Month: February 2017

Dior’s Fashion Dior Viii Series Cd124be0c001 Watch Tasting

Dior was founded in 1946 and is a well-known French luxury brand. Although its founding time is not as long as other international brands, Dior’s reputation has indeed spread throughout the world. Dior is a symbol of the highest trend of French fashion culture in the fashion industry. Dior’s design is luxurious and very mature. The watch also incorporates the concept of clothing design.
 Today, our protagonist, the CD124BE0C001 watch from the DiorVIII GRAND BAL PLUME series, is an outstanding representative of the characteristics of Dior watches. It is avant-garde, fashionable, and breaks the rules, and reflects Dior’s clothing ideas. Let’s take a closer look at the charm of this CD124BE0C001 watch.

 This Dior CD124BE0C001 is a lady’s automatic mechanical watch. The diameter of this watch is 38 mm. It is relatively large in ladies’ watches. Its round case is made of ceramic diamond. When we first saw this watch, it felt like fashion, avant-garde and classic. The overall color of the watch is black, and the black ceramic surface also flows with black gloss, which not only reflects the mystery of women, but also adds beautiful elements to it, which can fully reflect the noble and beautiful beauty of women.
 And its most distinctive design is located on its dial. Its surface is made of black mother-of-pearl material, which is not only pure in color but also looks quite texture. In the DiorVIII GRAND BAL PLUME series, a patented design belonging to Dior is also applied, that is, the front pendulum, and the CD124BE0C001 watch is no exception. The pendulum was originally a part of a mechanical watch, which moved with the movement of the arm to wind the watch’s mainspring, and Dior developed the value of pendulum more. It will get rid of the front, this kind of movement with the arms can be presented in front of our eyes, and become a landscape for us to enjoy. In the CD124BE0C001 watch, its pendant is also inlaid with feathers and diamonds. When it swings, it is like a dancing skirt, which gives a good backdrop to the beauty of women, giving viewers unlimited space for imagination, and time. Going away in the swinging skirt.

Dior has created a good time dream for us with agile feathers, and put on a beautiful veil for time for himself. This Dior CD124BE0C001 watch does not have any special features, but its classic is beyond doubt. It breaks through the conventional front pendulum design and boldly uses feathers to decorate the watch, which greatly meets the modern people’s pursuit of fashion and beauty. It uses the perfect combination of diamonds, feathers, mother-of-pearl and ceramics to perfectly explain the ultimate meaning of beautiful time. Perhaps our life will also slow down because of the oscillating feathers, highlighting the beauty around us. . This watch is equipped with Dior’s self-produced automatic mechanical movement. Its quality can be assured, and it can provide a 40-hour power reserve to facilitate our lives. The current market reference price of this watch is unclear, but the significance of buying it will far exceed its own value, such a beauty is definitely worth having.