Month: February 2018

Inheritance Of History Panerai Luminor 1950 Series Engraved Chronograph Tasting

SIHH 2015 has passed for some time. Looking back at the watch exhibition, we found that major brands have maintained a cautious and low-key style. At the show, there were very few complicated models and more were Simple and engraved version. As a watch brand that always maintains a low profile, Panerai has always launched a number of ‘regular’ watches this time. Except for some new breakthroughs in materials and technology, most of them still maintain a rigorous character. The watch I want to introduce to you today is a replica chronograph from the Panerai Luminor 1950 series. The prototype of this watch is a chronograph made by the brand for the Royal Italian Navy officers in 1943. Watch model: PAM00603

   This engraved watch carries the brand’s development history, showing the unique DNA of Panerai with a retro and handsome military watch style, this watch is bound to become a serious favorite in the collection. Please follow the editor to learn more about this watch:

Watch case made of titanium
   Since its inception, Panerai has forged an inextricable relationship with the Royal Italian Navy, and has therefore introduced a number of special models. The prototype of this replica watch to be said today is Panerai’s in 1943. The chronograph developed by the Royal Italian Navy officers was named ‘Mare Nostrum’. ‘Mare Nostrum’ means ‘our sea’, which was named after the Romans took control of most of the Mediterranean coast after conquering Egypt and Spain. During the Second World War (1941-1942), the Royal Italian Navy briefly conquered most of the Mediterranean. Therefore, in 1943, Panerai decided to design and produce this chronograph for the Royal Italian Navy. The predecessor of PAM00603.

Cask-shaped case diameter 52 mm
   However, according to historical records, as early as 1924, Panerai has adopted ‘Mare Nostrum’ to name the first chronograph of the legendary brand, but unfortunately all relevant data have been lost. However, this chronograph production produced in 1943 is still circulating, and it also gives the brand a chance to reproduce the original design. This new PAM00603 is also a limited edition watch. Only 150 pieces are produced. The watch combines rigorous watchmaking technology and innovative materials, showing the original look of 1943.

With a brown leather strap
    The watch is paired with a retro distressed brown leather strap, echoing the smoky brown dial, with light yellow stitching on both sides, adding a playful touch to the retro taste.

The watch has a handsome outline, which is quite brave of the navy
   The watch case is made of matte titanium. Titanium has excellent low-sensitivity characteristics, is lighter than stainless steel, and is extremely strong. It is resistant to high pressure and external pressure and is resistant to corrosion.

The watch’s brown dial is quite retro
   The watch uses a smoky brown dial, which has been changed from the original dark green main color, and the brown dial is more retro. The watch is made of anti-reflective coating sapphire glass and equipped with a double dial dial design, it looks more three-dimensional. The dial layout is simple and reasonable. It is displayed by a central chronograph second hand and a minute chronograph at 3 o’clock. A small second dial is set at 9 o’clock. It is also equipped with a continuous running second hand.

The chronograph button and crown on the right side of the case are made of titanium
   Like other chronographs, the chronograph buttons and crown of this watch are also set on the right side of the case and are made of matte titanium. The three keys are designed according to the shape of the prototype watch. The appearance of the table is presented.

Titanium lugs are durable
   The watch’s lugs are also made of titanium, which is integrally cast with the case. This design increases the stability of the lugs and is more beautiful. The connection between the lug and the strap is reinforced with a screw to make it stronger and safer.

The case is decorated with delicate coin patterns
   The case is decorated with precise coin patterns, elegant and beautiful, while also adding a strong retro style.

Titanium pin buckle for more secure protection
   The watch uses a pin buckle made of titanium, and the outer side of the buckle is engraved with the Panerai brand logo. The sturdy shape brings more security to the watch.

‘Mare Nostrum’ engraved on the screw-in caseback
    The compact back is also made of titanium and is engraved with the symbol of the Panerai brand and the watch model. The watch is equipped with the brand’s unique OP XXV manual winding movement. This movement is based on Based on the Minerva 13-22 movement, with a diameter of 12¾ legal minutes, its balance wheel is the same as the original Angelus movement, which vibrates 18,000 times per hour. OP XXV movement is exceptional, hand-carved and decorated, and equipped with precision parts such as column wheel and gooseneck adjuster. The plywood is made of white copper. This nickel-silver alloy is difficult to process but can polish the delicate Geneva ripple effect. .

Summary: This is a vintage watch with a retro flavor. In addition to continuing most of the design of the prototype, the watch has also undergone some changes and innovations, fully showing us the original look of 1943. According to the news at the watch exhibition, the reference price of this watch is 37,000 Euros.

Masters Livera Classic Watch

Reference price: 36500 yuan
Model 8828, self-winding movement, retrograde seconds function, brushed stainless steel 12-sided case, polished and brushed stainless steel chain strap, triple folding clasp, silver radial sun dial, hour and minute hands filled with luminous material Time-dot dots, silver retrograde seconds hand at 6 o’clock, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 meters.
Recommended reason:
    Baume & Mercier has used a variety of polishing processes. In this Liviera series watch, it fully demonstrates the versatility of stainless steel. The brushed 12-sided bezel, the chain strap alternately used for brushing and polishing, and the silver-white dial polished with radial sunburst make the entire watch look “steel”. Wearing it, you can immediately have an ‘all-steel experience’.