Month: November 2017

Girard-perregaux Young Watchmaker Continues World Tour Watch Showcase At Alege Glacier, Switzerland

On January 31, 2013, Girard-Perregaux, the Swiss high-end watch brand, pioneered the watchmaking industry. Last year, it published the special album ‘The New Face of Tradition’, introducing many young watchmakers in the watch factory. The craftsmanship of watchmakers and their tastes in life have won unanimous praise; this year, young watchmakers will continue their world tour and show their excellent craftsmanship from a new perspective.

   François-Henri Pinault, Chief Executive Officer of PPR Group, said at the Young Watchmaker’s Tour Workshop in Paris last September: ‘GP Girard-Perregaux has adhered to tradition and respected the spirit of advancing with the times since its establishment in 1791; Parker has written many glorious chapters in the history of Swiss watchmaking industry. Each masterpiece of timepieces embodies the passion and hard work of watchmakers. R & D capabilities and creativity ‘

  Girard Perregaux has also produced a website log of, which is closely related to the daily life and interests of many young watchmakers such as Jerome, Anne, Julien, Grégory, François, Lise and Paul-Henry: which one Passionate about handball? Who loves playing video games? Who loves playing cards? Where will the next workshop be? All these will be announced on the website.

  Last year, Girard-Perregaux held its first workshop in New York, and then moved to Beijing, Paris, and Miami for renewal. Each stop received warm response from watch lovers and the public.

   The young watchmakers will continue to show their watchmaking skills throughout the world: In 2013, they will use the most magnificent Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps as their first stop on the watchmaking stage, and perform in the wonders of nature. You can imagine what a wonderful experience to inlay the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon in the snow-covered glacier!

    As the world goes from north to west, the journey of young watchmakers continues to set a precedent …

Tiger Tag Heuer Brings David Kuta To The Party After The Ultra Music Festival, Sparking The Stage Passion

The fireworks show announced the end of the Ultra Japan 2015 Electronic Music Festival, and also marked that TAG Heuer is more than 1,800 distinguished guests (including famous artists, athletes, F1 racers, actors, socialites and VIP) The exclusive post-party party officially begins. The sphere hall of the headquarters of Fuji TV is the party mecca of this metropolis. In the dynamic rhythm of David Kuta, TAG Heuer’s art and music world is perfectly presented.

   David Kuta presented impressive dance and music to the guests after TAG Heuer’s Vice President of Sales Luc Decroix and Japanese DJ star Ksuke gave an impressive dance and performed together with the world famous DJ Alesso After several dances, he always wore his TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph (43mm diameter). With the celebrities from all walks of life presenting, the first TAG Heuer post-holiday party has become a legend.
   TAG Heuer participated in the most popular urban electronic music festival, Ultra Japan 2015, for 3 days from September 19th to 21st. More than 90,000 people participated in the music festival held in Odaiba Ultra Park (Odaiba Ultra Park) in Tokyo, with TAG Heuer as the official sponsor and timing, and David Kuta and TAG Heuer Carrera ) The 1887 Speedometer Chronograph (CAR2A10) appeared on the festival’s home screen together, displaying the time in real time throughout the day when artists made turns.
   Tickets for the ULTRA JAPAN 2015 Music Festival were sold out in a matter of seconds. One ticket was hard to find. It has become the world’s highest-level and most famous music event. Compared with the first year, the number of participants has doubled. DJ superstar Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Skrillex, Alesso became the focus of attention, and TAG Heuer (ambassador TAG Heuer) brand ambassador David Kuta finally appeared as the finale of the festival, reserved for the audience An unforgettable moment.

Don’t Be Different Richard Mille The Key To Richard Mille’s Success

Mr. Richard Mille, together with his close friend and business partner, Mr. Dominique Guénat, established a small industrial empire composed of four companies and 150 employees in LesBreuleux. The brand timepieces were born from such a beautiful Swiss countryside. Raw.

ProART in Les Breuleux is the largest production unit of RICHARD MILLE, and the current 3,000 square meters production space will be doubled in the near future
 ‘It’s the easiest way to explore the tradition of fine watchmaking in Switzerland. But I never considered this option. Instead, I explored another way and constantly conceived new ideas.’ Mr. Richard Mille has been outspoken for 17 years in the watchmaking industry. Since its establishment in 2001, RICHARDMILLE has quickly won the favor of followers around the world with its novel materials, technology and movement architecture, as if suddenly a new window has been opened. Without the solid industrial foundation laid by the companies located in LesBreuleux and La Chaux-de-Fonds, success will be unsustainable. These companies are MontresValgine (assembly), ProART (parts), Horométrie (distribution) and VMDH (retouch), and of course don’t forget NorthThinPlyTechnology, which produces the famous NTPT® carbon fiber material. RICHARDMILLE is a small but technologically advanced team with an annual output of about 4,600 watches.

RICHARD MILLE uses a new generation of CNC machine tools to produce conventional series and prototype watches
From private label to RICHARDMILLE
 In 1951, Richard Mille was born in Draguignan, a town in southern France. If Mr. Richard Mille did not leave his hometown to study marketing in Besançon, the birthplace of French watchmaking, who would have thought of what career he would pursue? In 1974, Mr. Richard Mille, who had just graduated, became Finhor’s export manager. Later, Matra acquired Finhor, and he was appointed head of MatraHorlogerie. In 1994, Mr. Richard Mille moved to Paris to join the Mauboussin Luxury Group and became President of the Watch Division, Managing Director of the Jewellery Division, and eventually CEO. There he met Mr. Dominique Guénat, the head of MontresValgine, who was founded by Dominique Guénat’s grandfather in the early 1900s. For many years, this company has assembled Valjoux movements for Longines, hence the name. After taking over in 1986 by Mr. Dominique Guénat, the company began to operate as a private label manufacturer, and Mauboussin was one of the company’s largest customers. So when Mr. Richard Mille decided to start an independent adventure, Mr. Dominique Guénat was the first aid.

Although the equipment is very modern, the retouching is still done by hand
 Together the two men steadily established a small industrial empire. In addition to Montres Valgine, which focused on the new brand, they also founded Horométrie in 2001 and VMDH and ProART in 2013. This year, ProART’s 3,000 square meters of production space will double. 150 employees perform their duties in different positions. Investment, a large investment, involves not only infrastructure but also the ‘self-contained’ machines described by ProART engineering managers. RICHARDMILLE requires state-of-the-art equipment to process non-traditional materials (such as carbon and titanium) and build a very unique movement architecture.
From prototype to production
 Although thousands of watches are produced each year, work is by no means routine. ‘Our production resources are not aimed at profitability, but instead focus on ensuring the highest quality and overall flexibility,’ explains Richard Mille. For example, there is no need to create a special production line for a prototype watch, and a machine that produces conventional parts is sufficient. ‘We make prototypes during the day and watches at night,’ said the engineering manager. ‘It’s a different aspect of the job, but equally interesting.’

Processing an NTPT carbon fiber watch ring requires 46 tools and 493 steps
 The first trials of NTPT® carbon fiber date back to 2013. This extremely wear-resistant composite material consists of multiple layers of parallel filaments, which are separated from carbon fibers. Thin layers up to 30 microns thick are first dipped in a resin and woven using a special machine. In 2003 and 2007, the Swiss Alinghi sailing team won the America’s Cup. In fact, the earliest prototype bezel was cut from the mast of a winning sailing boat. ‘This material is a complex and expensive process, and no second brand in the industry uses it to make watches,’ concludes Richard Mille. ‘We may be the youngest brand, but we have extensive experience. Regardless of material mechanics, ergonomics , Or a mechanical solution, we are all familiar with it. ‘(Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)