Month: December 2016

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Jewelry Women’s Watch

Cartier Pasha Seatimer watch, large size 42.5 mm in diameter, set with diamonds all around the bezel, creating a precious chronograph.
Although this line is tough and well-defined, it shows the toughness of mature people. But maverick women also like this watch design. Gold and black rubber contrast with diamonds at the same time, making the watch domineering. The ‘king size’ in the chronograph makes the watch itself more eye-catching and eye-catching. This is a classic that perfectly combines sports style with jewellery watches.

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Watch

Cartier Pasha Seatimer watch dial
4The large size of 42.5 mm in diameter, and the bezel is set with diamonds all around, making a precious chronograph. The design of many details of this watch makes women more admired. In terms of color, it blends contrasting K gold and black, and individual women prefer this visual impact. The chronograph buttons and crown are made of black ceramic and decorated with ‘clou de Paris’, echoing the sides of the bezel.
The strap also inherits the two-tone style, with black rubber links in the gold diamond chain. All of these collections show the strong style of the watch. The self-winding movement saves women from mechanical pain, with a power reserve of 42 hours and a total diamond weight of 11.4 carats, which can indeed attract the attention of many women …

The Art Of The Star Collection Montblanc 107073 Watch

Among Montblanc’s watch products, the most popular are formal watches. This has a lot to do with the history, positioning and promotion of the brand. ‘Montblanc’ can not help but come up with a personable picture of gentlemen. The Montblanc Star Collection is as eye-catching as the series name. Today the model of this watch is 107073, let us enjoy it together.
 The Montblanc Star Collection combines years of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and unique exquisite designs, with a unique elegance and solemnity. This Montblanc star series 107073 uses a 39 mm dial, with a rounded shape and a fine bezel. The blue dovetail stainless steel hands in the white dial wrapped under the cold-toned stainless steel case gracefully rotate, and the independent small seconds surface The Montblanc hexagonal white star logo is engraved on the plate, and the design is simple and atmospheric, delicate and elegant. The stark contrast and simple beauty highlight the consistent elegance and classicism of the star series, which is far better than some fleeting fashion styles. The dial is made of sapphire crystal glass and has a double-sided anti-reflection coating, which can effectively resist the reflection of sunlight, making the entire mirror surface very transparent and excellent in visual effects. In addition, the hardness of sapphire is second only to that of diamond, making the mirror surface difficult to wear. With a black alligator leather strap, not only makes it more comfortable to wear, but also makes this watch more noble.

 The Montblanc star series is based on traditional simplicity. This 107073 does not add too many luxurious elements in functional design, but only retains some traditional small functions. The steel crown on the right of the case is used to adjust the time. The small seconds dial at 6 o’clock on the dial allows the wearer to read the time more conveniently and accurately. Each revolution of the small seconds represents one minute. This design can reduce the performance of the watch movement. Consumption and wear. Of course, there is also a waterproof function. Its rigorous design makes it waterproof up to 30 meters, allowing the wearer to enjoy life without worrying about the many troubles caused by the movement of water into the movement.
 Montblanc star series 107073 uses Cal. 4810/408 movement, this movement is carefully polished based on the ETA classic ETA 2892-A2 movement. This movement is very stable, durable and highly accurate, and can be adjusted to the standard of the Swiss official observatory with a little adjustment. Its vibration frequency is 28800 times per hour. The balance wheel is made of beryllium copper alloy. The eccentric screw is fine-tuned to provide a strong guarantee for accuracy. Inlaid with 27 gems as the protection of the gear axis, it reduces wear and tear, effectively increasing the life of the movement. The internal structure design of this movement enhances the stability of the movement through careful layout arrangements, and the connection makes the power transmission more efficient. With 42 hours of power reserve time, there is no need to worry about the movement of the movement due to insufficient power. An error occurred.

 The 39 mm dial, rounded shape, simple and smooth lines and smooth texture are integrated into one. The cold-toned stainless steel case and pure black crocodile belt show a sharp color contrast. The simple dial design The style and exquisite dovetail pointer show the elegant temperament of the star series. Equipped with a Montblanc Cal. 4810/408 movement inside, the watch provides a 42-hour power reserve, small seconds and water resistance. The neutral and exquisite design makes this watch not only suitable for all types of people, but its elegant temperament can also be worn on most occasions. Montblanc combines its unique design aesthetics and traditional watchmaking skills. The master of watchmaking fully integrates classic and classic elements into this Montblanc star series 107073. The immortal elegance is undoubted. For true lovers, it is not just a machine that reads time, but a work of art infused into the soul.
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