Month: January 2017

Glashütte’s Original New 36 Movement, What Is The Level?

Glashütte Originals launched a new generation of 36 automatic movement in 2016. Now the new movement 36 has gradually replaced the old models 39 and 100, becoming the original main movement of Glashütte.

Glashütte’s original new 36 automatic movement.
 Glashütte Original is a watch that many players are very familiar with. The 39-member junior pin, the 100-member big calendar, the 100-member big calendar moon phase, and many people buy it. I also bought a 100-calendar moon phase before. After the new 36 was released, the performance of the 36 movement was much improved compared to 39 and 100. In order to experience the new 36-caliber, I have deliberately created a three-pin Glashütte original superior member using the new 36-caliber to see what changes have taken place in the new 36-caliber.

Glashütte Original Excellence junior using the new 36 caliber.
Movement size
 Glashütte’s original new movement 36 has a diameter of 32.2 mm. In the past many years, the size of watches has gradually increased, now 38 mm to 44 mm is the mainstream size of watches. Therefore, in recent years, the new movements introduced by various watch brands have increased in size, with a size of about 30 mm or even larger. In the past, the movements represented by 2824 and 2892 were all about 25 mm in size. They are smaller in the case of 38 to 44 now.

Glashütte original new movement 36.
 Prior to the launch of the 36 movement by Glashütte Original, the Senator junior watch has always used the old model 39, the size of the 39 movement is 26.2 mm. On the Glashütte Original MP, it is obviously a small horse-drawn cart. Looking at the transparent bottom cover, the old model 39 cannot fill the case, only the solid ring can be used. The size of the new 36 movement has increased, and the case is tightly connected to the case. This problem does not exist at all.

Glashütte original new movement 36.
Movement power
 Glashütte’s original new 36-caliber power 100 hours (automatic winding). 100 hours of power is an important upgrade of the new 36 movement. In recent years, the new movements introduced by various watch brands have generally increased their power, ranging from 60 or 70 hours to 100 hours or more. In the past, the movement of the previous generation represented by the ETA movement (including the earlier self-produced movement), the power was generally about 40 hours to 50 hours, basically 2 days. If you do n’t wear it on the weekend, it will stop.

Glashütte’s original new 36-caliber internal gear train and mainspring.
 Now the power of the new generation of movements is basically running for at least 3 days, and it can spend the weekend. Glashütte’s original new 36-caliber 100-hour power is basically more than 4 days. Glashütte’s original new movement 36 uses a single spring, swinging at 28,800 times per hour. In order to achieve 100 hours of power, a new barrel is designed. The size of the barrel is increased, the barrel is thinner, and One reduction, the mainspring length is increased by 680 mm, the number of windings of the mainspring is increased, and the new Elinflex material provided by Nivarox is used to manufacture the mainspring, which enhances the mainspring performance.

Glashütte’s original new 36-caliber internal gear train and mainspring.
Balance spring
 Glashütte’s original new movement 36 uses a cardless fine adjustment weight balance and a silicon hairspring. This is also the first time for Glashütte Original to use a silicon hairspring. The advantages of silicon hairsprings are clear to you, mainly anti-magnetic, not easy to be affected by temperature changes, which is very beneficial to improve the travel time. . Glashütte’s original new movement 36 uses fine adjustment of the card-free weights. The fine-tuned weight on the balance wheel can adjust the watch’s travel speed, and it is no longer necessary to change the length of the hairspring. . Since the fine adjustment of the card-free weight has been used, the iconic Gooseneck trimming of the original German watch on the movement is mainly decorative (the gooseneck trimming can adjust the position of the balance spring, but mainly decoration).

Glashütte original gooseneck trimming of the new 36 movement.
Autotor and decoration
 Glashütte’s original new movement 36 uses a 21K Phnom Penh and Glashütte’s original double G logo automatic winding, which is wound in both directions. There are 4 obvious gears arranged in sequence on the movement clamp plate, which is the reversing mechanism of the 36-way winding of the two directions. The Glashütte Original 36 movement also uses the iconic 3/4 splint of the German watch. Aside from the automatic top, if you take a closer look, you will find that the movement 36 is obviously a 3/4 splint. Glashütte stripe trim on splint and rotor. The decoration of Glashütte’s original 36 movement is partly completed by hand and partly by automation. For example, the scales on the main plate of the movement are all handmade. The movement is well decorated. One more thing, Glashütte’s original new 36 movement uses a new method of casing. The movement is screwed into the case, just like the camera lens. This method of installing the movement is more stable than ordinary screws.

Glashütte’s original new 36-caliber automatic top and self-winding reversing gear train.
Glashütte Original Certification 24 Day Test
 On the Glashütte Original 36 new movement, Glashütte Original has implemented a new certification. Any outstanding member of the Senator series watch with the new 36 movement will be tested for 24 days. The watch that passes the test will be marked with a double G on the case (a double G in the letter Q). Glashütte’s original 24-day test is special, after all, each table will have a paper handwritten test result. This test result clearly states the number of your watch, the number of the movement, what are the tests, what is the test compliance value, and how much is the test data in your watch. The test standard of the Glashütte Original 36 movement is higher than that of the observatory (the observatory is in 5 positions, and the Glashütte original is 6 positions). I directly put my test report on this table, which is very intuitive.

Glashütte Original 36 movement 24 days test certificate and test certificate.
 Looking at the whole, the performance index and decoration level of Glashütte’s original new-generation 36 movement are very high. In the movements of mainstream luxury watches such as Rolex, Omega, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Blancpain, Panerai, Cartier, Piaget, etc., the Glashütte Original 36 movement is in a leading position. But at the same time, we can also see that the original Glashütte watch with a new generation of 36 movements, the starting price is 69500 ​​(steel case large three-pin), the starting price is higher than many mainstream luxury watches. At present, Glashütte’s original new generation 36 movement has been used in the parliamentarian series (note that it is parliamentary parliament, there are two words of par excellence, only 36), mainly including the junior needle, big calendar, big calendar moon phase, and also There is a perpetual calendar. Identifying the outstanding members of movement 36 is also easy. Looking at the dial, the bar-shaped hour markers and the three-dimensional triangle nailed hour markers are all outstanding members using the new 36-caliber watch. The old watch models have Roman numerals and can be recognized at a glance.
PS. Finally, put a full set of pictures to verify the body.

Citizen ‘time Is Time’ Stunning 2016 Milan Design Week 10,000 Movements Create A Beautiful Visual Feast Shining

From April 12th to 17th, Milan Design Week, one of the world’s top design events, was held in Milan, Italy. Citizen once again collaborated with Tian Gengang of DGT Architects to create a ‘time is TIME’ theme art installation. Attend the exhibition.

   Citizen and Tian Gengang collaborated for the first time in 2013 to jointly explore the timeless theme of how to trace time through watches. Since then, Tian Gengang has tried to show the concept of time in the dimension of space, and in 2014 launched the award-winning ‘LIGHT is TIME’ light and shadow art exhibition. This time, the ‘time is TIME’ large-scale art exhibition aims to guide visitors to think deeply about the nature of time.
Explore the essence of time
   In modern society, ‘time’ is the only constant law. Initially, however, ‘time’ was used to describe the flow of light produced by the motion of the planet.
   With ‘time is TIME’ as its theme, this art exhibition seeks to explore the concept of ‘time’ from multiple angles, showing the connection between the universe, the earth, living beings, human beings, life and society and ‘time’. At the same time, there are various forms of ‘time’, time movement driven by different powers such as machinery and electricity.
   Since its establishment in 1918, in nearly a century, Citizen has continuously expanded the watch selection space and added new value to it by exploring the infinite possibilities of watches, developing new technologies, and designing innovations. In order to demonstrate this journey, this time also displayed 18 watches that best reflect Citizen’s ‘opening the road to new technologies.’
Light kinetic energy
   As early as 40 years ago, Citizen launched the world’s first solar-powered analog quartz watch, and named this technology ‘photodynamic energy’ because of its ability to convert light into electricity.
   Light kinetic energy has now become one of the core technologies of Citizen, and it is also a symbol of the concept of ‘time’ and ‘light’. I hope that visitors can experience the unique charm of Citizen through this technology and understand how Citizen explores the infinite possibilities of watches in the future through the development of light kinetic energy products.
Milan Design Week
   Milan Design Week is held every April in Milan, Italy, and the “FIERA” exhibition in Milan Design Week is also the largest international home furnishing fair in the world. At the ‘FIERA’ exhibition, in addition to the main exhibition hall activities, there are various exhibition activities called ‘FUORI SALONE’ in various places in Milan. This time, Citizen participated in an exhibition called ‘FUORI SALONE’.
Device theme
‘Time is TIME’
   We have to think deeply about the question: ‘What is time?’
   Time contains many separate moments, and one of them is called ‘this moment’. Time will not stay. People and things get old, but time is always new.
   Time goes by and fickle. Hurrying up and away. The moments are constantly flowing and changing, forming the ‘time’ as we know it.
   ‘Time is TIME’ is an experimental experience device created by exploring the concept of time. We used nearly 120,000 movement splints to create two basic spaces: Space A and Space B. In both spaces, visitors will experience a whole new time experience. In this installation, they will experience the absoluteness of time and the relativity of everything.
   It’s been 15 years since the 21st century, and during this time, every global event has a direct impact on our daily lives. With the development of globalization, our society is becoming smarter and faster. In this environment, we have the opportunity to explore the real meaning of each moment we have experienced, that is, ‘this time’, and ‘the moment’ composed of flowing moments. In the ‘time’ of ‘this time’, everything on earth is associated with the same ‘that time.’
   ‘Time is TIME’ is a new challenge for us to look at ‘Time’ from a new perspective in the 21st century.