Month: September 2017

Diving Safety Tasting Iwc Marine Timepiece Series-deep Sea No. 3 Diver’s Watch

If it is said that the close connection between IWC and diving sports can be traced back to the 1960s. The increasing popularity of diving has led IWC to launch its first IWC marine timepiece series in 1967. It is water-resistant to 20 bar and has a rotating bezel to indicate the diving time. Today, the Watch House will bring you a third generation IWC diver’s watch with a mechanical depth gauge, the IWC Ocean Time Series Deep Sea No. 3 diver’s watch, model: IW355701.

   For diving enthusiasts, the safety of diving is very important, and the IWC Marine Timepiece series has always strived for excellence in safety performance. Diving safety must have reliable equipment and abide by some basic principles. Two sets of technical equipment related to life, such as diving breathing regulators and depth gauges, must be prepared. In the diving process, in addition to paying attention to parameters such as the current depth and the maximum dive depth that has been reached, you must always pay attention to the elapsed dive time, ensure that there is sufficient time to decompress and float, and stay at the necessary depth to decompress. With all these requirements for depth and rebreather calculations, this IWC Marine Deep Sea Diver III watch can do it for you.

46 mm titanium case

   The 46mm titanium case allows the entire watch to be worn on the wrist, reducing weight. Under the premise of ensuring 100 meters water resistance, it is equipped with two diving-specific functions. The mechanical inner and outer rotating bezels are equipped with a safety diving system and a mechanical depth gauge with a tracking needle mark can display a maximum depth of 50 meters.

Watch thickness 16.5 mm

   The watch is 16.5 mm thick, and the side screw-down waterproof crown is wrapped with rubber. Above the crown is a reset button for the maximum depth pointer. Below is the clutch system of the bezel system wrapped in titanium alloy.

Robust rubber strap

   The black rubber leather strap is sturdy and can withstand extreme tensile forces. And not only when diving, it is very comfortable to wear at any time.

Pressure measurement system

    The large crown on the left side of this IWC Marine Time Series Deep Sea III Diver’s Watch is a pressure measurement system protected by a clamp. Water pressure enters the system through the tiny holes in the pressure transducer cover, acts on the elastic membrane, and then pushes the shaft toward the inside of the case. This pressure is transmitted by a lever system that moves the two depth gauge hands in the center of the watch. During the dive, the blue pointer moves to show the current diving depth, while the red maximum depth pointer stays at the reached maximum depth position, which is prevented from returning to its original position by the pawl.

Titanium pin buckle

   Titanium pin buckle is most suitable for sports watches, it is not easy to fall off after wearing.

Raw ears with IWC strap quick-change system

   The lugs are naturally connected to the rubber strap. The ears are equipped with the IWC strap quick-change system, which can quickly remove the strap without the use of tools.

Mechanical inner and outer rotating bezel

   The use of the counter-rotating diving bezel is very simple. Normally, just rotate the rotating bezel during diving to align the 0 scale on the rotating bezel with the minute hand, and then look at the scale on the rotating bezel after the minute walk to know the time spent diving . The bezel is made up of multiple parts, embedded with a 4 mm width sapphire glass ring, and the bottom is coated with Super-LumiNova®. The case design of the IWC Marine Time Series Deep Sea No. 3 diver’s watch takes into account the advantages of the rotating inner ring, the dustproof, scratch-resistant hands and the rotating outer ring for easy operation.

Luminous display is clear and easy to read

   The bar-shaped indicator hour markers are coated with Super-LumiNova®, which can still read the time accurately even in deep water.

Exquisite helmet relief printed on the case back

   The case back is fixed by 5 screws and decorated with a beautiful helmet embossment. The deep sea diver No. 3 watch is the perfect expression of professional diving equipment. It is equipped with IWC Cal.30120 automatic movement, with date display and 42 hours power reserve.

Summary: As a professional diving watch, equipped with two of the most practical diving functions, the IWC Ocean Time Series Deep Sea No. 3 Diver’s Watch is definitely the best choice for diving enthusiasts. This watch is perfect. The price of more than 100,000 also makes this watch very competitive in the field of diving watches.