Month: October 2016

Langer’s First ‘ringing Table’

White or platinum case, 44.2 mm in diameter, equipped with Lange’s own hand-wound movement L043.2, constant power escapement, 36 hours power reserve, with jumping hours, jumping minutes, time, time and dial stop seconds Function, limited to 100 platinum models
It is no coincidence that Lange gave ZEITWERK the honor of the first ‘listening watch’.
ZEITWERK’s L043 series movement adopts the digital disk display system of jumping time and minutes, which provides an ideal platform for the integrated self-oscillating gear train. When the digital disk is running forward, a huge momentary force will be released. After the gear switch is completed, it can still provide enough power to tighten the spring, thereby driving the two hammers to tell the time. The hammers made of stainless steel have been polished in black, and are arranged on both sides of the small seconds dial. The left mallet sounds every hour to report the time with a low-pitched music; the right mallet sounds every quarter of an hour to report the time with a high-pitched music. Two gongs are suspended in the recess between the dial and the bezel for easy identification.
ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME watch is different from traditional self-sounding watch or questioning watch. It is lower-key than them, it is a simple reminder of time, and can be worn in work and business occasions. If the environment does not allow the sound, just press the button at 4 o’clock to turn off the timekeeping function: the mute mode is easy to confirm, as long as you watch the hammer go away from the gong through the sapphire crystal. In addition, when the crown is pulled out, the hammer will return to its original position, so that you can rotate the set time in both directions without activating or accidentally interrupting the time signal device.