Month: May 2018

Cartier 2013’s New Christmas ‘winter Tale’ Hits

Christmas is approaching in 2013. Cartier, a famous jewellery and watch maker, has brought us infinite warmth in this cold festival. The 2013 Christmas Adventures promotional video.

 The protagonist of Winter Tale in 2013 is still elegant and agile jaguar, but it is different from the previous one. This time, instead of using real jaguar, it is presented in an animation form.

 On the white snow in the winter, crystal clear snowflakes fluttered across the sky, a cheetah came swiftly, covered with Cartier’s gift boxes along the way, and a strong Christmas atmosphere permeated the air. As a world-renowned luxury jewelry brand, which beautiful girl does not want to wear such a beautiful and dazzling jewelry at Christmas? As the eternal protagonist of the brand’s animal series, Cartier launches a new phase of cheetah for the arrival of Christmas The series has led a new trend in winter fashion dressing.

 Cheetah is Cartier’s legendary symbol and has always played a totem-like role in Cartier’s history. The Duchess of Windsor’s love for Cartier’s cheetah-themed works has given Cartier’s ‘Cheetah’ an unparalleled reputation. And Princess Nina Khan’s admiration for Cartier cheetahs has reached a level of obsession, and one after another has customized cheetah pins, cheetah brooches, cheetah bracelets … and even decorated the walls of her boudoir with cheetah patterns. Cartier has been using Cheetah inspiration for jewelry, watches, leather goods, perfumes and accessories for many years, each of which has become a highly regarded classic. Cheetah jewellery combines charm and elegance in a fusion of flamboyant and psychedelic. The mysterious and seductive feeling, the outstanding bold shape, and the wild temperament all make people fascinated.