, the Aquaracer series has continued to develop and become more and more brilliant, becoming the perfect timepiece capable of coping with various extreme conditions including diving and sailing.

The new Aquaracer replaces the 2016 ceramic bezel with an aluminum bezel, and its 300-meter water-resistant case made of PVD stainless steel is fascinating at first sight.

Today, TAG Heuer launches the new Aquaracer. On the basis of continuing the classics, it replaces the 2016 ceramic bezel with an aluminum bezel and is equipped with a quartz movement to meet strong market requirements. At the same time, this slogan has superior performance, and it can show the popular sports charm in appearance. Its 300-meter water-resistant case made of PVD stainless steel is impressive. Coupled with a 12-sided aluminum unidirectional rotating bezel, the screw-in crown is fully contemporary. The white textured dial with highly visible luminous markers can be read clearly in the dark. The spiral bottom cover engraved with the diving helmet pattern is also one of the features of this watch to continue the Aquaracer series elements. Aquaracer has meticulous manufacturing standards and passed rigorous testing methods. Its performance and quality are trustworthy.

Aquaracer dive watch

Stainless steel material / quartz movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / table diameter 43mm

In This Impetuous Age, Who Can Spend Time Like Him

I know there are sunny afternoons
And cloudy morning
I know all these

I all need Andu

 In 1076, 39-year-old Su Shi had been out of Mizhou for two years, and had not reunited with his brother Su Zhe for 7 years. He felt the sorrow and sorrow of life, looked at the clear and round of the bright moon, the mood was ups and downs, and wrote the most beautiful battle between life and moon phase.

 In 1983, 248-year-old Blancpain and the entire Swiss watch industry have been in the quartz storm for thirteen years. In the face of peer reversal or the removal of complex functions to reduce prices and protect themselves, Blancpain is still determined to use a full-calendar moon phase complex functional mechanical watch to let people see the glory of mechanical watchmaking again. You must know that human time is derived from the sun and the moon, without the sun and the moon there is no time. The full calendar plus moon phase is the tracing of the origin of time, which can best reflect the development and evolution of timepieces, and finally lead the Swiss watchmaking industry out of the trough and return to the tradition of mechanical watchmaking and this ‘core’. And for the wearer, it can sharpen people’s hearts, let us face openly the gloomy trough and aura of life. We will use Wu Xiubo’s beloved full-calendar moon phase watch 6639 to interpret his spiritual practice for you.
The gloom of life

▲ Picture from ‘Comfort COMFORT’
 In 2010, 42-year-old Wu Xiubo became the newcomer on the screen for appearing in ‘Before Dawn.’ From joining the Railroad Art Troupe at the age of 16, to singing in a concert hall, opening a restaurant, and returning to the performing arts business, his first bucket of gold, like many middle-class upstarts, did not come easily.

▲ Wu Xiubo’s watch
 He said: ‘I know that there are sunny afternoons and cloudy mornings, and I know that I need all of them in peace.’ The 6639 he wears seems to explain those years without regrets: he uses every day for 26 years, Every week and every month, he realizes the gloom and weakness of life, draws experience and cultivation from it, and finally transforms into superb acting skills on the screen. This is an indispensable life practice for him to gain success.
Persistent self-revolution

▲ The picture comes from the “ Divorce Lawyer ” stills
 Over the years, his efforts have been like a constant self-revolution, from ‘Heart Techniques’, ‘Divorce Attorney’, ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’, and this year’s highly anticipated ‘Love Letter from Beijing to Seattle’ . He is full of energy, with one bright character, from the budding crescent moon to the full moon that shines far away. But Wu Xiubo said lightly: ‘People don’t think about their own life experience, but how to take their life experience light.’

▲ Picture from ‘Comfort COMFORT’
 He knows that Blancpain’s ‘innovation is tradition’ is not a slogan. It is a self-revolution that penetrates the bone marrow as much as he does. From 40 hours, 72 hours, 100 hours, to Blancpain 6639, the world’s first full-calendar moon phase watch with 8 days of ultra-long power. This self-transcendence is more like an instinct. Fame and aura is just a flash of fireworks, shown to others. The perseverance behind it is the practice and the fulfillment of life.
Protect because of love

▲ The picture comes from the “ Divorce Lawyer ” stills
 Wu Xiubo never exposed his family to the spotlight. He knew that it would cause trouble and harm to the family. Family is the most precious source of motivation in his life, just as he protected the ‘daughter’ line in ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’: ‘This is my daughter, it is my life!’

▲ Cal. 6639 movement
 He protects his family all the time. It is the movement of his life. Just like the 6639 movement safety protection device, the wearer will not damage the movement at any time.

 It is worth mentioning that in October 2014, Wu Xiubo visited Blancpain’s Le Brassus watchmaking workshop. In the process of experiencing the top-level watchmaking process, he was particularly interested in polishing the movement’s splint, and was glad to have The breasts of the two sons are engraved on the splint.

 To our surprise, he kept them in his wallet, that is, the two metal discs engraved with ‘憨’ and ‘Rain’ on the ‘Ace vs. Ace’ show.

▲ Picture from “ Ace vs Ace ”
 This kind of love and protection from the heart also ushered in more respect and love for him.
The most elegant male god

▲ Picture from ‘Comfort COMFORT’
 Named the most elegant and most elegant male goddess among Chinese male stars, Wu Xiubo frequently appeared on the covers of major fashion magazines, leading men’s fashion style. He once said, ‘You are pleasing to the eye, it is a virtue.’ And for watches, he knows that it is the most eye-catching accessories for men, because watches are different from cars, yachts, private jets. What you wear is a unique manifestation of taste and connotation.

▲ Wu Xiubo wore 6639 to participate in a variety show ‘Ace vs Ace’
 In everyday life, or at any occasion, he wears his beloved, Blancpain full moon calendar family model 6639. It has the pure aesthetic genes of the Blancpain moon phase family:

▲ Blancpain’s signature double bezel

▲ ‘The First Needle in the World’-Hollow-out Hand

▲ Extremely difficult to fire snake-shaped blue steel hands

▲ Crown like a crown

▲ lugs with perfect curvature
Every detail of the 6639 shines with the aesthetic brilliance of top watchmaking craftsmanship.