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Schaffhausen Iwc Celebrates The Historic Moment In The Little Prince

Schaffhausen, September 25, 2013-To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the prestigious children’s literary work ‘Little Prince’, the internationally renowned watch brand IWC Schaffhausen, Switzerland Two special limited edition watches: the special edition of the large pilot perpetual calendar ‘Little Prince’ and the special edition of the Mark XVII pilot’s watch ‘Little Prince’, in tribute to this book by legendary writer, pilot and adventurer Anthony Saint One of Ai Baili’s works, one of the highest-selling works in the history of literature. Since 2006, IWC has maintained a close relationship with the Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry pour la Jeunesse, working together to spread the culture of Saint-Exupéry. heritage.

   ‘The truth can only be found with your heart. It cannot be seen with your eyes alone.’ 70 years ago, with the publication of ‘The Little Prince’, a famous writer and pilot, Saint Exupéry, many of them are as moral as the above sentence. His quotes spread wildly and won a huge resonance in the world. This far-reaching fairy tale features a little boy with a wheat-colored blond hair as the main character. It has been translated into more than 270 languages ​​and is one of the highest-selling works in the history of world literature. ‘As a watchmaker with a long history of manufacturing pilot watches, we feel that it is closely related to Saint Exupéry in many ways,’ said Georges Kern, Chief Executive Officer of IWC Schaffhausen. ‘This passionate designer inspired us a lot. He received his first patent for aeronautical technology as early as 1936-and it was also that year that IWC launched its first brand. A special edition watch tailored for pilots. We admire this brave pilot who is always ready to dedicate his life to the cause of technological progress. At the same time, we also pay tribute to the great writer and humanitarian, Saint Exupery. It is full of respect. Many of us grew up reading his work. ‘

Tribute to The Little Prince-A Salute From Schaffhausen
   Decades later, this modern fairy tale work on friendship and humanity has deeply attracted men, women and children from different cultures, religions and regions. ‘The Little Prince’ is an eternal work that touches everyone: this sensitive little blond boy from another planet teaches adults to look at the world with their children’s eyes, while also giving children a glimpse of adults. world. In 2013, Anthony Saint Exupéry celebrated his 70th birthday with a book about humanity. IWC Schaffhausen has been a partner of the charitable organization Anthony Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation since 2006. To pay tribute to this classic in literary history, two special limited edition watches have been launched: limited to 270 pieces. The red gold version of the Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar “Little Prince” Special Edition (model IW502802), and the limited edition of 1,000 steel Mark 17 pilot watches “Little Prince” Special Edition (model IW326506).

Fine watchmaking in the cockpit
   The special edition of the Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar “Little Prince” is an example of the perfect fusion of elegance and top-notch mechanical watchmaking skills. This new special edition watch combines many technical highlights, including the powerful IWC-manufactured 51613 movement with a Pellaton automatic winding system and a 7-day power reserve. The powerful kinetic energy of the 7-day power reserve is displayed at the ‘3 o’clock’ position on the dial, emphasizing the high efficiency of this powerful movement. It has enough power to promote the operation of many complicated functions of watches and clocks, such as a perpetual calendar with date, week, month and four-digit year display. All displays can be easily operated via the crown and automatically adjusted. The perpetual calendar does not need to be adjusted by a watchmaker until 2100, because 2100 is not a leap year, which is different from the tradition of four years. On the dark blue dial, the distinctive and distinctive cockpit design contrasts with the increasingly low-key perpetual calendar display, but they complement each other. The Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar “Little Prince” Special Edition brings the classic moon phase display to the IWC’s large pilot series for the first time. In the moon phase window, the moon is quite vividly decorated by the image of the little prince, who is standing alone on his little planet and staring at the starry night sky. The image of the little prince is based on the famous illustration drawn by Saint Exupery. This illustration is also on the cover of his most famous work, The Little Prince. The 18K gold badge on the oscillating weight also appears in the image of the little prince, which can be seen through the transparent sapphire glass case back. The first version of the original title ‘LE PETIT PRINCE’ is engraved on the winding rotor. The special edition of red gold is limited to 270 pieces. When buying the watch, you will also receive a beautiful gift box exclusively designed for IWC. It contains two treasures: one is a copy of the first edition of The Little Prince in English, and the other is written by the author in French. Original manuscript Reprint of Le Petit Prince.

Professional Flight Companion
   Regardless of its appearance or function, the special edition of the Mark XVII Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” implements the philosophy of the Schaffhausen IWC Classic Pilot’s Watch. It embodies the essence of this series of watches with precision, reliability and pure cockpit style design. The dark blue dial is as streamlined as the cockpit dashboard, and clear and easy to read is the primary criterion. In addition, the designers of IWC have also adjusted the date display window to make it look more like the instrument shape of the cockpit. Its vertical arrangement of numbers is reminiscent of the design of the altimeter. The current date is indicated by a triangle sign. In order to express the fairy tale flavor of ‘Little Prince’, this watch also cleverly designed a delicate little detail, that is, a small star is dotted on the tail of the second hand as a small second hand balancer. This design reminds us that before coming to Earth, the little boy was the prince of a little planet. The watch is water-resistant to 6 bar and is powered by the 30110 self-winding movement. It has a 42-hour power reserve. In terms of accuracy and ruggedness, Mark XVII, like all previous models, meets the specifications of professional pilot watches from Schaffhausen. The Mark XVII Pilot’s Watch also follows the tradition. Like the legendary Mark 11 Pilot’s Watch introduced in the 1940s, it is equipped with an antimagnetic soft iron inner case, and it is firmly equipped with a glass mirror that can withstand sudden pressure drops. The bottom of the watch is beautifully engraved, showing the picture of the little prince standing on his little planet, his scarf flying in the wind. The special edition ‘Little Prince’ of stainless steel Mark XVII pilot watch is limited to 1,000 pieces.

Focus on the future
   ‘St. Ashurbury is still a model of courage, pioneering, perseverance and passion,’ said Mr. Qiao Qisi, CEO of IWC. ‘His desire and inspiration for promoting social progress is an example for everyone. As a family A company with a high sense of social responsibility, we have been a partner of the Saint Exupery Youth Foundation since 2006, and we are proud to work with them to spread the humanitarian ideas of this great man. ‘ In Cambodia, for example, the Saint Exupery Youth Foundation works closely with NGO Sipar to donate items to local schools and help establish mobile libraries and send reading materials to remote areas. Speaking about existing libraries and future student aid programs, Mr. Qiao Qisi, CEO of IWC said, ‘Cambodian children lack basic necessities. In addition, many children do not have the opportunity to attend school and cannot read at all. In 2009, IWC collaborated with Sipar and the Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry pour la Jeunesse to set up a library in Cambodia. Education is the key to illiteracy, and the establishment of this library It’s just the first step in our student aid program. Next we will build a school. ”As a result of multi-party cooperation, especially with the strong support of IWC Schaffhausen, a brand-new teaching building and adjoining The library is now under construction in the village of Roluos in Siem Reap province, and is under construction. It is expected to be completed in 2014. In addition, part of the sales revenue of the special edition of the small pilot perpetual calendar watch “Little Prince” and the special edition of the Mark 17 pilot watch “Little Prince” will be directly invested in the foundation to support the foundation in eradicating illiteracy worldwide. committed to. In line with Saint Exupery’s thinking, he once wrote: ‘What you do is not to predict the future, but to make the future possible.’

Tribute to Anthony Saint Exupery
   Since the beginning of its cooperation with the Saint-Exupéry Ligue Dagaille Heritage Management Committee, IWC Schaffhausen has launched special editions of pilot watches in honor of the immortal French writer and pilot. In the first years of cooperation, IWC launched a series of pilot watches with limited editions and special engravings to pay tribute to those literary works created by Saint Exupery that are closely related to the era of flying pioneers. For example, the pilot’s chronograph watch produced in 2006 was created to pay tribute to its novel Night Flight; in 2007, the pilot’s automatic watch was born to dedicate its fascinating work Southern Post Airlines ( Southern Mail); the pilot’s UTC Universal Time watch, released in 2008, is in memory of its poetic novel Wind, Sand and Stars. In 2009 and 2010, IWC paid tribute to all the great works created in Saint Exupéry’s life, and specially launched the special edition of Saint Exupéry, a large pilot watch. The special edition watch of 2011 selected a prototype of a large-scale pilot’s perpetual calendar watch produced in a small amount. And 2012-the year of IWC’s pilot watch, the special edition of the pilot chronograph Saint Exupery was launched to commemorate the infinite passion of the pilot, writer and humanitarian. In 2013, IWC focused on this blond boy who is perhaps the most famous in the world. Even today, the little prince is 70 years old, there are still a lot of avid followers around the world ready to embark on that unforgettable journey with him.

Glashütte Glashütte Original Movement Inverted Big Watch

The new Glashüttete Original GLASHÜTTE Original movement inverted calendar watch PanoMaticlnverse shows the charm of the mechanical movement, and the double gooseneck fine-tuning device on the dial makes Glashütte’s original design process Shine.

Glashütte will be exhibiting the PanoMaticInverse watch (red gold) at the Baselworld 2014

New self-winding, patented calendar
Introduced in 2008, the PanoInverse, an inverted watch with a movement first presenting a double gooseneck trimmer on the dial, is the first masterpiece of a Saxon watch factory to showcase the inherent beauty of mechanical watches. In order to display the parts that are usually located on the bottom of the watch on the dial, many movement parts need to be improved, and individual parts and modules must be redesigned and manufactured at the same time. A new type 66 manual winding movement came into being .
The PanoMaticInverse, a watch with a large inverted calendar, which will be available for the first time at Baselworld 2014, will further develop this design concept. The new 91-02 automatic winding movement has a 42-hour power reserve. On the 42mm dial, the hours, minutes and seconds are on the left, and Glashütte’s original patented large calendar display is in the upper right corner. In addition to the automatic winding function and easy-to-read calendar display, this watch combines extraordinary design, exquisite craftsmanship and reasonable functions into one, and contains a comprehensive consideration of comfort and fashion.

Large Inverted PanoMaticInverse Watch (Stainless Steel)

The elegance of the PanoMaticlnverse watch with an upside-down movement is self-evident-three-quarters of rhodium-plated splints are decorated with Glashütte original classic ribs, blue steel screws, ruby ​​bearings, blue steel hands with luminous coating, elegance The big calendar, of course, also includes the perfect double gooseneck trimmer. The 100% original design and manufacture of the self-winding movement has a carved and carved balance plate, and the screw balance below is dancing like a heartbeat.

Perfect double gooseneck trimming device makes Glashütte’s original design process shine

The movement of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal at the bottom of the watch. The exquisite hollow central automatic oscillating weight is equipped with 21K gold rims. The automatic oscillating orbit perfectly complements the classic decorative pattern. The asymmetrical dial design provides ample space for the double gooseneck trimmer, which contrasts with the characteristic dial design of Glashütte’s original eccentric series.

21K Phnom Penh

The outstanding PanoMaticlnverse watch with an upside-down movement has two options: one is a polished red gold case with frosted finish and golden hour indexes. The Louisiana alligator frosted strap is in warm brown to match it, which fits the wrist comfortably; the other is very eye-catching, with a polished stainless steel case that flashes cool shimmer, frosted, and blue Hour markers and perfectly matched dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap. Both models come with red gold or stainless steel folding clasps, depending on their model.

Carl F. Bucherer Launches Manero Centralchrono

With the launch of Manero CentralChrono, Carl F. Bucherer has created a new design trend for chronographs. The seconds and minutes of this watch are displayed from the center of the dial through the hands, ensuring perfect legibility of this classic timepiece.

The special appeal of the Manero CentralChrono is that its chronograph indication is Carl F. Bucherer’s first use of this method: the minute indication passes from the center to the outside. This clever setting sets Manero CentralChrono apart from Other timepieces and make the wearer aware of this complication.
Another attractive feature is its clear dial design. The small seconds dial is located at 3 o’clock, the 24-hour indicator at 9 o’clock, and the date at 6 o’clock.
The Manero CentralChrono watch is equipped with an automatic CFB1967 movement.