Month: April 2017

Only Watch 2017 Hermes Slim D ‘hermes Special Time Watch

Hermes perfectly harmonizes rigor and imagination, giving birth to the ultimate imagination of ‘time’. The dexterous resolution of contradictions aroused imagination, the call from watches, ignited your passion. This is the purpose of this unique Slim d ‘Hermes ‘waiting time’ watch, which is uniquely customized for the 2017 Only Watch. It invites us to look forward to the wonderful moment coming.

  The pleasing ceremonies await, the small dials modulate the moments of anticipation in twelve hours. One hour before the wonderful moment, the mechanical hourglass slowly runs, and its process is clearly visible at the midpoint of the dial. The complexity of the ritual evokes an upsurge of emotions, adds a pleasant anticipation, as if tortured in exquisite detail, and reaches the climax at the moment the note sounds. The well-designed dot-making mechanism ensures a swan-like smooth and long-lasting sound, which is specially designed to bring hearing enjoyment. The complexity conferred by this ancient and strange ‘waiting time’ is born of such a wonderful harmony.

   The passion of waiting is perfectly carried in the Hermes-made H1912 ultra-thin movement, which is only 2.2 mm thick. The simple, superb movement is hidden in a large case, and the crystals used are thinner than ordinary. Every millimeter rotation of the dial perfectly resonates with the vibration of the dot mechanism. All this creates the optimal volume of air in this watch, which is distinguished by its cleverly blended ingenious aesthetics and craftsmanship.